from Vic

Dear Auntie Helga,

I am twenty seven years old, and was petticoated as a boy between the ages of seven and sixteen, by my Nan.

When I was six years old, my mum and dad were killed in a car crash. It was the worse time in my life. My uncles and aunts came to the rescue to look after me, but I did not settle with any of them. I was to be truthful, not the most cooperative of kids. Something I now believe to be due to losing my parents so young. Enter my Nan, a really nice person, always kind and loving. She offered to take care of me, so I moved into her house. It was not long before I felt settled, and I think that she liked having me.

My my first experiencing of petticoating was when my Nan was annoyed that she had received another phone call from the school about my behaviour in class. She was annoyed and said that she was not going to tolerate it. She then told me to strip naked and then she handed me a pair of girl's navy school knickers and told me to put them on. Then, despite my tears and reassurance that I would not be naughty again, she put a navy gingham school dress on me. This was the start of things to come and I found myself in a dress many times up to the age of eleven. Sometimes I would also be made to wear the knickers to school to remind me to behave.

One day when I was eleven years old, the dress and knickers disappeared whilst I was on school holidays. I was so pleased, I hated wearing the stuff. After the school holidays, I started senior school. A couple of weeks went by and unfortunately my Nan received a phone call one morning about my behaviour in class again. She was not best pleased when I arrived home from school. I was greeted with take all of your clothes off. She was so angry and as I took my clothes off she told me my history. Again she handed me a pair of knickers, only this time they were bottle green. I put them on without arguing with her. She then told me that when she and all the girls at her school were my age, they all wore a petticoat, and that is what I would be wearing. I was completely bewildered when I was eventually stood there in a nylon petticoat. It felt very strange. Next was the school dress in a bottle green stripe. It was the same as the girls were wearing at my new school.

From that day on, wearing a dress felt different. I guess it must have been the petticoat, as over the years I got to quite like wearing a dress. Sometimes I wasn't naughty and still had to wear a dress, but I didn't mind. Just before my sixteenth birthday, the clothes disappeared. That was a big disappointment.

Fast forward to now. I landed a good job in the north of England and am now renting a flat. I do not know why, but I keep on thinking about how comfortable and nice it was to wear a dress. Try as I might, I have been unable to get it out of my head. Is this common with someone who has been petticoated as a child, and will the feelings disappear in time.

Please help, I feel very confused.

Thank you.


How nice to hear from you and thank you for writing about your early petticoating experience Vic, a story that would be good to add to our published collection at some point. I must also pass along my condolences for your loss, such a young age to have to deal with such tragedy.

I suspect your loving Nan was trying to help the only way she knew how and even though you didn't like it at the time, it obviously had a positive effect on you and before you long you began to enjoy it. Of course there is nothing wrong with you wearing a dress if you wish, its not uncommon for a petticoated boy want to dress as an adult. I couldn't say if it will disappear in time, but for now, you could indulge.

Auntie Helga

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