I was working for my Aunt Jill at her insurance office when I was fifteen and I was kind of shy, aunt Jean liked to tease me in front of the women who worked for her and I put up with it because I needed the money and the women were all very cute.

One day they were talking about the Halloween party and how they would all put in a bag a note that describe costumes and when you pulled one out that was the one you had to wear to the party. They also said that you had to get up in front of everyone and totally model your costume for all to see every part of it. They had us write things down and thinking of one of the women and how I would like to see her dressed I got sort of carried away. I put in one that read "you must dress as a prostitute with a short skirt and lacy panties with a pair of stockings and garter belt and a slut top and have your hair in a pony tail." Things did not go as I had thought it would.

All of the notes were gone by the time it got to be except one. I got the one I had put in. Upon getting it I went to my aunt and confessed to her that I had written it for a female and she took the note and read it only to laugh as she handed it back to me and said we agreed that the person drawing the note would do as the note said. I begged her to let me toss it and wear another outfit. She told me that she would think about it and that I was to keep it a secret for a few days.

On Friday she told me to come by her house after work as she had many times to have me do some chores for her. When I got to her house I saw several cars in the drive. I walked up and rang the bell. When she let me in I saw all the women from work. Aunt Jill said that she had talked it over with the staff and they all agreed that if I would model the outfit then and there I would be allowed to pick another one. I told her I did not have an outfit like that. She pointed to a stack of things on the chair by the hallway. I swallowed hard knowing that I had no choice. She went on to tell me that I had opened the door for this by trying to see one of the women dressed like that and that I had to be spanked by the one that it was meant for. She made me tell who it was for I muttered Doris' name and started to cry. They all, laughed and Doris came to me and said she would take pleasure in spanking me put I had to be dressed first.

I returned to the room from the bedroom in the outfit and was told to model and explain each item I had on. I moved like a model I saw on television only to almost feel because of the high heels, that got another laugh. I came to the most embarrassing part lifting my skirt I showed the panties that had lots of lace as I had described in the note and after a few times of having to start over they all clapped and I was told to go asked Doris to spank me and I had to call her Mistress Doris. I walked to her with my head down and said "Mistress Doris would you please spank me" She said Yes Lilly I will spank you I said my name is Tom she only smiled and said from now on to me you will be Lilly even at work. That got a laugh and each one said "me too". I was instructed to lay over her lap and she placed her hand in the middle of my back preventing me from being able to get up. She began spanking me hard and I began to soon cry like a little girl. When she was done she still held me down and made me tell everyone that my name from now on would be Lilly. I through tears said it, again everyone laughed

On Monday coming was very hard but I got there and was greeted by the women saying "Hello Lilly dear" One asked me if I still had the panties on and I blushed and walked away she said "you know you should have them on Lilly."


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