from Amanda

Dear Auntie Helga,

You may remember that I had been given two things to do, the first was write down who's clothes I had worn, their relationship to me, brief details of what I had worn and to deliver it to her on Wednesday evening dressed as Amanda. It was with some trepidation that I set out from my house to complete the task, my fear increased when I got to her house and realised she had visitors I was terrified she was going to introduce Amanda to them. Thankfully Mummy kept me at the door and I handed over the envelope and the money I owed her for the shopping. As I left she reminded me that my period started in the morning. (The second thing)

The next morning I went to work with a tampon inserted and two spares in my pocket, the next day I forgot the spares. Mummy rang me at dinner time and told me to call on my way home. If I had had any sense I would have gone to the chemist and bought some more but I didn't so when I got to her house and she asked if was using a tampon I had to tell her no, not at the moment. She didn't want to hear any excuses instead I drove her to my house where, to my acute embarrassment, I had to insert a tampon in front of her. 10 minutes later I was naked over her knee as she laid into me with the split tawse till the tears were running down my face as my bottom was on fire. I never forgot my tampons again.

Over the next couple of months a lot of time was spent on my deportment and ladylike behaviour. Mummy announced that I was ready to meet some of her friends but first I needed some things. Mummy knew I was off the following Friday and told me to be ready at 9 wearing my cb3000 and a particular pair of very frilly white just above the knee length bloomers plus stocking and suspenders, I said I had plans for Friday and Mummy said we could put it off if I wanted to go over her knee. I changed my mind and said I would be ready.

Mummy picked me up at 9 and we drove into town to a lingerie shop I had never been in, the young pretty assistant came over and asked Mummy if she could help and Mummy explained she needed some foundation wear for me at which I just wanted the ground to open and swallow me up. The assistant looked at me in a way which made my face burn even more and then called out for Miss Jones to come and help with a "man" who needed a waist. (Though the way she emphasised man clearly said she didn't think I was one) Miss Jones took the request in her stride asked Julie (the assistant) to fetch certain items and then took us to the back office where I was told to strip. I was told to leave the bloomers on as Miss Jones said she was sure Julie would find them delightful. When Julie saw them she couldn't stop giggling and struggled to agree with Miss Jones that they were sweet as she was laughing so much.

We bought 3 lace up girdles and a corset, all of which I had to try on with Miss Jones's help, then Mummy said I needed some bras as well, Miss Jones asked if I had my breast forms with me, I hadn't, but Miss Jones said she had some for sale but they would make me a busty girl. Mummy immediately agreed for me and they and six 44DD bras were added to the basket. The last bombshell there was when Mummy announced I was to wear one of the girdles and a bra, of course I wasn't allowed to keep my suspender belt on which meant I had to take the bloomers down revealing my cb3000 to them. Julie had never seen one before and Mummy encouraged her to have a closer look and to touch if she wished, Julie did so and Mummy explained that as you can see she can enlarge but not erect. I paid for the goods and we left, thankfully carrying the breast forms.

The next stop was a hairdressers where they sold wigs we purchased a shoulder length and a short one, and then it was on to look at dresses in a "nearly new" shop Mummy again announcing that we needed dresses for me. This was greeted with an amused smile and the question; did the lady know what size she was? I didn't so I was taken into a changing cubicle and told to strip to my underwear again there was much cooing at how sweet my bloomers were (which I finally realised meant ridiculous) and then I was measured with my breasts in. It was apparent that a dress would be difficult as there was a 2 size difference between my bust and my hips, the lady said she could get a dress altered to fit if I found one I liked. We bought two skirts and two blouses and a dress, the dress we left to be altered.

We had a light lunch after which we visited a charity shop where we bought two summer dresses, fitted to the waist and with full skirts (which I found, much to Mummy's amusement, very difficult to control when we went for a walk). Mummy then announced she had a special treat for me and steered me into a beauty parlour.

The reception asked if we had an appointment, Mummy answered yes, in the name of Amanda. A lady called Janet was called over and I was introduced, Janet said hello and told Mummy it would take about two hour so Mummy said she would collect me and left. Janet took me through and told me to strip to my underwear, she made no comment about the underwear was when she saw it in fact she treated me as though I was perfectly normal. I did have to remove my bra so that the breast forms could be glued on (a first for me) then I had a face pack applied, my nails manicured and painted, full make up and finally my shoulder length wig was fitted and brushed before I was allowed to dress in one of the skirt and blouses we had bought earlier. Mummy returned before I was ready with a pair of shoes and some clip-on earrings.

It was mummy who paid for this treat (unlike everything else that day) and the moment arrived I had been dreading, stepping out into the street as Amanda. I hoped as Mummy had been home she would have parked next to the shop but, no, Mummy had parked at the opposite end of the high street. The walk was a long one because Mummy insisted in stopping at every shop window that had anything remotely female orientated in it (are women really that interested in washing machines?) and calling in at the dress and lingerie shops to show the ladies how I looked. The whole walk was intensely embarrassing as all I could see when I glanced down was the seemingly enormous bust I now had, I therefore thought everybody was staring at me. I was very glad to get to the car.

Your obedient servant,
Dear Helga,

I have just a few comments to make on the above. I was very glad Amanda wasn't using a tampon as, apart from the amusement I got from her embarrassment at having to insert one, I had reason to give Amanda her first spanking. Yes I did reduce her to tears as was my intention. There were two reasons for this 1) it was punishment for disobedience; 2) I was not going to get into playing a silly game of pleasurable, for her, spankings. I believe her change of heart as to what she was doing on Friday when offered a spanking instead proves I was right. There have been many occasions since when mentioning she was heading towards spending time over my knee have proved equally effective in bringing her to order, and occasions of course where she hasn't been given the option.

That shopping day was of course planned with all the ladies concerned including the ladies in the lingerie and dress shops making it embarrassing for her and the beauty salon treating her as normal. The idea of the beauty salon treating her nicely was that she would be happy to go again on her own which she has many times. Incidentally Julie in the lingerie shop is now married to a man kept in knickers and chastity which, she says, is due to her experience with Amanda. As to the list she had to write, that I filed away as I believe knowledge is in itself a powerful weapon.


Thank you for your letter Amanda and thanks as well to you, Helen for insisting she write. Of course shopping is something we take for granted and usually enjoy tremendously, for the sissy however this experience can be quite traumatizing which makes it a perfect training exercise, being exposed in public and especially if it involves shopping for intimate wear. The tampon is a nice touch and one more Mistresses should consider. Spanking can also be quite effective and should be a regular part of any training program.

Auntie Helga

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