from Angela

Dear Helga,

Please allow me to explain why I am writing to you today. My husband and I have been married for 5 years and for the most part it is a good relationship. There is an issue that I'm embarrassed to talk about with anyone and am hoping by finding your website I've found some help. For the last year my husband wanted me to buy him a bra for some unknown reason. I would catch him looking at my bras but never trying them on due to our size difference. He had no real explanation for this fetish as I call it, so one day I bought him a bra in a size that fit him. Well the next thing I see is him wearing it all the time except to work. It was starting to tick me off with him wearing it every day and did cause a few arguments.

My close girlfriend who I finally had to tell didn't see the problem and suggested I buy him more and the panties to go with it. One day while out shopping that is what I did Helga. I came home with panties to go with his bras only this time I put my foot down. He was to wear panties with his bras otherwise I would toss his bras in the garbage. My husband wasn't happy to wear panties however he gave in so he could wear his beloved bras. I am still not that happy about it all however my girlfriend tells me it is harmless. She feels I should help him by going another step further and buying him a nice dress and a pair of heels. I'm not interested in being married to a cross dresser.

The other day my girlfriend sent me a link to your website with a hint for me to transform my husband into a sissymaid. We talked on the phone for an hour on the subject with me pushing back and her giving valid reasons to move forward. Having a husband that wears a few women's items of clothing is not the same as a husband that dresses like some of the men on your website. Again Helga it is me holding back and no reflection of your website or the material on it. Call me square or old fashioned if you like since that is what I am.

Is there hope for me? Do you feel strongly this sissymaid thing could work for me and my husband? If you do I will listen to every word. Thanks for listening to me Helga.


Thank you for your letter Angela. Your letter is typical of many I receive, many wives are curious if this lifestyle is for them, can they live with a husband that dresses like a five year old girl on the way to a party and as you would expect, I explained the many benefits of having a sissymaid husband. Before too long Angela, like so many others, capitalized on this opportunity and now is a very satisfied Mistress.


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