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Dear Mistress Alison

I was interested in the reply in last month's letter that you gave to Barbara about involving her daughter in the petticoating of her husband. I grew up in a very strict matriarchal household and my sister and I both witnessed my father and our brother being punished, first by our grandmother and when she passed on by our mother. She used a thick leather strap, which was called a giving him a roasting, or a crooked handled cane, which she called a tickling, and always applied them to the bare bottom. Mother always said that having his daughters seeing him being beaten on his bare backside and reduced to tears improved the punishment. When he was younger my brother got the back of a hairbrush or a slipper, but as soon as he went to secondary school he was "tickled" in the same way as my father. I never saw him being "roasted." When I turned sixteen I was allowed to cane my brother, but never my father.

Neither my Grandmother nor my mother used petticoating on a regular basis, but for church on Sundays both my father and brother were forced to wear a kilt with a frilly white petticoat underneath. This ensured they walked calmly and in a dignified fashioned to avoid showing their petticoats. Father took my mother's arm and my brother had to hold hands with his sisters, something he absolutely hated, until he was old enough to walk arm in arm between us. It must be said we disliked having to do this as much as my brother and would deliberately try to get him into trouble so we could watch him being tickled after we got home. My mother usually realised what we were doing and so we got punished instead, although neither of us was ever beaten.

Though my upbringing was just as strict as my brothers, it rather spoiled me when it came to finding a husband. I expected to be treated the same way my father had treated my mother and my brother had treated me, with respect and obedience, and to punish them when they failed in this regard, but very few men whom I regarded as being suitable were prepared to countenance this. As a consequence I married rather late in life, but still have two daughters, one is my natural daughter and the other adopted. I love them both equally, treat them both exactly the same, and intend bringing them up to appreciate that men should respect them and in marriage defer to them and obey them.

I cane my husband's bare bottom when he deserves it, displeases me or needs some gentle encouragement and like my Grandmother and my mother I do not stop until there are tears. I invariably petticoat him for a period afterwards. This can be anything from the rest of the day to a week. This means wearing long knickers under his trousers for work and changing into a gymslip, white blouse with school tie, and white ankle socks with Mary Jane style shoes immediately when he gets home and being spoken to and treated like a pre-teen schoolgirl, this includes no television, computer, or mobile phone and an early bed time, 8:00 week nights and 9:00 at weekends.

Do you think I too should improve his punishments by having my daughters watch? I know you told Barbara that such things were a family issue, but I am thinking more about the moral perspective.

Yours sincerely

Dear Katrina

First let me say that I thoroughly approve of your punishment routine for your husband, this is exactly the kind of treatment that errant males require to teach them proper respect for the superior sex and help them overcome their base tendencies. However, I would proceed with great caution before involving minors in any way. Back in your grandmother's day how children were brought up was a matter solely for their parents. Corporal punishment was considered normal, natural and beneficial, even for very young children, and was an essential part of their growing up. But even when I was at school attitudes were changing and today it is almost universally proscribed.

Nowadays there is a whole army of self appointed bien pensants and professional busybodies only too ready to tell parents how they should bring up their children and to accuse them of being abusers if they dare to disagree. This latter day new model army of child protectors and champions of their "rights" would almost certainly claim that what you witnessed as a child constituted abuse and so naturally you are planning to abuse your own children in the same manner. They would argue that violence is never justified and that you are planning to teach your children the exact opposite.

The other factor to consider is that in these "enlightened" times almost every child over the age of five has a smart phone with access to the internet. What once would have stayed in the home can now be available for all the world to see at the injudicious click of a button.

Personally, and I stress this is just my old fashioned opinion, I think that once your daughters are old enough to understand why you are punishing your husband and what he is being punished for, I see nothing morally objectionable in them witnessing his chastisement. I believe it will do them no harm and by increasing his embarrassment will indeed improve the punishment. I also think it will help them follow in your footsteps and become strong independently minded women, who rightly see themselves as superior to mere males and entitled to men's respect and obedience.

However, should you choose to go down this route be prepared for those who disagree to heap coals of fire upon your head in righteous anger. I sense that you are a strong willed woman for whom public opprobrium will count for little, but as we have seen with the tsunami of outrage caused by #metoo campaign there is no presumption of innocence on social media. To be accused is to be found guilty, and people have lost their jobs and had their reputations and careers destroyed as a result of a single unsubstantiated allegation. This isn't even Piso's justice, it's lynch mob mentality, so beware.

I'm not qualified to offer an opinion on the legal position. I wish you and your daughters well for the future.

Yours sincerely
Mistress Alison

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