My Dad left us just after my tenth year and my sister was sixteen. Mother try very hard to get work but she could not find anything. We moved to the town where her sister Jane lived. Jane ran a house that trained women to make their sons or husbands to be sissymaids or what every the wives wanted them to be.

Because I was very rebellious I was put in the program by my mother the first month we got there. I now looking back on it am glad I went into the program. Believe me I did not like it at first. I was so humiliated. My sister Susan was one of my trainers and she loved getting even with me for stealing her things and hitting her and making an ass of myself around her back in Ohio. I had an awakening when I was taken to the house where Auntie Jane and Mistress Susan began my training.

I remember having to remove my clothes and put on a pair of pink ruffled panties and a matching bra and a petticoat along with a poodle skirt and blouse. They curled my long hair and put a big ribbon in it and then a guy name Tom took me to a room and taught how to dance like we did in the 50's. I had to be the girl.

I trained for two weeks before I had to go with Mistress Susan and Master Tom took me to a Dance Hall one Friday night They made me stand with the girls side and wait for a boy ask me to dance. It was not long and one guy asked and then another cut in after that night I had to go several nights and then I had to go to a drive in with some guys. I was afraid I would get picked up. I did have to fight my way out of a few dates.

Then I was trained to be a sissymaid just like the other men, their wives came also to learn how their sissymaids should be trained.

That was in the 50s and now my wife and Susan have their own training service, and I stay at home and take care of the house and the three children. They are all three girls. I know some day they will work in the family. So if any of you boy are thinking of be the head of the house you are all wrong.

Betsy Ann

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