I was just seventeen and had been asked to go to my Aunt's house to check on her cats as she was out of town for a emergency meeting with her boss, Sara. I knew that she and Sara had been seeing each other in a special relationship because I had seen my Aunt Bonny talking to her on the phone one day and she was telling her how much she wanted to be with Sara.

I had fed the cats and opened the door to the basement and one of the cats ran down the steps. I went to find the cat and saw some of my Aunt Bonny's undies on a clothes line in the basement. I was drawn to them and felt the soft satin material. I got very excited as I felt them and decided for some stupid reason to wear them. I had gotten them on and was feeling myself through the satin and suddenly heard Aunt Bonny talking to someone up stairs. I tried to get them off but heard her say someone has left the basement door open. Before I knew it she and Sara were down the stairs and looking at me with her panties about half off.

I don't know why but I began to cry and try to explain what I was doing but could not find the words. Aunt Bonny told me to pull them back up she said it with such a strong voice I quickly pulled them up. Sara said now don't he look pretty in pink. I started to run out but Aunt Bonny grabbed me and with a strong pull I was at her feet looking up at her. I begged her to forgive me and told her to please not tell anyone and I would do anything if she would not tell my Mom. Sara said we can have some fun with this little sissy. I said I was not a sissy but she asked me why was I in girl's panties and why was I crying. I tried to find some way out of this only to begin to cry more. Here I was a football player and in women's undies crying like a little girl. Aunt Bonny asked me what I was and I knew the answer she was looking for and said "a sissy" they both laughed and Aunt Bonny told me to kiss her feet and don't stop until she told me to. I started kissing them all over hoping this would please her and I could get out of this house. That did not happen.

Sara told me to follow them. I started to get up she said crawl sissy. I crawled behind them up the steps and noticed that I could see their panties up their skirts. I guess Aunt Bonny saw me looking up her skirt and told me I would be spanked for looking. When we got up stairs Sara took me to the bedroom and they both dressed me in one of my aunt's Teddy's and they put ribbons in my hair. Then they put make up on me. I spent the day being the maid. They enjoyed spanking me often to cause me to cry and tell them I was a sissy.

Before I left that day I was told that they would call me when they needed me to be their sissy slave. I was told to keep the pink satin panties and that when they called I was to put them on and follow their instructions to the letter or they would tell my Mom of my sissy ways. Every time the phone rang I hoped secretly that it was one of them calling me to come be their sissy. I began to enjoy doing the things they told me to do.

One day the phone rang from their house. They had moved in together and I was told to go to the local department store and buy a pink bra to match the panties I would be wearing. I knew all of the people who worked at the store and they knew me and my Mom well. I went to the store and soon got a page to come to the lingerie counter. I went to the counter to find one of my class mates Jeanie working there. She said that my aunt had called and told her to help me match the bra to the panties. I almost fell through the floor. She told me to go in the back with her. When we got there she told me to take down my pants so she could get a look at what color pink the panties were.

Jeanie then told me that Sara was her aunt and she knew all about my being a sissy. I was in tears finding out she knew. She pulled me to her and hugged me and said now little one don't cry it will be okay. She undid my pants and pulled them down revealing I was wearing panties. She went to the shelf and got a bra that matched the panties and told me to remove my shirt. She told me to hold out my arms and she then put the bra on me and replaced my shirt and told me to go out the back door and go to my aunt's house. I tried to go down alleys to not be seen. I was wearing a thin tee shirt and the bra showed through it. I had to go down main street to get to the house and I saw a few people look at me and point. When I got to my aunt's house I rang the bell and my Mom answered the door. I looked at her and she said well I did not believe my sister when she said you were a sissy but now I see you are.

I am now being dressed at home as a girl and made to do house work as well as go to my aunts house and I am also now a sissy for Jeanie and a few of her friends. I think a lot of people know about me but no one else says any thing about it. Yes I do have a sissy name Heather Sue.

Heather Sue the sissy

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