from Lauren

Dear Helga,

I decided to test out Jenny's desire to be my sissymaid last night. With her in her nightie I lifted mine guiding her head between my legs. It is the first time so Jenny knew what to do only that time I rolled over. Jenny was left with an erection and no place to put it.

This morning she asked me what happened when I advised her as my sissymaid it was my decision when and if she would be allowed to use her penis. Helga that was a shock to Jenny that is for sure. I am not trying to make life harder for Jenny just one that she desired. In time she will understand I am doing this to show her I can be the Mistress she wanted me to be.

Today I enjoyed lunch with a girlfriend while Jenny attended to her duties. When I got home she was working away just as I directed her to do before leaving. Helga I am quite happy with Jenny while she lives up to her commitment. Looking at her dressed like my sissymaid now gives me a feeling of empowerment. No Longer do laugh or wonder what am I doing. Now everything about this makes me feel pretty good that I am a wife that was able to accept her husband for who is he.

The future for Jenny will be one filled with new challenges and satisfaction for me. Although she may have regrets from time to time about wanting to be my sissymaid those are issues she must learn to deal with as they are not my problems. I may sound cold Helga when I say these things however I look at it that I am keeping my word therefore so must Jenny. We make decisions in our lives that sometimes cause regrets however I have no regrets about accepting Jenny as my sissymaid. If she has any regrets they of no concern to me.

Should Jenny require disciplinary action in the future to keep her on track that I am afraid will be introduced. As I continue to educate myself on this way of life Jenny will discover I am not a Mistress to disobey, ever.

What do you think Helga am I learning?


Thank you for your letter Lauren. You certainly are learning how to capitalize on your husband's desires. Many men harbor these predilections for being a sissymaid to their dominant wife and sadly, most are too shy to express these feelings, those that do and with a wife that is willing an amazing and full life awaits them both. Our hope is that this little website can help those that are willing to explore the possibilities.


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