from Agatha

Dear Helga,

I have been a follower of your site for several years now, and it is a great pleasure for me to finally have a reason to write to you.

My lovely daughter in law, Elizabeth, has written to you about my son, in response to a previous letter that he wrote to you, complaining about her treatment of him.

I suppose that much of this is because of my treatment over the years.

When my husband left us, he was aged seven, and quite a wilful child even then. Which was why I started dressing him in girls' clothes. I found that the effects of a spanking wore of quite quickly, and the reason for it was also soon forgotten. But being dressed up in dresses etc. could not be ignored, and after several tries, during which he was quite well behaved, only to drift back to his normal self when they were taken of, I decided to dress him permanently like this at all times in the home.

It was at this time too, that I started calling him, and insisted that he answer to, the name of "Jayne". In addition to this, I also would give him lines to complete by a certain time, in order to keep him occupied at home.

If a spanking was required, he had to fetch the implement from the cupboard, (either a belt, or a table tennis bat in those days), lay it on his bed and stand beside the bed with his knickers round his ankles, until I came in to administer his punishment. I would then make him stand in the corner for 20 - 30 minutes with his red bottom on show for all to see, and though this did not happen very often, on the occasions when we did have visitors, he found it an extremely humiliating experience, and would often burst into tears all over again.

I kept this treatment up, almost to the day of their wedding.

Of course, with a child, for the most part, it was his clothes that were usually enough to keep him attentive, but as he got older, there were several times when he tried very hard to rebel. This was when the spankings became very much harder, and was the main reason I purchased the tawse. He was then aged 15 years, but I insisted on punishing him in this way, up until he left to live with his beautiful wife at age 25.

I should mention here that he was around 19 or 20 when I discovered your wonderful site, and was very pleased to adopt several measures suggested by the contributors. But I would also select some letters for him to read, to show that, compared to some, he was treated quite lightly, also that he was not alone in his miseries.

I should say that it was not all punishment, as long as he had been a good boy, and done all his chores, I would allow him to go out on Saturday night, usually with his workmates or other friends, which was how he and Elizabeth came to meet.

He had had other girlfriends of course, but would never bring them home to meet me, and also his juvenile ways would tend to put them off very quickly, so that when I first met Elizabeth they had been going out for some time, and he was obviously smitten.

I have to say here that I was suspicious of her at first; but she is so bubbly, and forthright, that her charm won me over very quickly, and when we went out altogether, Jayne seemed to quite naturally, defer to the both of us. When, after 8 months of going out, they told me they had decided to take the plunge, I was absolutely delighted.

I had not told Elizabeth anything about how he was treated at home as it did not seem to matter too much, they were happy, as was I, and if Jayne was slack with his chores, well, that was just between us. Although I never deliberately kept it from her either, the subject simply never came up.

I daresay Jayne was quite aware of things, and managed to both keep me happy at home, so that he could have some free time, but there must have been some deceit for him to keep the whole thing away from her notice. Although having said that of course, the average wife to be does not ask her future hubby, "Oh by the way, does your mother still spank you?"

I think it was about the third week after the wedding, they had come back from the honeymoon, and I popped round to see how things were going when Elizabeth dropped a hint that he was going out and getting quite drunk at the weekends, I said nothing at the time, but decided to keep an eye on the situation.

I started to phone her at nights, and drop in at odd times, it's not as if he always went out alone, he would now and again take Elizabeth out, but it was becoming a frequent thing for him to leave her indoors.

I didn't quite know what to do, strictly speaking it was none of my business, but one night I was at their place, he was out, and although she wasn't complaining, she did mention that, before the wedding, she had not thought he went out so much, and she had never seen him drunk.

That was when I decided to drop the bombshell!

Between us we planned a nice little trap for him, which as you know, worked perfectly.

He is now very firmly back in his place, under her thumb as he fully deserves to be.

Elizabeth, who was quite shocked when I first told her of his treatment, now seems to have embraced it entirely, and I am so pleased that you have also helped to put Jayne in his proper place.

She still seems a bit unsure of what to do at times, and I have said that she should stamp it indelibly on his mind that she is the boss now, and possibly, not just go out with her friends, but to have a weekend away or something. I would of course be quite happy to take him while she did, but I believe that she should really make a statement by doing, that she may do anything she wishes, and he must obey.

In closing, I must say that I was quite surprised that Jayne had the temerity to write you, and I am so glad that you upheld our methods for keeping him inline.

Keep up the good work at PDQ. Yours sincerely,

How delightful to hear from you and thank you so much for writing Agatha. I am so pleased to hear that you follow my site. Elizabeth wrote me about your son's email to me, as you noted, complaining about her treatment, justly deserved I felt and said so in my response to him.

Your petticoating of him was of course the proper thing to do with such a willful and disrespectful boy. I also appreciate the use of corporal punishment, a discipline sadly lacking today as I'm sure you would agree. The tawse is a very effective instrument and one that I hope dear Elizabeth uses regularly.

I'm sure with your continued counsel she will learn to take proper control and of course should she write me, I will help her however I can to assure her home is one where the wife is in full control and her husband is totally obedient at all times.


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