The incident that I am going to tell you about happened when I was a 15 year old high school sophomore. I was in my history teacher Mrs. B's classroom, and she was helping me with some questions I had about the assignments. I should mention that Mrs. B. was a very attractive woman with blond hair and brown eyes. While she was helping me, an inappropriate thought entered my head. I kept trying not to think about it, but it kept getting stronger. She was sitting across from me, and when she leaned forward, I, all of a sudden, reached forward, and lifted up her shirt, exposing her black lace bra. She gasped, and she said "Cory, how dare you lift up my shirt!"

I said "Mrs. B. I'm so sorry, I'll never do it again, I promise!" She said "No, no Cory, don't try to talk your way out of this! You're going to be punished! I will be calling your mother, and I will tell her what happened." I begged her not to tell my mom, but there was no stopping her. Later, when I got home, mom was not happy, to say the least.

She said "Cory, I just got a message from your teacher. You should be ashamed of yourself for lifting up her shirt like that. How would you like it if she did that to you?" I said "I know what I did was wrong." She said "I know you know, but you will be punished. I talked it over with Mrs. B. and she said that she would like for you to wear her bra to school for a week." I said "But mom, everyone's gonna pick on me and laugh at me." Mom said "Too bad. If you hadn't lifted up your teacher's shirt, you wouldn't be in this situation. So, starting Monday, you will wear her black lace bra to school every day for the whole week. End of discussion!" I was not looking forward to having to wear my teacher's brassiere to school, but there was no way out of it.

So, on Monday, I went to Mrs. B.'s classroom as instructed. She said "Hi Cory." I said "Hi." She said "Are you ready to wear my bra?" I said "No, but let me just put it on, and get it over with." So, Mrs. B. removed her black lace bra without removing her shirt, and she instructed me to remove my shirt, which I did. She started laughing, and she said "You know Cory; you really should be wearing a bra every day. Maybe I could talk your mom into getting you some. Turn around and lift up your arms." So, I turned around and lifted up my arms, and she put me in the bra. I hate to admit it, but her bra was SO comfortable.

She said "Turn around." So, I turned around, and she said "Wow. You actually look really nice in that bra." I sarcastically said "Thanks." She then said "Well, you should get going, so you're not late for home room." So, I put my shirt on and left. That first day was horrible. I was called a sissy a lot, and a few other names I won't mention here, and I was teased worse, due to the fact that I was not only a boy and I was wearing a bra, but I was wearing a teacher's bra!

I also should mention that my shirt was lifted up several times, and people would comment on how big my breasts were, how pretty I looked, etc. The teasing was so bad, that I came home crying that day. I thought maybe mom would take pity on me, and cut my punishment short. Well, no such luck. Mom told me that while she did feel bad that I came home crying, she said that I would have to serve my full punishment. So, I wore Mrs. B's bra the rest of the week. Man that week was torture, but I will say this. I definitely learned my lesson, and I will never lift up a woman's shirt again without her permission.

The end

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