When I was thirteen I found out the hard way that my sister Sandy had known I was sneaking her panties from the hamper and wearing them as well as her other things. You see she had been taking pictures and once she had all she wanted to blackmail me into being her sissy slave she came to my room and said we had to talk. It was then she handed me some pictures of me wearing her things and I also had her vibrator in my butt in some of them. She saw I was going to throw them in the fire pit out back of our house and she said she had a lot more so I could burn those but that would be a mistake. I began to beg Sandy to give me the other ones.

You see I had always treated her with insults and calling her names Even though she was fifteen and I two years younger she had me where I could not get her to not make me her slave. She said that I was from this day forward her slave. I said I would do anything just don't let anyone see them. She said that was too late, just about that time a Tammy walked in the room. Tammy was a girl that I had loved from the first day I met her. I even thought of her while I masturbated. Once Sandy stopped by Tammy's house and I was with her and kept telling her to come on and telling her I had to go. Tammy said I could use their restroom. While in there I opened her hamper and took out a pair of her panties and licked them and played with myself.

Tammy said by the way Billy when are you going to give me back my panties you stole from my hamper. Oh my God she knew. I said I don't know what you are talking about. Tammy walked over to me and suddenly slapped my face and said you little slut you know you took my undies when you and Sandy were at my house and you had to go so bad. She slapped me again and said go get them now. I turned to go when she said "on your hands a knees sissy boy" I turned and she slapped me again I started to cry and they both laughed at me and Sandy said down sissy and go get them bring them back with the stride in your teeth.

I sunk to my knees and crawled to my room. I crawled back to the living room and was told to drop them. Tammy said get up. I got up and she said now this is what you will do and if you even act like you are not going to obey our orders you will be spanked and sat out on the porch for one hour, in the pretty sissy panties. She slapped me again and said do you understand sissy. I said through tears and sobs yes. She said first things first. From now on you will always call me Mistress and your sister Ma'am do you understand that sissy. I said yes. She slapped me and said do you understand sissy. I said yes Mistress.

She knelt and picked up the panties and said put them on. I started to put them on and she said you forgot to say yes Mistress. I said yes Mistress. After I had the panties on she said you will be receiving ten swats for not saying Yes Mistress with out me telling you. Sandy went and sat a high back chair in the middle of the room and sat down. Mistress Tammy said crawl over and get your spanking sweetie. I quickly crawled over and up on my sister's lap. Sandy rubbed her hand around on my butt as i whimpered then she began swatting my butt ten times hard.

That day began the start of me being their sissy slave.

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