from Trish

Dear Helga,

Last Sunday my friend, Susan, stopped by the house around noon. As agreed upon she brought with her a full basket of delicates to be hand laundered and ironed. Sissy Tommy's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree at the sight of all those pretty personal items. Before all the festivities started I fixed a quick lunch for us all (Sissy Tommy would have enough work to do). Around the dining room table we discussed what would be expected of my maid (in maid's attire I might add). She would hand launder all of Susan's undies along with mine, she would also carefully iron all items, and present them to us for inspection. It came as no surprise to Sissy Tommy when we advised her that there would also be a nice long spanking session before the day was done.

I was wearing some of my most attractive undies and a silky white lace-trimmed full slip. Susan asked if it might be alright if she were to put her shirt and jeans in the laundry as well. I told her that Sissy Tommy would be happy to wash them for her. Without delay Susan took off both items and handed them to a blushing Sissy Tommy. Susan was wearing some undies that made my poor maid almost drool. She wore a matching pink bra and panties. The bra was very lacy and her pink briefs were made of sheer nylon. The front of those undies were trimmed with much lace, and the seat of Susan's panties were nearly transparent. If she had had a freckle on her fanny we surely would have seen it. I'm sure Sissy Tommy was wishing she could launder those undies as well.

Well, the maid was excused to start on the laundry while Susan and I lounged around the living room in our undies and watched a little TV. We discussed together what we might do with Sissy Tommy this afternoon. Once the laundry was finished we planned to look over the punishment book, and decide on an appropriate punishment. We also planned to have Sissy Tommy model all her pretty undies so that we could personally pick out just the pair we would like to spank. Shortly after Susan and I had finished watching an old movie, Sissy Tommy returned to the living room and set up the ironing board.

We found it absolutely adorable when Sissy Tommy dutifully did her ironing, holding up each and every article for inspection. I could tell by her growing excitement that she loved doing Susan's laundry for her. Susan told me that her undies never looked so nice. Of course we didn't tell Sissy Tommy that. We found every opportunity to be critical of her work, and to remind her that she would soon be getting spanked. Sissy Tommy's excitement grew to full size if you know what I mean. We reminded my maid that we would be inspecting this week's entries in the punishment book very soon. The laundry was finally finished and we turned our attention to Sissy Tommy and her need for discipline.

We informed Sissy Tommy that she would be putting on a little fashion show for the two of us in an effort to find the very most spankable panties she owned. Sissy Tommy left the room and in a few minutes returned wearing only her bra and panties. We scrutinized her undies, gave them a few brisk swats, and sent her back to her room to change. The obedient young lady came out and modeled pair after pair of her newly purchased undies. Susan and I finally decided on a sheer pair of pale blue nylon briefs before finally sending Sissy Tommy off to fetch 2 dining room chairs. My naughty girl came back blushing as she dragged the 2 chairs to the middle of the living room. She knew all too well that she was about to be spanked by the BOTH of us.

Sissy Tommy stood nervously before us as we studied the punishment book. We had no intention of using the paddle this week, but we weren't about to let Sissy Tommy know that. Given the things written in the book it was decided that Sissy Tommy needed some SERIOUS butt-warming. We gave her a choice between a good hard paddling session or an extra long hand spanking from each of us. Of course Sissy Tommy chose the latter. For the next 45 minutes or so Sissy Tommy was spanked over our knees, scolded, lectured, and sent to another waiting lap for further instruction. I don't remember exactly how many times we handed her back and forth, but by the time we finished Sissy Tommy's fanny was a pretty shade of scarlet.

When we had finished warming her bottom I thought for a moment about having Sissy Tommy service us each orally, something I hadn't discussed entirely with Susan yet. In the end I became a coward. I know Susan was just as turned on as I was, but just couldn't follow thru with my plans just yet.

I did allow my red-bottomed girl a little relief though. She was allowed to service herself thru the silky material of her panties which resulted in a huge mess inside her undies. Sissy Tommy had been given a release even though the two of us were left wanting in the end. Perhaps next time I will have the courage to follow your advice.

Susan and I had no plans for this weekend, but she called me last night and convinced me that we should get together. She reasoned that we just couldn't let Halloween slip by without taking full advantage of the occasion. Sissy Tommy has not been informed yet, but Susan will be stopping by later this evening so that the three of us can go on a little shopping trip. I know Sissy Tommy will NOT be pleased to hear that we plan on taking her out in public in her pretty pink summer dress, but we will be going out after dark in hopes that the neighbors don't see too much. We plan to take our young lady out to several local thrift shops to search for and try on as many skirts, blouses, and dresses that we can find in her size. If anyone should see thru her disguise (doubtful with her pretty blonde wig) it will be totally excusable given all the Halloween parties going on.

I'm sure Sissy Tommy will not be pleased trying things on and modeling them for us, but I'm sure the threat of a public spanking will assure her obedience. We thought that we would also have a look to see if by chance there are any kind of spanking implements at the second hand stores. I know quite often I see a few items that may come in handy. To complete Sissy Tommy's humiliating experience we plan to have her personally go thru the check out lane and pay for her purchases. There will without a doubt be a good sound spanking waiting for Sissy Tommy when we finally get home. Sound like fun, Helga? I hope you approve.


Thank you for your letter Trish. Of course I approve of your sissy's shopping trip, public exposure, done in the right way, can be very productive training. By right way I mean only adults should witness the sissy's humiliation in my opinion, of course Halloween provides ample opportunity for exposure training. I also loved, as I'm sure the readers did, your laundry session, sissies just love handling our panties.


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