The Rubberist's Diary

Another Summer Holiday Visit

Part one. Preparation for the boy's arrival.

'Of course, our dear boy had just had his very first term at the boy's boarding school. The thought of the strict regime of the 1950s boy's boarding school greatly interested Mother and myself. A world of ice cold showers, vigorous canings and the 'fagging' duties. Then, of course, there was the Head Matron. A strictly principled and mature woman with a great fondness for her very formal and old fashioned uniforms. Her gleaming red rubber aprons, and similar rubber bedsheets for all of her 'troublesome' boys. And the regulation heavy red rubber night bloomers also essential. A far away world from our preferred returning of the boy to the fully frilled rubber clad infancy. The old fashioned Terry towel nappies/diapers, worn beneath heavy and frilly red rubber baby pants. These with specially reinforced waist and leg elastic to ensure our boy was kept constantly aware of being properly 'rubbered' like all big baby boys should be.

All of the other paraphanalia of a big baby boy's world duly prepared in every detail, in readiness for his arrival. A fine selection of extra large rubber feeding dummies, complete with rubber straps to secure them firmly in place into his mouth. Many glass and graduated baby feeding bottles with extra large rubber teats. All the necessary baby furniture, including high chairs with securing straps for ankles and wrists. Baby boy's barred 'prison' crib with red rubber bedding and even more securing straps. The large old fashioned iron hospital bed in the nursery, again with red hospital rubber bedding and more rubber restraining straps. Here our big baby boy would be secured on his back for milkings, changing and any 'special treatments'. A low ceiling beam above the bed with a wide rubber strap, ready for hoisting the boy's legs well up to present his naked genitals and buttocks.

The boy's dear German Nanny was a dear friend of Miss Bull, the school Head Matron, and wished to know every last detail of his development into a forced early puberty. We were both very well aware that the boy's Nanny was, by now, keeping the boy well dosed with hormones and diuretics when at home.

Also the tight rubber Blakey rings were essential for a correct posture. Prior to departure to the school, Nanny's doctor sister had visited for the boy's 'very necessary' surgery. We were therefore delighted to hear from Nanny, soon before the boy's arrival for his Summer visit, that Head Matron had been quick to inform her that the dear boy had commenced masturbation on his red rubber bed sheet. 'Very fine early performance' she had stated.

Mother and I discussed, at length, just how much freedom we should allow the boy on this visit. We also asked the advice of dear Mrs Smythe, our seamstress, who specialised in the manufacture of old fashioned rubber proofed materials. She supplied our rubber capes and mackintoshes, as well as our long and bibbed red rubber bathroom aprons. Also, the dear boys 'beach rubbers', the delightful gleaming red rubber bib pants that were so humiliating for him to have to wear on public outings. There were the same red rubber sheets on his new big baby boy 'prison' crib in the new nursery. Mrs Smythe's own nephew often visited her, and was of a similar 'development' to our boy. The dear woman recommended the use of a steel chastity device, along with a return to enforced infancy with much rubber involvement. The most vigorous daily early morning 'milking' rituals in the bedroom and bathroom would be required.

Mrs Smythe said that she would be only too pleased to assist Mother and myself with the boy's regime, and would welcome us to her premises for the fitting of any new rubber garments. Mother and I were delighted that Mrs Smythe was prepared to move in to our large and remote home, to assist us in the boy's nursery. A week prior to the boy's arrival, we had prepared a very full infantile wardrobe. Delightful garments created by Mrs Smythe and all made from a new heavy and gleaming pink satin, this lined with a smooth and very strong smelling hospital red rubber. Plenty of frilly pink satin and rubber lined baby pants and towel nappies. Similar frilly and lace trimmed pink satin and rubber lined bloomers, and very short rubber baby dresses. Frill and lace trimmed enormous baby bonnets and similar baby's bibs. Very many heavily frilled and lace trimmed rubber lined pink satin romper suits. These with the proper large and frilled buttoned flaps front and rear for Nanny's frequent inspections. Stout leather baby harnesses and long leather reins for walking the boy, also to secure him into his high chair and 'prison' crib. A very proper recreation of an old fashion baby's pram and also a pushchair. Both rubber lined and with heavy red rubber lined rain covers. Now the nursery air smelled sweet with rubber, soon to be joined by our boys strong scent of his 'baby boy wetting'.

And for our own proper old fashioned Nanny wear? Mrs Smythe recommended the Victorian style, not only for Mother and myself, but for herself also. A full costume made from the new rubber lined and severe shiny black satin material. Very full and complete corsetry with gleaming black stockings. Long legged bloomers and petticoats worn beneath full and old fashioned Matron's uniforms. Severe and gleaming high necked rubber lined blouses and uniforms, finished off with the huge head dresses. These worn over severely pinned up hair in the Victorian Governess' 'bun' style. Our dressing session took many hours, and I was so very tightly laced into my corset by Mother that it took my breath away. I was in such discomfort that my truly dominant side was released in full. Our poor big baby boy was certainly now in for some 'treatment' from me! The obligatory heavy and ankle length bibbed red rubber aprons, and elbow length heavy rubber gloves. It was such a delight to get properly dressed in readiness for our dear boy's arrival, and to descend to the drawing room to await him with increasing excitement. And so there we sat with our maid Polly serving us tea, commenting favourably on our costume. Also, on the very whippy and thin crook handled school cane that mother toyed with endlessly. The Nursery Junior Dragon' cane favoured by many a Victorian Nanny. Mrs Smythe had her own preferred instrument of chastisement for her own visiting boy. Worn at her waist was a heavy black rubber two tailed strap or tawse. She grinned at us with a very menacing grin as she constantly fingered it.

Our dear boy arrived promptly on time by taxi from the local railway station. Dear Polly had met the boy, and now marched him in to the drawing room giggling loudly at his obvious predicament. With his rubber mackintosh removed by Polly, she gave his dear cheeks several hard smacks as she stood the boy before us. The boy was wearing the usual tight and glossy black leather German Lederhosen, with the wide and tight leather straps over his shoulders with the usual 'halter' strap at the front. (Not dissimilar leather straps to a traditional leather baby harness.) This attire was a favourite of his German Nanny, a very traditional garment for boys at the time.

The dear boy stared at us as we sat there, shivering all over as he soon noticed the cane and strap in mother and Mrs Smythe's hands, also our forbidding attire. Polly chuckled as she now stood in front of our boy, quickly releasing the large buckles from the leather braces. She then redid them making the buckles and jerked the leather straps as tightly as she could, the leather shorts were now really forced into his crotch. The wet towel nappy and rubbers now really making their presence felt. "Hands on your head boy, this instant!" Mother ordered. Mrs Smythe then took up her rubber strap and smacked it loudly against her rubber apron."Had a good wetting, eh boy?" Mrs Smythe snapped.

We could now plainly smell that he was in a very wet towel nappy under his rubber pants. The tight rubber genital rings were very plainly now doing their work, his acute forced arousal very noticed by us with delight. The act of raising his hands up high had an immediate effect between his legs for us to plainly see. This pulled the leather shorts, wet towel nappy and rubber pants, even more tightly into his crotch making him gasp loudly. (Mother and I had our boy put his hands on his head when out on the beach in his tightly strapped up beach rubbers, noticing the very same effects on the boy.) Now we could see that the boy was restrained in a garter waist, the tops of his white silk stockings and the rubber supporters now plainly on show. Also, there was just glimpse of the frilled red rubber baby pants and his well soaked towel nappy worn under his Lederhosen. Some drops of the boy's urine now could be seen at the tops of his thighs, as he moaned quietly.

To be continued...

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