By Lesley (and Penelope)

PDM IN THE 21st CENTURY - 2011

The first issue of 2011 began with a great letter, part 2 of Angela S's superb "Mother in Law's Clothes" continuing the story of her husband's total humiliation in being showed off to Angela's mother in her cast-off 50's clothes. The letter described beautifully the exquisite humiliation the two ladies put him through and ended with mother-in-law taking him upstairs to tidy his hair and make-up prior to taking him out for the afternoon. Sadly, the story was never continued as this proved to be last of a series of excellent letters from Angela. Whatever became of her?

January also featured a superb illustration by Castre, "Paradise Park" with two of Castre's typically formidable ladies taking a terrified husband for his annual en-femme walk in the park in a typically outrageous ultra-femme dress. Castre was really hitting the mark for me now.

The following few months were fairly quiet for readers with my perspective on petticoat discipline. The outstanding letter in February was from "Cheryl", who was becoming a reasonably regular contributor, describing the introduction of her petticoated husband "Joanne" to her sister, Diane. This sort of letter from ladies who, like myself, see the benefits of exposing their petticoated males to selected ladies thus "upping the ante" in their relationship, I always found very amusing and interesting. In March a letter entitled "Our Hotel's New Maid" amusingly recounted how the wife of a couple who ran a small hotel "employed" her petticoated husband as a maid in the hotel, very innovative even if some aspects seemed to stretch credulity a little! In April two letters, "My Husband Bethany" and "Petticoating my Husband" dealt with similar subjects in that in both cases the wives took advantage of a husband who enjoyed crossdressing to impose a petticoat discipline regime. Also in both cases the "die was cast" with the introduction of a female friend into the equation - see my comment above!

Throughout these early months of 2011 Castre continued to produce excellent pieces of art showing elaborately petticoated men being subjected to various indignities by the artist's typically formidable-looking ladies. Another item which had become a regular monthly feature was fictional stories by Lori, usually two per month. Although rather too many involved the petticoating of younger boys for my particular taste they were undoubtedly well-written and imaginative.

May saw the debut of a new and important correspondant, Rebecca Williams. Though we did not know it at the time of course we were to hear no more from Angela S but Rebecca was to prove an excellent replacement. Her initial letter explained that her husband Steve was a "recreational crossdresser" and they enjoyed themselves by using him as Dressmaker's Model for the clothes that she made for herself. This happy arrangement changed when she learned from her friend Angie (also Steve's secretary) of his increasingly disrespectful behaviour towards his female staff. This was the cue for her to take advantage of Steve's weakness for wearing dresses and use it to teach him what became many lessons! "Melanie" was born! Rebecca also turned the screw by making Steve/Melanie contribute a letter himself confirming the details of his come-uppance.

In July I shared the story of one of my petticoating highlights, describing how I took Penelope, along with my friend and neighbour Jane, for a weekend in a cottage near a seaside resort. Exciting, amusing, very erotic, an extremely enjoyable experience - for Jane and I anyway! Another superb letter in July "kept in a dress by my wife" was a very well-written account of the feminisation and humiliation of a husband by his wife and several other female relatives and neighbours, almost petticoating overload.

Rebecca and Steve (aka Melanie) appeared again in August, this time, in a further twist, the tale of his initial subjugation recounted by the third party in the drama, his secretary Angie. We were certainly seeing this story unfold from every possible angle. The story continued in September, this time Melanie being compelled to write an account of his further exposure, this time on a visit to Rebecca's sister Rachel - for a Wedding Anniversary Treat!. His fame was spreading. My Penelope was back in October with me describing how I had insisted on him driving en femme to the station on a summer evening to pick me up from a visit to my daughter's. What was a tough assignment for him anyway got even worse when my train was delayed requiring him to wait half an hour in the car park! A very interesting feature this month was a review of the art of BJ with a recommendation for Carole Jean's excellent "Petticoat Punishment Art" site. A great favourite of mine, which I visited regularly, but sadly now no longer updated.

Carole Jean's site was again featured in November, this time with a selection of pictures by Gene Bilbrew from the superb "The Panty Raiders" story, one of my favourite illustrated petticoat punishment tales. With another top-notch Castre picture "School for Punks" the artwork in this issue was very high quality indeed. Highlight letter was yet another from Melanie describing how Rebecca had used a holiday from work to very much deepen dear Melanie's descent into femininity. A very long letter and one of my all-time PDQ favourites. All in all, November was a classic issue.

December marked a personal milestone for me, 10 years since I had discovered PDQ. I celebrated by contributing a collage of the many outfits in which I had dressed Penelope during that time, quite a journey. Rebecca contributed a "Melanie's Punishment" letter describing some corporal punishment administered to Melanie by her and Angie. I have never been a fan of physical punishment but this was administered with just the right balance of fun and pain. The feature on "Petticoat Punishment Art" was devoted to the work of Curtis, not my favourite but very interesting nonetheless.

2011 was really ending on a very high note thanks to Helga's careful stewardship, Susan MacDonald would have been very proud.

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