from David

Dear Auntie Helga,

I am not sure if your email address is posted on for the public to use but I thought it might be worth a try. My girlfriend of four years and I live together in a female led relationship and have since meeting. She has strong beliefs that the days of men taking charge are long gone, therefore for me to be involved with her I have agreed to take my place with her in charge. Linda looks after the finances and everything else normally handled by a couple and in many cases the man of the house. We share the cleaning, laundry, ironing and cooking with me taking on more than she does since she looks after the finances.

Recently we were reading about other FLR's which she loves to do in order to stay on top and look at new ideas. This is how we came across which we found interesting, well I do with Linda finding it more interesting than me. She has often joked with her in the dominant role our wedding day would have her in a back suit and me in the wedding dress. I don't find that funny but more scary as hell that I live with a woman that thinks that way.

The other day Linda brought up the idea of me becoming her maid something like what we read on She doesn't care for the sissy dress type maids but instead likes those dressed in a conventional maid uniform. We talked about it with me listening as is my normal role to do when she speaks. That led to looking at maid uniforms and websites showing maids working in homes and hotels. Linda is not one for beating around the bush with me so if it is on her mind I hear it. She explained that it would be nice if I would take on all of the housework, laundry & ironing for her and dress as her maid while I was working away.

I asked if it would be alright if I took on her share of the work without the wearing of a maid uniform but she said no. With that Linda sent me to get her measuring tape as she started to measure me up. Together we looked on the internet for what she felt I should have to be dressed as her maid. Linda asked for my feedback from bras to shoes as she placed an order for it all right in front of me. By the time she was finished placing the orders a smile came over her face. Linda was telling me at dinner the next day that just like FLR many women have taken on sissymaids to allow them to live a happier life.

A few of the packages arrived today but not all of them giving me the weekend free from dressing like her maid. I asked Linda if it was alright to send you an email to discuss this with someone who has experience and she agreed it would be fine. A few days ago I couldn't imagine me wearing women's panties, bra, pantyhose and a maid uniform but Linda is loving the idea. She pointed out that in most pictures we looked at sissymaids looked happy so there is no reason I won't be as well. Living in an FLR I already know when Linda says something I will either do it right away or will end up doing it one way or another. She taught me in the beginning that following her lead without delays or questions would always be in my favor which has turned out to be true.

Linda always says David it is not up for discussion so get it done which I end up doing. I like living with a strong woman who knows her place at the top but sometimes it takes some adjusting as most guys don't grow up with a woman in charge after leaving home. Linda told me this afternoon that when all my clothes get here I will be wishing I had starting wearing women's clothes years ago. When I asked why she explained they will feel so much nicer than what I have gotten used to wearing. Linda picked out a few ideas that she wants me to embrace for her on Monday when the rest of my clothes get here. In the meantime she sent me to remove all the hair on my body like most sissymaids do.

As usual I did what she asked which took me a while to do having hair everywhere. When I was finished Linda have me a pair of her panties and a nightgown to show me how nice women's clothes can feel. While I write this email I am wearing her panties and nightgown feeling a bit silly. My biggest concern is that Linda after seeing me in a maid uniform will want me to wear one all the time. Auntie Helga I am not here to complain or ask why me since I know why me. I was hoping you could tell me if Linda will want me to be her maid for life or do these ideas just pass with time. Do most guys in this situation get used to their wives or girlfriends pushing them to be more feminine?


Thank you for your letter David. Another typical letter from a very fortunate man that is just discovering what being submissive actually means. So many couples today are exploring and benefiting from a FLR (female led relationship), a wonderful development we at PDQ are delighted to see. Of course David, most guys lucky enough to be in your situation come to love serving their dominant partners and enjoy becoming feminine.

Auntie Helga

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