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Sonja stood at the closet and sorted through her night-dresses. She chose the prettiest, and walked back to the foot of the bed with it where her husband was stood waiting. "You've got a visitor coming to see you," she said. "She'll be here in a few minutes."

David lifted his arms for his Snow White jimmy-jammies to be removed. He might have guessed there was something afoot when she chose her best nightie to put on him. It made him tingle even as it lay there on the bed, all gauze and sparkle.

"And while she is here you are going to do as you are told." Sonja's hair flounced beautifully round her shoulders, fine and blond, spreading across the breasts of her white blouse. If only she wasn't such a cold-blooded bully. The nightie dropped like a fountain of pink champagne over his head and cascaded down to his hips. His cock stiffened with fetish pleasure as he looked down its froth of nylon ruffles. He admitted to himself that his arousal was ten times worse because it was Jasmine who would be coming, and when Sonja and her mother got him feeling sissy, they would keep him shamed and subdued for a long time.

"You will cooperate fully with Mommy Sonja," continued his wife, threading the panty-brief up his pure, shaven legs. "I don't want to waste time giving you seddy-pills to make sure." She took him by the hand and led him towards the stairs. A pang of misery ached in his chest. It looked like it was going to be a babying day. He followed her black leather mini skirt as it gyrated down the stairs, and sure enough his playpen was waiting in the living room. Sonja's hand was remorseless on his fingers, forcing him to step in just as the doorbell rang. "Sit on your stool," she said, her eyes threatening, "and wait."

He knew he looked ridiculous as he sat in pink polyester and lace, his knees clasped together and his hair in a girlish perm, but at least Jasmine had seen him before. At least he wouldn't suffer those awful first moments when she nearly choked laughing at him in one of Sonja's party dresses and pantyhose. Then the awful shame of being put into a diaper and baby pants.

He heard their voices in the hall. He listened hard. It wasn't loud like Jasmine. Strange. Then his heart sank. He knew that voice. It couldn't be - Melanie - Melanie Salcombe - who he went out with for nearly a year! They opened the door. Oh no! Her eyes fell on him and widened with shock. She was all in sky blue and navy, her favourite combination, and she had her hair permed and drawn back, and she struggled to contain her laugh, one hand hiding the lower half of her face. Sonja motioned her forward. Her skirt touched his playpen as she looked down on him, then they sat on the settee so that her eyes were on line with his. "Hello David." Ohhh no, that serene, quiet voice. "You look nice. Well, you look different!" She smiled at him.

"We-We're just playing a game."

Mel looked at Sonja. "It's a game we play every day," his wife told her. "You're wearing such a pretty nightdress, all pink with flowers, and lace all round the bottom. Just like a girl's." David knew his face was bright red. "Can I get changed now, Sonja?" he asked. His wife gave a nod. "Yes, Mel is going to help me get you changed. You'd like that, wouldn't you, Mel?"

"Yes, very much." His visitor turned back to him, her head angled to one side as a smile played on her dark red lips, the way he'd seen her many, many times in happier, more intimate times gone by. She must have seen the worry cross his face as Sonja stepped into the back room. She wasn't to know he never had any say in what he would wear next; he just had to hope it wouldn't be too crushing She certainly heard his whimper of despair as Sonja reappeared, bringing the pink plastic baby bag, with the changing cushion all round it. She un-popped the cushion and spread it on the carpet in front of the settee, white side up. "Sit here," came the order.

"No Sonja, you can't. Not in front of Melanie."

There was an awkward silence as Sonja pursed her lips. Her friend was all curiosity: what was it she couldn't do in front of her? She saw the resolve on her friend's face as she stood and stalked out again, leaving Mel to turn to her former boyfriend for answers. But she wasn't going to get any joy from a cringing David who had his head hung low into the frilled front of his nightdress. Sonja returned with pills and a glass of water. "You don't want me to make a fool of you," she declared, giving him the glass. His mouth drooped with self pity. He recalled how instantly she had done so in front of Jasmine, and he certainly didn't want the same pantimome in front of Melanie. He could feel her eyes on the side of his face, reading his mental torment with her businesswoman's brain, and he opened his mouth for his pill. Melanie passed him his water without a word and he drank it down.

