from Sandra

Dear Helga,

I can't tell you (but will anyway) how pleased and honored I feel that you have found my letters worthy of being shared on your wonderful website. Thank you! In my very first letter I focused on my use of chastity with my sweet forcibly feminized sissy hubby Chrissy, including using a training method that has (as I had hoped) made it so he is now totally unable to have an erection. Which raises the obvious question: What do I do for sex (because - yes - I do have a rather strong sex drive and could not imagine life without lots of good sex)?

Obviously, Chrissy and I do not have intercourse. Even when we first started dating, when I saw how small he was, I had no interest in being with him in "that way". And now that his teeny peeny is in a perpetually limp state, he couldn't perform even if I let him try. But that doesn't mean he can't satisfy me in another way - that is, with his mouth. In fact, most days end with Chrissy's face between my legs. Usually she is on her back as I straddle her face - and I must say that she has become very skilled at using her lips and tongue in that position to bring me the pleasure I desire.

And for the past few years, I have often added a face dildo to our routine - one that is strapped in place over Chrissy's chin in such a way that Chrissy can still work her magic with her tongue while I give the dildo an energetic ride. Chrissy is often left with her lipstick totally smeared and with slightly sore (or even bruised) lips - but those are outcomes Chrissy relishes as signs that I really enjoyed myself!

But that is not the only kind of sex I have. Throughout the many years of our relationship, I have had boyfriends - handsome, well-endowed, professionally successful men who take me out on dates (to dinner, to a show, perhaps to a concert - and occasionally on luxurious and very romantic and sex-filled vacations). Of course, I do all of this with Chrissy's knowledge and approval, because she understands that I have needs that she simply can't completely satisfy.

I should emphasize that I do truly love Chrissy, and she is everything I wanted in a husband: submissive, obedient, effeminate, totally in love with me, accepting of her inferior status, and devoted to spending every waking minute of every day doing whatever she can to please and serve me. But it is also part of my female-led-relationships philosophy that no one man can fulfill all of my needs and desires. From my perspective, nothing could be more natural than for a dominant woman like me to have a submissive sissy male as her husband while having sexual relationships with other men.

And I should also note that I certainly don't have sex with my boyfriends in order to shame or humiliate Chrissy. I do it for the romance and for the sex! Having said that, I know that Chrissy does feel some degree of humiliation when she sees me with one of my dates, and I know that she wishes she could be the one who takes me out to dinner and so on, and that she could be the one who has intercourse with me, but of course, she accepts the fact that I have other men who fulfill those needs for me in ways she certainly never could, and she knows how fortunate she is to have the honor of filling the one role in my life that she can - the role of my devoted sissy slave.

I go out with one of my boyfriends almost every Saturday night, and this past Saturday was no exception - and I thought I might give you a sense of this aspect of my life by describing that evening. That night, my boyfriend Ross (names have been changed, for obvious reasons) and I went to dinner with a couple of friends - my friend Miranda (who is part of my bridge group and who has adopted the FLR lifestyle with her own now-sissified husband) and her boyfriend Alex.

For Chrissy, Saturday started even earlier than usual, because she had a lot of chores to do in preparation for the possibility that Ross and I and our friends would come back to the house after dinner. But by late afternoon, when it was time for my own date preparations to begin, Chrissy had finished giving the house a thorough cleaning and had done the laundry, and she was ready to do one of the things she most loves in life - to be my helper as I get ready for a date.

Chrissy started by running my bath for me, then helped me undress, and when I was in the bath I enlisted her services to help wash me and shampoo my hair. Then while I relaxed in the warm bath for a few more minutes Chrissy waited obediently at attention with two large bath towels in hand - which she wrapped around my body and my hair as I stepped out. I then sat while Chrissy polished my fingernails and toenails (she actually took some cosmetology classes a few years ago and does an excellent job) and then dried and brushed my hair. During this time we chatted - about where Ross and I were going that evening and so on. I confess that I also teased her a bit (as I often do) about how different she is from Ross and about how much I was looking forward to feeling Ross's strong arms around me, his lips against mine, and his beautiful big hard cock inside of me.

Chrissy did get a little sad at that moment, and said that she sometimes wonders what her life would have been like if she weren't such a small-dicked sissy. Her sad look and comment amused me, and in response I gave her a little kiss and reminded her how fortunate she is to be my beloved sissy maid, and that it was silly of her to waste time thinking about how different things might have been for her if she had a bigger cock because - it was obvious that she was born to be a sissy, and that it was laughable to even think about her as a "real man".

