from Debbie

Dear Helga,

I found your website whilst looking to see if there were firstly, many situations which required boys to wear bras, and secondly whether there were many boys who wore dresses. To my surprise, neither are as uncommon as I thought. It took me aback on YouTube somewhat to see boys having makeup applied and then being dressed as girls. There were also sites which allowed mothers to write in and express their opinion at, in some cases, their sons desire to wear girls clothes, and in other cases, seeking opinions on whether it was okay for their sons to wear girls clothes. I must admit that I had never heard of petticoat discipline until I came across your website. There were some interesting scenarios where mothers had the desire to force their sons to wear girls clothes, for various reasons, and indeed carried out those desires.

My own situation is a little unusual as I will explain. At 10 years old, I noticed that my son Paul had swollen breasts. I took him to my doctor and she told me that Paul had a condition called gynecomastia, and that it wasn't uncommon. Paul told her that he felt really uncomfortable and wanted his chest to be flat. After examining Paul, the doctor said that the swelling should go down and that it was nothing to worry about, but in the meantime to try to live with it. Paul seemed to accept this for a while.

A couple of weeks later Paul complained that the discomfort was worse. I returned to my doctor who examined Paul again and said that the swelling had increased slightly. She said that the best course of action would be for me to buy Paul a bra, explaining that it would help with the discomfort. Paul looked somewhat distraught at this suggestion. The doctor picked up on this, and reassured Paul by saying that he was not on his own with the condition and that several of her boy patients had to wear bras for a time. Paul seemed comforted a little at her remarks.

We left the surgery, caught the bus to town, and went straight to a ladies corsetry specialist. On the way, Paul was quiet and I just told him not to worry. When we arrived at the shop, Paul's face dropped as we went inside. It was rather an old fashioned looking shop from the outside but quite bright and modern inside. There were 2/3 assistants busy doing different jobs. An elderly lady approached me and asked if she could help. I explained the situation and she immediately turned to Paul and said that there had been a young boy in the previous day with the same problem as him. She then asked Paul what his name was, took his hand, and led him to the fitting room.

Soon she was out of the fitting room and selecting a few bras. She returned to the fitting room and after a short while, called me to have a look. I felt nervous as I opened the curtain and saw Paul in a bra for the very first time. It was quite a shock, as the sales assistant explained that Paul needed a little more support than a training bra could give him. I asked Paul how he felt and he responded by saying stupid. The sales assistant told Paul that it would be silly, in his condition, for him not to wear a bra. I gazed at my son wearing a bra and couldn't help but feel excited by the situation. The assistant suggested that Paul kept the bra on and removed the labels. We returned to the counter and I purchased a further 2 bras for Paul. They were all the same, plain white with a satin edge to the slight cups and plain straps. I thanked the assistant for her help and left the shop.

There were many grumbles from Paul on the way home. I tried to consol him but he wouldn't listen.When we got home, I took Paul to his room and made him take off his shirt. I then stood him in front of the mirror and explained that what he saw in the mirror, he would have to get used to. He began to cry so I comforted him and helped him put his shirt back on. During this time, my emotions were stirred once more seeing Paul in a bra.

Over the next few weeks Paul gradually got used to wearing a bra, and a few months later was walking out of the bathroom in his bra and boxer shorts.This was great for me to see. The only complaint he had was that the bra with boxer shorts looked strange for a boy to wear.

Paul was due to see the doctor again as six months had lapsed since he had seen her. On the way to the surgery, Paul said that he was worried about the doctor seeing him in a bra, until I reminded him that it was the doctors suggestion for him to wear a bra. After waiting a while, we went in to see the doctor. She told Paul to go behind the curtain and remove his outer clothes. The doctor asked how Paul was progressing and I told her that there was no sign of the swelling going down, but that he had got used to wearing a bra. She said that the swelling may take a while to reduce and that she would go and examine Paul. I heard her speaking to Paul, asking him to take his bra off. This sounded lovely to me. Then she asked Paul if he felt any discomfort as she had noticed a red mark under his breasts. He said that it was a bit sore but he didn't want to complain. The doctor told Paul to get dressed and returned to her desk. She told me that Paul was sore under his breasts, as the breasts had increased in size slightly, and suggested that I buy him a larger size bra. When Paul came out of the fitting room, the doctor told Paul that he would need to continue to wear a bra for a little longer. Paul said that he felt stupid wearing a bra. The doctor told him that he shouldn't feel stupid as he was wearing a bra to ease the discomfort. She told him not to worry and not to keep his discomforts to himself. I thanked the doctor for her kindness and organized to see her again in three months time.

