My story is based on a real memory. The basic premise is absolutely real. I embellished the details for entertainment sake... reader's interest I hope.

Grabbed firmly by the back of his upper arm, Jaime moved forward, looking upward to over 30 steep stairs in a narrow way lit by just 4 bare bulb dimming incandescent lights. The steps would end at the door of his nanny's new apartment, there were so many steps because it is above a 18 ft ceiling very old drug store/soda fountain shoppe with a liquor bar in the back.

His nanny, Ruth, had a two room apartment with a very small bathroom. They walked slowly up the long dark stair case. She kept a firm hand on his arm. As they climbed the stairs, she told him that they would of course be leaving for Palm Beach tomorrow and that the outfits his mother had ordered were there and he needed to try these on, very important.

He shuddered as he was at the exclusive children's store, Bramsoms, about a month ago, and had been measured up and down by the outfitter lady, his mother also bought several things that she had packed and gave to Ruth. Jaime just knew there would be outfits he didn't want to wear. Ruth also told him he needed to be cleaned out. That she was having some friends over to show them how to do a proper cleansing. He pulled away and told her that he would not have any enemas. She grabbed him again and told him if he knew what was good for him he would be a good boy or else he would have a very difficult few hours verses just an uncomfortable few hours, but he would be cleansed she assured him of that. Physically she made sure he knew he was at her control.

They finally got up the stairs. Opened the heavy wooden door. To the 15 x 18 ft room with a small efficiency kitchen, and on one end three small openings, one to a small closet, the middle to the little bathroom, the other to her bedroom, a 12 x 8 room with a clothes closet/wardrobe. In the 'main' room there was a table, like a kitchen table, round, about 4 ft. I would think. Above the table was a hanging light fixture with multiple light bulbs, folding chairs around it, a couch by the wall, two chairs. A small black and white tv on a stand, having a linoleum floor with two area rugs, a few wall lamps and one table lamp.

The first thing she did was put on the kettle. He knew immediately what that meant. She told him not to be so worried, this was going to make him feel so much better, and he wouldn't have to use public bathrooms while they were traveling. Thank goodness she said. Further she reminded him how often they had done this, that this should not be a 'problem' or concern... rather something we always used to do.

He knew he had no choice. She said lets try on your new outfits while the water gets ready, she turned the stove top to low, then she went to put the small clothes bin she had been carrying on the couch which folded out as her bed. She went to the small closet next to the bathroom, she told him to take off his clothes now its time to make sure these new things fit. His mother would have a fit if they didn't, Ruth said she did not want to hear a week's worth of grief because she didn't do her job. Jaime thought he would have to wear some form of white pants and navy blue blazer, with a white shirt and tie and those stupid white buck shoes. Oh god...

The first item she pulled out of the closet was a navy blue suspender shorts set with a white nautical collar blouse, round in the back, she also had a shoe box which contained a pair of navy blue and white saddle shoes, with a pair of white ribbed knee socks with wide cuffs. She produced a collarless jacket, then she proceeded to put each item on him meticulously. She folded up the blouse collar before putting on the Eton jacket making sure it wouldn't get wrinkled as she had spent much time starching and ironing it.

The jacket on, she folded the blouse collar down over the outside of the collarless jacket. It laid nearly over the edge of the shoulder, she combed his hair forward over his forehead John John Kennedy style. The pants were a bit tight, but would do, the blouse was perfect, heavy cotton, well starched and ironed and the collar laid perfectly flat.

He couldn't believe he was going to have wear an outfit like this... it had been several years since he had to wear knee socks... and saddle shoes, much less wear a large collar blouse. She meticulously removed each piece of clothing down to his skivvy's, then pulled out the next outfit. This one he really couldn't believe. It was a classic Eton / American style suit, like what he wore years before. Very short pants with suspenders, no crotch or zipper just an elastic band in the back. Collarless waist length jacket, three button front to a high v neck. Gray flannel shorts, gray/black/white tartan plaid muted blazer. White knee socks and new saddle shoes, black and white this time. The blouse was white of course. It had a peter pan round collar, laid about half way to the shoulder, just like a catholic school girl uniform blouse, it looked perfect. He was just shocked and couldn't believe he had to wear these outfits, he was literally shaking.

That's when a knock was on the door. Her friends had arrived, three middle aged women, all physically well endowed and divorced. They definitely wanted to see an enema session. Ruth went back to the closet after having her guests sit, and saying she would get them refreshments. She pulled out what she told Jaime was his costume. It was a very dressy, frilly girls party dress.

A light blue velvet mid thigh dress with a white sheet organdy peter pan ruffled lace collar and matching cuffs on the elbow length puffed sleeves. The dress was covered with a sheer white starched organdy pinafore with ruffled shoulder straps cinched at the high waist with a wide blue velvet sash that tied in the back in a large bow. But first after he took off the Eton suit, then he was made to put on a three tier lace ruffled petticoat. Then Ruth put on the velvet dress over that the pinafore and added triple ruffled lace anklets and Mary Jane shoes. He looked perfect. And it was now time for his cleansing.

The ladies were getting extremely excited. Ruth produced a 3 quart red enema bag, 6 ft of wide hose, and a retention nozzle for a barium enema, not a modern inflatable type, but a large nozzle with several tapered wide portions, three of them about 1.75 inches wide, it would be impossible to have this come out once inserted unless it was forcibly pulled. She filled the bag with the steamy water from the kettle, then added four long squirts of ivory soap, and one cup of turpentine. Closed the bag with the hot water bottle closer and shook it very hard for about a minute. Told the ladies how important that was then added several tablespoons of baking soda this would allow the turpentine and soapy water to evenly mix.

Jaime was frozen. He was led over to the kitchen table where Ruth had put several layers of thick towels with a rubber sheet on top. Then placed a pillow for his head. He was on his back. They moved him forward, one of the ladies pulled his legs up and back. And Ruth began the administration. She hung the bag from the light fixture, used Vaseline petroleum jelly, old fashioned. It took almost 10 minutes to get the retention nozzle in place then she let one of her friends release the valve to start the flow and was told to only open it to the first notch this would allow it to flow for about an hour.

The lady holding his legs asked for help. It was a very long hour, if he didn't cramp, then it wasn't working so she increased the flow as needed. At the end, it took awhile to remove the nozzle, and she did so while he was over the toilet. A lady pulled his petticoats up and out around the seat and he had to evacuate in front of them. Ruth prepared a second enema of hot water and soap only to rinse him. After another 30 minutes on the table and 30 minutes on the toilet, he was ready to be dressed again in his new outfits.

His Easter suit was presented to him, the ladies were so pleased. A pale yellow linen Eton suit with a pale blue blouse, peter pan collar, with a pale yellow organdy ruffled lace edge of about 1 inch pale blue sheer knee socks, cuffed with pale blue and white saddle shoes. He had to stand on the kitchen table and turn around for everyone.

The end

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