from Sissy Rich

Dear Auntie Helga,

I thought that I may write to you today to tell everyone about how petticoating changed my life for the better. As a young boy I was in a rough crowd, and I was "hell on wheels" to the point where I was always into things, fighting with other boys and just generally out of control. Mother tried all sorts of things from spankings to enrolling me in church school and nothing worked. Today, I do feel ashamed for what I put her through as she was both a strong woman and a good and caring mother. She didn't have a lot of help because my dad was a "workaholic" and never home, although he did his best with me too. I had always felt that she was keenly disappointed in me, because when she was pregnant with me, the doctor told her that I was going to be a girl, which is what she desperately hoped for. Growing up, she told me that story many times, especially when she tried to punish me.

About age ten, she caught me one day trying on a pair of her used silken panties, and I guess that the idea of feminizing me eventually came from that. At first, she was upset and threatened me with punishment, hell and whatever else she could think of. After a few days and a few discussions with my aunt, she ordered me into the kitchen where she handed me my own pair of white cotton lace trimmed panties with a picture of Barbie on the front and ordered me into them. I stammered, turned red and refused. Needless to say, my mother wasn't in the mood for my nonsense, so she threatened to tell my buddies about catching me in her panties. I begged and cried, but she remained adamant, so the panties went on. Next came the pink party dress with white ruffles around the skirt and a pair of Bobbie socks with black patent leather shoes. When I was dressed, she looked me over, smiled and said, "now I have my little girl". She then told me that every day after school, I was to come home and put my girlie clothes and If I was especially good, she would have a surprise waiting for me. I was to no longer hang out with my ruffian friends or she would tell them everything. I hung my head, defeated and could only say "Yes, Mother" in response.

My behavior improved quite nicely with only a single lapse when I was caught running through the neighbor's hanging laundry, knocking her things to the ground. After I got back into the house and obediently changed into my girl clothes, Anna Marie appeared at our door and told my Mother what I had done. Mother pondered a minute, then ordered me downstairs and into the kitchen right then. She added, "and don't you dare change". Sheepishly, I entered the kitchen with a very red face and a pretty pink dress. Anna Marie gasped in surprise and then broke into a big smile. "So this is how you have done it?" she asked. Mother invited Anna Marie to to the "honors", so she sat down on the kitchen chair, pulled me over her lap, pulled down my panties and gave me about ten good hard swats which raised some tears. Then she stood me up and gave me a big hug telling me that I was a good girl but still had some bad boy ideas that we could all work out. At the time, I didn't know what she meant, but I later came to realize that the women ruled the neighborhood as the men worked long shifts in the local steel mill and were either working, sleeping or getting ready to go to work, so they were not usually around during most days. So my Aunt El, Anna Marie and my mother were going to quietly work together to make me the best little girl that I could become without male interference.

After that spanking, I was invited to play with Anna Marie's two daughters who were a bit older than me along with my younger cousin, Diane. At first, they came to visit me along with my aunt and Anna Marie, just to get me used to the idea that other women were to see me in sissy clothes. While the women talked over tea, we girls went up to my room to play with the new dolls that mother had bought me for being good. As I got more used to things, I would walk through my yard to aunt's house and play with my cousin, Diane. We would play dress-up and dolls etc. etc. which really got me used to being around women and girls my age while dressed en femme. As we got a few years older, I was introduced to her girlfriends and faced the daily humiliation of seeing them in school. But in private, they taught me about things like makeup, how to sit properly and all of the girly things that helped me to be a better sissy.

My favorite memory was a few years later when I was fourteen, my aunt decided to take one hot summer day and thoroughly clean and paint her large living room and dining room. Myself, Anna Marie, her two now 16 & 17 year old daughters, cousin Diane now 13, Aunt El and mother were all there working. In those days there wasn't any air conditioning and the house got very warm and humid. Anna Marie suggested that we needed to do something to get cool so she suggested that we strip down to our bra and panties. I had been seen undressed in front of them, but that was the first time that I ever saw them undressed and I immediately got an erection that I fought hard to control, but couldn't. Completely red faced, with a little bulge in my panties I self consciously worked on as the women ignored my condition with just a few sideways glances and smiles. That is when I realized that they had accepted me as just one of the girls.

So, it wasn't all discipline although I did get plenty of that until I accepted my place. Mother even remarked to Aunt El and Anna Marie how much she appreciated their help in making me a better girl.

Sissy Rich

Thank you for your letter Sissy Rich. I am delighted to hear that you feel petticoating helped you to be a better person as it has so many others. Many young boys are fascinated with their mother's silky used panties and for you, being discovered, though shameful and frightening at the time certainly turned out to be a very positive thing. Your mother's subsequent decision to use petticoat punishment was the appropriate response as well as sharing it with the neighbors, obviously it worked beautifully.

Auntie Helga

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