It was a beautiful evening in the spring of 1982. My wife and I were taking a drive up the coast of California for an evening stroll. She was driving. We had been married for about 5 years. She was 27, and I was 30. My wife is feminine, but she grew up as a tom boy. I had no idea that she would take so well to my submissive desires to be her sissy husband. That was two years ago. Be wary what you ask for...

I was in the passenger seat dressed like a girl. Complete with black shoulder length wig, make-up, clothing and high heels. I was a nervous wreck!

My makeup was on rather heavy. Light, almost white base. Long false eye lashes, dark blue eye shadow, black eye liner, dark red lipstick and heavy rouge. My eyebrows were trimmed slightly, to look more girlish, and penciled in. My dress was more like a 1950's dress. It sported a slightly above the knees hem with a large flouncy petticoat underneath. The top of the dress had a lace covered "keyhole" front with 3/4 sleeves. It was really tight, white with red dots all over and zipped up the back. My body was shaved clean of body hair except on my head and eye brows. A large black belt with an equally large buckle surrounded my girdle slimed waist. It was bucked tight.

My nylons were held up by the long line body girdle that was provided by my wife along with the other clothing, just for this evening stroll. She had gone to a few antique clothing stores. And even had found me a pair of black 5" heels to wear. (one size too small to make walking a little more difficult, and harder to remove) She had found a pair of large hoop heavy earrings that screwed on. She put them on me herself. Tightly! The tiny bells attached to the earrings constantly rang. I was reminded about their presence every time I moved my head.

My bust line was impressive! Water balloons were placed very delicately into the cups provided. They quivered and shook realistically whenever I moved. Their weight was impressive too! My toenails and fingernails were to die for! They were dark red to match my lipstick. Five coats applied by myself under my wife's watchful eye. Of course, I had to apply nail extensions which elongated my fingernails a least 1/2 inch more. The heels that I wore had a cute little opening to show off my pretty red toe nails.

My wife stopped our car. She left the engine on. We were parked right under a residential street lamp. It was about 11 p.m. All was quiet. The street ran for about two blocks, and then it veered off onto another street. It was early spring, and the weather was mild. She turned to me, looking relaxed in her t shirt, jeans and her sandals. She said "Well Prissy, it is time for your little stroll. You do want to please me by doing your sissy walk don't you?" I looked at her and saw her smirk at my appearance. My poor dicklet was getting so sore from being locked into my chastity device. If I wanted any relief from my sexual desires, I will have to do as she wishes. It has already been two weeks since my last relief from rubbing by dicklet against her foot. Of course I was required to lick up my mess.

"Please Mistress, do I have to? Someone might see me!" Her laugh was light. But her evil grin was evident by her unlocking my door and seat belt. Then she made her hand rub my groin area while ordering me to exit the car "now!" "Or your time in your device will grow"! Crying would have smeared my makeup. I had no choice. I opened the car door and tried to exit as sissy like as possible. The sissy movements were an idea from my wife. If anyone did see me, it was quite obvious what I was. Either a drag queen or a total sissy! She knows that I crave humiliations from her and her girlfriends while being "forced" to dress up like her idea of a sissy. Our sexual life style is directly under her control. She knows I cannot stop her from having her fun with me. I am her slave for life. I did this to myself. And she knows it.

After I shut the door, she blasted the car horn and roared off up the street. I was shocked and scared silly! Of course when I quickly moved my head around to see if there were anyone peering out their bedroom windows, my too tight earring bells were chiming loudly. I would have undone the screws on the earrings, but my long fingernails kept me from grasping the small screws. At about 30 seconds of just standing still, I girlishly strode up the street. My 5" heels were slightly painful to walk in and the sounds that they made on the sidewalk seemed deafening! Of course my darling evil wife made sure that I had I.D. and my makeup and one dollar in my small clutch purse.

My wife had picked an area that has a low crime rate and where nobody knows either one of us. Still, being seen would be devastating and totally humiliating!! A car was coming up the street. I had to hide! I quickly crouched down behind a parked car. I held my breath and breathed a sigh of relief as the car rode by. I rose up standing again and worked to get my movements under control and back to being sissy like. My inventive wife was no doubt taking photos of my adventure to share with her girlfriends later while I served drinks at one of her many parties. After regaining my posture, I started once again my exaggerated sissy walk. After about 10 minutes, I reached the back end of our car. I was feeling so relieved to see the car! My torment would be over. But wait! She drove off again blasting her car horn. Oh no!! I tried to make as little noise as possible while once again walking to reach her car. It was her car too. I owned nothing! She demanded that I change my last name to hers, and then she had her lawyer put all of my assets in her name only. I was totally dependent on her for everything. A true "Femdom" led marriage.

Upon diligently walking with one heel shod foot in front of the other, and posing my arms with both wrists at boob height in a limp position, I once again reached her car. My back ached, my feet ached, the wig was getting hot and itchy. I posed as required at the passenger door while she took pictures laughing all the time. I was instructed to go around the car and pose once more in the headlights. After going further around the car, I was let into the passenger side. My wife was very pleased and said "Prissy", your too much". A real man wouldn't let his wife embarrass and humiliate him like I am. You are doing this to yourself, you hapless sissy! My dicklet was so very sore from our adventures tonight. I was wondering if I would be allowed to cum because I was so good being her sissy this evening.

The End
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