Chrissy then helped me pick out the lingerie I would wear that evening (she has a very good "eye" for what looks nice and sexy on me), and helped me pick out the dress and shoes I'd wear as well. And it was at about that time that the doorbell rang, and we realized it was probably Ross. So while I finished getting dressed and put on my makeup, Chrissy went to the door to let Ross in - greeting him with a proper curtsy, showing him into the living room, and providing him with a drink while he waited.

Ross and I had a wonderful dinner with Miranda and Alex, and most of the conversation was on the usual sorts of topics that two couples might discuss, but Miranda and I did spend a little bit of time sharing a few stories about our respective sissy maid husbands. Ross, of course, is quite familiar with everything about my relationship with Chrissy, but this was the first time Alex had heard about the extent of Chrissy's chastisement, and he mentioned that he would be curious see for himself the effects of my impotence conditioning - and so, after dinner, we decided to all go back to my house to watch a movie on TV and so that Alex could meet Chrissy.

Chrissy greeted us at the door in her well-trained way - with a curtsy and with eyes submissively down. Then as we went into the TV room, Chrissy brought us drinks and asked if there was anything else she could do for us. By then I was sitting on a couch with my head on Ross's shoulder and his arm around me, while Miranda was on a chair in Alex's lap - and it was Miranda who told Chrissy that Alex wanted to see her limp little peeny. Chrissy blushed a deep shade of red and looked at me to see if this was something she really had to do. Of course, I nodded yes - and Chrissy then obediently stood in front of Alex and lifted up her skirt to show him her little sissy clit in its chastity. I reached down to my anklet (where I keep the key), unlocked the chastity, and then showed how Alex how completely unresponsive Chrissy's clitty is even when it's squeezed and stroked. I also showed Alex the design of the chastity (with its internal spikes) so that he could really understand how the conditioning had occurred. Of course, every time I gave Chrissy's limp peeny a flick, we all laughed, while Chrissy hung her head in shame.

I then put Chrissy's chastity back on and dismissed her, and then the four of us watched a movie - or, at least, we played a movie while doing a lot of kissing and petting! At the end of the movie, it was obviously time for sex, so Miranda and Alex left to go back to her place while Ross and I went up to my bedroom.

On our way to the bedroom, I also called out for Chrissy to join us. Now, I should explain that, usually, I do not permit Chrissy to be present when I'm in the bedroom with my boyfriends, but occasionally I do - as a kind of reward when Chrissy has been particularly well behaved (as she had been this past Saturday). So while Ross led me by the hand to the bedroom, Chrissy scampered behind us, and while Ross and I stood kissing and embracing and petting each other, Chrissy knelt on the floor beside us. After a few minutes of passionate kissing, I stepped back so that Chrissy could do what she knew would be her role - removing my clothes. This is, as they say, a bit of a bittersweet task for Chrissy, because she loves everything involved in slowly removing my clothing and lingerie to reveal my beautiful nakedness, but at the same time, she is painfully aware at all moments that she is doing it to prepare me for sex with my boyfriend.

While I was being disrobed, Ross removed all of his clothes except for his boxers - though they did little to hide the evidence of his arousal. And when I was completely naked, Chrissy then crawled on her hands and knees over to Ross to remove Ross's one remaining item of clothing - something Chrissy has learned to do very carefully. And then finally, when Ross's gorgeous erection was in full sight - and as I always do at that moment - I made Chrissy focus all of her attention on it, noting how much bigger it was than hers had ever been, and I then directed Chrissy to give it some gentle kisses and to lubricate the head with her tongue. It always gives me a little thrill to watch Chrissy doing that - partly because it is the prelude to taking Ross's huge cock inside of me, but also because it is such a powerful demonstration of how well my sissy husband has been trained and of how fully she has come to accept her position of effeminate sissified subservience in our relationship. And then - after giving the tip of Ross's hard cock on final kiss, Chrissy left --as I always require her to do at that point - and then Ross and I got into bed for a night of passionate lovemaking.

And so, as you can see, I really do have a very satisfying sex life, involving both my sissy husband and my boyfriend. It is all quite delightful, and while I know that not all women in female-led relationships are interested in having sex with other men, all I can say is that it's an arrangement that certainly works well for me.

Best wishes

Thank you for your letter Sandra. While not all wives have lovers, its common in FLR's and quite often that includes a under-endowed sissy husband such as your delightful Chrissy. I am also so pleased to learn about your friend Miranda, so good to see the lifestyle expand.

Having your sissy prepare your lover is the perfect way to start a night of passion, I'm sure that must add quite a bit to the anticipation. Anyway, I won't keep you but I did want to thank you again for taking your time to write.


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