from Ebony

Dear Auntie Helga,

I am writing you this letter dressed in girl mode under my mother's supervision to thank you for your work on this website and to point out how much your website has meant to me.

I discovered this website when I was eight years old and I immediately identified with the authors of some of the letters they sent to you. Secretly, I wanted to be one of those boys whose mothers, aunts or grandmothers had dressed in girl's clothes; those boys who often told their experiences on this website. Punctually, every first day of the month, I visited this website envying some of the protagonists of the letters and I often took the opportunity to review in the restored archives the stories with which they had made me dream.

But, naturally, I was too young a child to know how to erase my visits on the Internet history, so one day my mother discovered me. She didn't say anything to me at the time. She revealed it to me several years later. In any case, through the internet history of our computer, she knew what letters I was reading and that allowed her to get an idea of what my secret desires were.

Knowing my mother that I wanted to be a girl and that I wanted to dress as a girl, one day, during a trip, she made a (deliberate) mistake. When she packed my suitcase, she forgot to put my pajamas and underwear in the suitcase. When we arrived at the hotel and unpacked, we noticed that my pajamas and underwear were missing.

Don't worry, she said, I'll buy you some underwear and pajamas while you wait in the hotel playground.

When she arrived, half an hour later, and she took me to the room, she didn't bring exactly what she had gone for. I couldn't find any boy's underpants, so I had to buy some girl's panties. Don't worry, nobody will know. There were no pajamas of your size either, so I bought you this female nightgown that was on sale, she said.

My face turned red and my heart was pounding, but I tried to put on a pitiful tone of voice and said:


After dinner, we went up to the room to watch some TV before going to bed. Then, my mother gave me the female nightgown and panties and told me to put them on.

You look very pretty - she told me when she did it I always wanted you to be a girl.

So, during that weekend, I wore panties under my pants and at night I slept in a female nightgown and panties.

When we returned home, we found my underwear and pajamas on the dresser, where my mother had left them forgotten when she packed my suitcase.

Since I'm going to do the laundry tomorrow, it's better that you sleep with nightgown and panties tonight. Tomorrow you'll wear your pajamas, she told me before I went to bed.

That's the way it was. Two days later, the nightgown and panties were clean and dry, so my mother put them in the drawer where I kept my underwear in case I ever needed them again. Like every week, the following Monday my mother prepared the laundry and washed my pajamas.

Put on the other pajamas or the nightgown and a panty, as you prefer, she told me.

I was embarrassed and I was stunned because I wanted to wear nightgown and panties. So, to help me, she said:

I'd love for you to wear nightgown and panties, but I don't want to force you. You have to choose what you prefer.

When I left my room to go to the living room to watch TV, I was wearing nightgown and panties. My mother told me she was very pretty. A while later, when I went to bed she came to tuck me in like every night and then she asked me if I wanted to buy more panties and another nightgown to sleep every day as a girl. Whispering I said yes.

But first you have to admit that you want to be a girl, she told me. I nodded and started crying. My mother hugged me and told me not to worry, that I was going to be a girl.

Today I know that your website and my mother's insight and understanding cleared the way for me to be a girl and for that I am so grateful to you.

Sincere greetings,

Thank you for your letter Ebony. I am so happy to learn how much my website influenced you and then your mother to discover your secret and hers. Now you both can be honest and choose a different direction for your lives.

Auntie Helga

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