I was in the second semester of my junior year at college. It had been almost two years that I had sent an email to one of my classmates, McKenzie, asking her for one of her old bras. What I did had haunted me, and I wanted to make it up to her, but I couldn't because after I sent her the email, I was told specifically by the Dean of Student Affairs that I was to not have any contact with McKenzie whatsoever. However, the guilt kept eating away at me, and I couldn't take it anymore. So, I set up a meeting with the Dean of Student Affairs, and I asked her to contact McKenzie to see if McKenzie would be open to talking to me and having me make up for what I did.

The Dean agreed to ask McKenzie if I could meet with her. However, the Dean did say that McKenzie would probably say no. Much to our surprise, McKenzie did agree to have contact with me. A couple of days after my meeting with the Dean, I emailed McKenzie, thanking her for letting me contact her. I told McKenzie I wanted to make up for what I had done. McKenzie was pleased to hear that, and she said she wanted to meet with me personally to discuss what I could do to make up for what I did. Little did I know that I would soon have the worst day of my life.

I had emailed McKenzie on a Wednesday, and she asked that if I could meet with her on Friday on campus at 11:00 AM. I agreed to meet with her on Friday at 11:00 AM. I showed up to the location she wanted me to meet her at, at 10:50. We said hello to each other, and sat down, and started talking. McKenzie said "Okay, first and foremost, I have to ask. Why did you want my bra?" I said "Because I was really desperate for one, and one day the idea popped in my head that I would ask you for one of yours." She said "Okay, now another question I have to ask. Do you know or have you ever had any significant feelings for me?" I asked "What do you mean?" She asked "Are you, or were you in love with me, or did you have a crush on me?" I said "No." She said "Oh. See I thought for sure you were in love with me.

One more question I have to ask. If I had given you one of my bras, what would you have done with it?" I said "I would have taken it home, and hid it away, and I would wear it in private every so often." She said "You wouldn't have like taken pictures of the bra and put them online, or show it to everyone on campus." I said "Of course not! That would be way too mean." She said "Okay. Still, the fact of the matter is, you really hurt and embarrassed me." I said "I know. That's why I want to make it up to you." She said "I'm glad. If you really want to prove you're sorry, you will have to do two things. First you have to apologize to my face. Second you have to do something embarrassing on campus."

I said "Alright. McKenzie, I am very sorry for what I did to you, and if I could go back and change things, I would." She said "I accept your apology. Now, let me show you what you have to do." So, McKenzie reached into her purse, and pulled out a bra and panty. The bra she pulled out was a black Champion sports bra, and the panty was a white JMS brief. When she pulled out the undergarments, I thought I saw some red markings on the panty, so I asked McKenzie about it, and she said she was going to explain that. McKenzie said "Now, here's what you have to do. On Monday, you will walk around the entire college campus in nothing but this bra and panty." I asked "Do I have to?" She said "If you want my forgiveness, yes."

The idea of me walking around in women's undergarments in front of a lot of people didn't really appeal to me, but I desperately wanted her forgiveness, and I figured I could handle the humiliation. So, I agreed to do it. McKenzie then told me that she had sent emails to everyone on campus, telling them what was going to happen. I was told by McKenzie that I had to be on campus before 10:00 AM, so I could change into the undergarments. Then, at 10:00 AM, I would walk around the campus in a bra and panty. She also said "I noticed you saw the red markings on the panty. Well, let me show you what that's about."

So, she turned the panty around. I noticed that McKenzie had stitched two words on the back of the panty in red yarn, and I was mortified when I saw what the two words were. The two words were fat ass. I asked "Why did you stitch fat ass on the panty?" She said "To make it more humiliating. By the way, take a look at the front of the bra." So, she showed me the front of the bra, and the two words stitched onto the bra were fat tits. My face started burning from embarrassment. She said "Look Cory, you don't have to do this. However, if you don't, I will never forgive you for what you did." So, I reluctantly agreed to perform the task that McKenzie had asked me to do.

I arrived at the campus at around 9:50 AM on Monday. I met McKenzie on the side of a building towards the front of the campus. She asked "Are you ready?" I said "As ready as I'll ever be." So, McKenzie handed me the bra and panty, and she turned her head while I put the undergarments on. When I turned around, she had to cover her mouth to keep from laughing. I said "Well, here goes nothing." So, I walked out from the side of the building into full view. As soon as I could be seen, everyone started laughing. I then started walking. A lot of people shouted mean things, like pervert, loser, etc. I even heard one girl say "Hey look it's fat tits and fat ass." That got a big laugh from her friends.

About halfway into the walk, I felt something I didn't anticipate. Sadness. I was really having my feelings hurt. It was much more embarrassing than I anticipated. I could feel tears coming on, but I thought to myself that if I cry, it will be much worse. I tried to hold off, but I couldn't help it. I ended up crying. Actually, I bawled my eyes out. I've never cried that much in my life. Of course, me crying made the taunting and teasing worse, and people started calling me crybaby, among other mean things.

After what seemed like hours, I had finally walked across the whole campus. After that, everyone started to leave. McKenzie caught up to me, and she asked "So, how was it?" I said "Horrible! The worst day ever! I've never cried so much!" She said "Well, now you know how I feel. Thanks for doing this." I said "Sure, as long as you forgive me." She said "Of course I do." So, McKenzie and I walked back to the front of the campus, so I could put my clothes back on. After that, I had a lot of taunting and teasing to deal with, but in the end, it was worth it.

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