It was as if he was a condemned man, faced with one route only. His wife ordered him out of his playpen. "When you knew him," she explained as he raised his arms for her to lift off his nightdress, "he will have been virile, alert, probably full of wit." She pulled his panties down and made him sit on the changing cushion, stark naked. "But that was before he spent his time in women's panties and slips, wasn't it, David?" She moved one of his supporting hands and made him lie down in front of them. Then stopped, her brows narrowing. "Wasn't it, David?"

He looked down his chest, sheepishly. "Yes Sonja."

"And silky nylon and satin has a wonderful way of building a person's femininity. Doesn't it, David?"

Only a slight hesitation. "Yes Sonja." If only his cock would stay down, relax. He held his knees together but he knew Melanie was looking at it.

"So now he is helpless and effeminate, so that he needs to be bathed, dressed and fed." She produced a large Pampers and opened it out, spreading it under his legs. He lifted his bottom, or else she might have gone into mocking and tormenting mode. "He needs to be held close to Mommy's blouse and brassiere. Isn't that right, David?"

His eyes closed as he agreed. "Yes Sonja." There was nothing he could do to hide his stiffness, she held his legs parted to fold him up into his diaper. She sprinkled his places with talc and fluffed it into his baby niches with the pink duster. Then, oh no, he caught Melanie's perfume, and she was leaning over him, helping to wrap him in his diaper. Tears welled round his eyes as he lay in front of her, her collar points fluttering above his belly as Sonja opened out a white terry nappy and folded it corner to corner. How did all women know instinctively how to wrap a guy in a towel diaper and pin him up securely inside it? Then she spoke to him, as always with a hint of a smile. "Baby David needs to be snug in his diapers, safe and sound in his plastic baby pants."

She was keen to take part, helping Sonja, taking a leg each and pulling the pink plastic pants up his legs. Oh the shame, as he was lifted by the hands of both women into a sitting position and then pulled to his feet. David thought of pulling away from them and running out, upstairs or somewhere. But the women were working together now, sitting on the settee and pulling him down to sit on their stockinged knees. Sonja had him facing Melanie with his legs across her blue skirt. "Baby petticoats and diapers are even better at making him sweet and sissy," she said, spreading her arms round him from behind and holding open a little white petti-top. Her husband held back his tears and put his hands through. "Ahhh, he looks so sweet and sissy," said Melanie, taking the ruffled hem in her fingers and loving the spread of white silk as he was buttoned into it from behind.

"And what a darling little baby dress for him!" It was pale blue, very short, with a bibbed collar and panel and they both helped his hands through the blue chiffon puffed sleeves. With a white collar round his shoulders, he presented a real baby picture to his appreciative guest, and her hands fussed and fondled him as he sat across her knee. The tears in his eyes added a rich glow to her enjoyment as Sonja spread out his satin bootees across his knees.

"Would you mind dressing the baby in his booties, honey, while I see to his mittens?" she said, and as he was dressed by both women, his tears welled and ran down his cheeks. If the thought of fighting back and running off crossed his mind, he didn't have an ounce of strength for such a mad idea. Instead his body melted against Sonja's breast as his feet and his hands were encased in lined booties and mittens, which were then drawn down to meet each other, and buttons fastened through from one to the other.

"Isn't he cute?" grinned Sonja, arranging him more comfortably across their knees, and picking up his satin bonnet.

"Isn't he helpless!" laughed Melanie as his hair was surrounded and his face disappeared in blue satin it as her friend pulled the ribbons together at the front edges and closed him in behind a little bow. Her own hands had found where they wanted to be, pinching and sliding round the lengthening shape of pink plastic. "These baby pants show me just how effeminate and sissy he really wants to be, once his mind has been taken out of his control. Look, Sonja - totally stiff inside his diapers! I think I'll have to come and help dress and change the baby again, so that he learns who is in charge."

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