The Rubberist's Diary

The Nanny's Diaries Conclusion

'Morning church for the big rubber sissy boy.'

'It was certainly time for James to be marched out of doors to show off his delightful Sunday best. I had decided to walk the boy under a tight rein rather than strap him into his special baby pram. Before I released him from the tight restraint of the high chair, I made him watch as I first laced on my favourite very high heeled black leather knee boots. Then over my formal uniform and red rubber apron, I put on my lovely swishing ankle length and hooded black rubber cape. I had made certain to dose the boy with an extra large dose of diuretic and hormones, and there he sat strapped into the high chair and sucking hard on the large dummy strapped into his mouth. I was soon suitably attired to look after my big rubber sissy boy, and he well knew it. I was soon standing over him releasing the many restraining straps holding him for the especially severe high chair baby session.

I soon had James standing in front of me, and I made very sure that his petticoat and kilt skirt were really pulled up high to show as much of the bloomers as possible. Then the leather baby harness was strapped onto the boy good and tight. A clipped on the long leather reins, and James was now under my complete control. I knew he was having a very painful wetting, and he would soon suffer complete submission as I marched him along outside. As I walked him, the rubbery rustle and squeaks of his costume, and the loud sucking on his dummy were heard with satisfaction. My rubber cape swished and smacked with every step I took. I knew that he was now having a most thorough wetting, and would soon fall to his knees in total rubber submission. Only then for me to then jerk him back onto his feet by his leather reins.

The dear boy certainly found being walked an increasing ordeal. It was therefore a great pleasure to meet along the way to church, the two Jones sisters. These two very mature and most religious spinster sisters were, as usual, clad in their usual old fashioned heavy black rubber mackintoshes. They were delighted to see James so very smartly dressed in his new Sunday best, and were highly amused when I told them, in great detail, that he was in a very special rubber corset underneath his layers of gleaming frill and lace trimmed pink rubber lined satin. By now the boy was giving off the powerful and sweet smell of urine and rubber, and was clearly drifting off into a dream state. This could not be allowed as we were nearing the church, and James was now also surrounded by a group of giggling girls in their Sunday best pink satin frills and flounces. I produced a supple leather scots tawse and quickly brought the boy back to reality, applying it to the rear of is legs and bottom. "There is a boy who is in need of some very strict old fashioned Nannying." Maud Jones said, with a loud slap of her rubber mackintoshed thighs. She continued by saying that both she and her sister had many years experience of nannying boys just like James, and they could certainly teach me a thing or two. I jerked hard on the reins, and chuckled loudly. Then, ordering the boy to hold the hems of his skirts up high to reveal plenty of his rubber bloomers, I decided to tell the gathered audience all about the Sunday best that the boy was wearing in every detail. Including the waist and stockings and the rubber posture corset. The mention of the boy's recent surgery, and the fact that he was now kept firmly in nappies and rubbers caused very much amusement. The increasing smell of James' urine and rubber now filled the air. "That boy is very properly wet, and needs changing, my dear!" The women both said with amusement. "He shall just have to wait until after church." I replied sternly. Soon we were in the church, with James made to sit on the hard wooden pew, sandwiched between the two dear Jones sisters. It was a most uncomfortable hour for James as he sat fidgeting and shivering between the two rubber mackintoshed women, with their wandering fingers.They both scolded him repeatedly in hissed tones. When the service was eventually over, we were invited to the dear women's nearby home. "We'll soon show you how we used to nanny boys back in the good old days!" The dear ladies informed me. I was delighted to take up the offer, poor James shivering at the very idea. The prospect of these two dour women getting their hands on him filling him with dread, but me with excitement.

We soon arrived at the large and dimly lit Victorian mansion, and entered the drawing room. Our dear hosts made sure to keep their rubber mackintoshes on, as I soon handed the boy over to them. "We shall need the protection of full rubber when handling a wetting boy like this, my dear." I was informed. I removed my rubber cape to reveal my red rubber apron and proper nanny uniform. I then sat down to watch the two dear mature women deal with James in a manner he would not forget. "I shall fetch a rubber sheet to change the boy on, also a nice little rubber surprise for him." Maud said as, with the usual hard smack of her rubber mackintoshed thighs, she briskly left the room.

Her sister grabbed James and set about him, removing the harness and reins, his Sunday best, a very soaked nappy and then the stockings and suspender waist. Then the rubber posture corset was finally removed, and the dear boy finally felt freedom save from the intrusion of the huge rubber dummy filling his mouth. James now stood completely naked, sucking frantically, as he desperately tried to hide his aroused state with his hands. His state of freedom causing him to now have a sudden rush of urination. "Get your hands on your head, you ungodly child!" Maud snapped loudly, with a loud smack of James' naked buttocks.

Maud quickly returned with a delightful looking, extremely glossy, antique heavy red rubber bed sheet. Also, an old child's black rubber gas mask. She shook the rubber sheet loudly so that it unfolded completely and the pungent rubber smell soon began to fill the room. Maud soon replaced the boy's dummy with the very tightly fitting rubber gas mask, with a long attached rubber hose.The effect on James was immediate, the tight rubber genital bondage quickly bringing about his total shivering submission. "This boy needs to be spanked hard, and put straight into a nappy and rubbers!" said Maud with a chuckle.

With the boy's genitals now fully exposed, the tight rubber genital restraints were quickly commented upon with amusement. Also, was his now most rampant male member still quite red and raw at its head. "Well, well, my dear sister, that is just the way to keep a boy on his toes! Properly and tightly cut too, as all big baby boy's should be! Cleanliness is next to Godliness, my dears!" Both women knelt before the shivering boy, giving him very close inspection with much pinching and tickling. I explained in detail the heavy doses of James' 'special' daily medicine he was having to take. "No wonder the dear boy is so very well endowed for his tender years. And so highly sensitive for his rubber baby boy treatment, with his now nicely circumcised penis!" Maud chuckled as she grasped him in her rubber gloved hand. There still was a small, but very quickly noticed, constant discharge from James' penis as the two women dragged him over to the rubber sheet. Maud not letting go her very keenly felt grip until James was firmly on his back on the cool, strong smelling rubber. With the rubber sheet laid out on the floor, both women snapped on heavy black rubber gloves and took the boy in hand in a most determined manner.

I then watched as the two dear ladies set to work on James, and how he shivered and wriggled in vain. The two mature rubber clad 'Nannies' far too strong a force for such a slight boy like James to resist. Maud sat down on the boy's chest, pinning him down while her sister prepared a fresh towel nappy and his rubber pants. First, she raised him up by his ankles and took the supple leather strap to his bottom. How hard the boy moaned and gasped into the rubber as his bottom turned a very deep red.

He was soon tightly nappied and into the rubbers. The dear women decided that the boy should spend the rest of the day in nappies and rubbers under his delightful highland suit. With the rubber gasmask hose forced under his rubbers and nappy, he would have to breathe in the increasingly potent rubber and urine odours. With some of the girls, met previously, now visiting and taking the boy in hand for their own baby treatment, it was delightful to see a boy so very humiliated!'

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