We left the surgery and made our way to the ladies corsetry specialist shop. Paul seemed less nervous as we entered the shop. The sales assistant that served us before greeted us and asked if she could help. I said that Paul needed some new bras, slightly larger than what I had bought him previously. She said that she had just had a stock delivery, and would we mind if Sally served us. I said that would be okay, so with that, called out to Sally to help. Sally was quite young, I suppose around eighteen to twenty years old. Sally came over and said hello and the older sales assistant explained what was required for Paul. Paul seemed nervous as the young girl led him to the fitting room. I could could hear her talking to Paul, telling him that he needed to wear a bra. He told her that it looked stupid and he didn't like wearing it. She told him that she would fetch a few bras for him to try. I watched her as she gathered several bras and saw that she had selected them with lace on. That really sent a shiver up my spine. It was exciting for me to hear her saying how nice the bras looked on Paul. I heard Paul grumble and say that the lace on the bra would look even worse with his boxer shorts. Sally then called me to the fitting room to have a look. It really took me by surprise how nice the lace edged bra looked on Paul, it was a perfect fit. I made the mistake of saying to Paul how pretty the bra looked. Paul was just about to respond when Sally said that she needed to have a word with me. She told Paul to sit on the chair and wait for her.

We went back to the counter, and Sally quietly explained that she thought that Paul would find the bra more acceptable if he was wearing matching knickers. I frowned but she continued to say that she thought that Paul's distress was due to seeing the bra against his boxer shorts. Secretly I was aroused by the thought of Paul wearing matching knickers with his bra, but said that I thought that he would refuse. Sally asked me if she could try and of course, I agreed. She collected the knickers that went with the bra and returned to the fitting room. I heard her say quite firmly to Paul that in order for the bra to look and feel right, he needed to wear matching knickers. Paul began to protest but Sally interrupted him and told him that as he was wearing a bra, it was more natural for him to wear knickers with it than boxer shorts. She then told him to put the knickers on and she would come back in a few minutes. Sally approached me and said that Paul was trying the knickers on. I said that I would be surprised if he liked them. She said that it was the overall look that he needed, and returned to the fitting room. Sally opened the curtain and I heard her tell Paul how much better the bra looked now that he was wearing matching knickers. She then asked Paul what he thought and I was surprised when Paul said that it looked better, but that its not what boys wear. Sally responded by saying that if she was to wear boxer shorts with her bra she would look and feel stupid. Knickers naturally go with a bra, which is why you need to wear them. I heard Paul say okay and Sally called me to the fitting room.

I was elated when I saw Paul in a bra and matching knickers, I could hardly contain myself. I told Paul that the knickers looked much better with his bra, as they matched it nicely, unlike his boxer shorts. Paul said that he didn't want to wear girls knickers as he was a boy. Sally looked at Paul and told him that he looked nice in his new underwear, and should be grateful of the trouble taken to make sure it looks right. Paul blushed when Sally said that to him. I told Paul to leave his new underwear on and get dressed. Sally gathered the old bra and we left Paul to get dressed. I thanked Sally for her help and said that I would take a further two sets of bra and panties for Paul. Sally put the underwear into a bag saying that she was pleased to be able to help Paul. I then paid her and she said that if I needed anything else for Paul, to come and see her. Paul then joined us and I told him to thank Sally for her help. He muttered thank you to Sally and Sally responded by saying that she hoped he would feel better now in his bra and knickers, and to come and see her again soon. This was like heaven to me, I don't know why. I bid Sally goodbye and thanked her again.

When we got home I sat Paul down and told him that I knew how he felt about wearing girls underwear, but that at this moment, it was for the best. Paul said that he knew that and seemed less disturbed now about his ordeal.


Thank you for your letter Debbie. Your son's condition is not uncommon and many mothers seeking to provide comfort to their sons make use of a well fit bra and of course the addition of knickers and other silky clothing can help with the skin sensitivity that often comes with this condition. There is no reason why these items can't be pretty and have lace as well, the addition of a silky nightgown is also a good idea. Many mothers, when seeing their son dressed so femininely, wish to continue and expand their wardrobe, something we here at PDQ wholeheartedly support.


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