From Jeff

Dear Miss Susan,

I have been reading 'Petticoat Discipline Monthly' for some time now and enjoying every issue. I live in the US and was a 'victim' of petticoat discipline when younger, provided 'victim' is the proper word. The first time was when I was about 8 years old, and re-occurred three or four times a year until I was about 14. I grew up with two older sisters and one younger. My older sisters were three and five years older, and the other sister two years younger. I was a bit unruly at times, and did get out of hand. This may be partially due to being raised by a single mother. Normally punishments were a spanking, being sent to your room, or grounded. Here is how my experiences with 'petticoat discpline' got started.

One day I was fighting with my younger sisters, I pulled her hair and kicked her. She cried loudly and my mom and middle sister came running. Mom was furious and told me only sissies picked on little girls. I was to go to my room until she decided how to punish a sissy. My middle sister quickly offered advice, 'Sisses wear dresses mom, why don't you make him wear a dress like a sissy?' I can still hear her sassy voice, and see the smirk on her face as she said it. My mom thought it was a good idea and agreed to it. I was horrified and in disbelief. I can't put into words the feeling I felt. It was a combination of a lot of fear, humiliation and desperation. My oldest sister was away and I was led to my sisters' room by my mom and other two sisters. On the way I begged her not to make me suffer this. She said it was a punishment, and I was not supposed to like it.

Mom told my sisters to 'pick out a dress for the sissy' and took me to my room where I was ordered to strip. I tried again to talk her out of it, but was only threatened with it getting worse. I did as she said, and she left only to come back with a pair of frilly yellow panties. She threw them at me and ordered me to 'put your little sissy panties on', and left again. She returned with my two sisters in tow. My youngest sister was holding a lacy yellow dress on a hanger and wore a huge smile, as did my other sister. I could see they were enjoying this immensely. My mom had other clothes, and helped me into them. I was being very uncooperative, and was spanked several times and threatened with being in dresses even longer. When my sisters giggled, Mom told them to be quiet. Soon she was ready for the dress and took it from my sister. She told me to raise my arms and as it slid over me I felt like I was walking into a prison cell. As she buttoned it, I felt it tighten up a little around my chest and neck. It was like the cell door was locked, because I now needed one of THEM to unbutton me and let me out of this jail!

This was a Saturday morning, and I spent the rest of the day in the dress doing my sisters' chores, and other housework. I was given a choice of either going outside, or staying in and doing housework. I chose to stay in. I was much more subdued while in the dress, the fear of being exposed to my friends, the smiling looks of triumph on my sisters' faces, and the threat of more kept me on my best behavior. Unfortunately for me, at the time, my mom quickly caught on to this, and I think it was then that she decided it would be used as a punishment in the future.

My older sister returned a few hours later, shortly after the teasing from my two other sisters subsided. She roared in laughter when she heard what was going on. 'I Love it!' she declared, and she looked down at me with a sinister smile. Her presence as a leader, and her teasing, re-ignited the fire in them. Several times my mother told them to settle down and stop teasing me, usually with a smile on her face as well.

As stated earlier I was disciplined in this manner until I was about 14. I really don't know why it stopped. It sort of tapered off towards the end, perhaps they lost interest and no longer found it entertaining. Several times when us kids were alone, with my oldest sister as babysitter, I was made to dress as a frilly and lacy little girl. A couple times in front of my sisters' friends.

What I find a bit strange is that I hated this when I was younger. However, when I was 19 I found some of my oldest sister's clothes that she left when she moved out. From them on I have dressed and enjoyed it. I wonder why I now enjoy something that I feared so much when I was younger. I wish I was able to find a woman here Stateside that would be cooperative. I can submit other episodes from my petticoat punished childhood if you would be interested. Let me know and thanks for the great publication.
Thank you,


I would be very interested in hearing more of your petticoated ordeals. The situation you describe is almost a definitive description of petticoat discipline at its most effective: the pretty clothes, the teasing endured from sisters and other girls, and the effect in making you more docile and subdued - and of course your belated realisation of what a heavenly experience petticoated embarrassment can be once it is accepted.

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