from Kathy

Hi Helga,

I now have time to give you an update on Tommy's progress after a day out with his friends though now wearing his silky panties full time. To be honest I thought he might regress a bit causing me grief after a day of freedom. While he played with a friend at their house I did a bit of shopping with the goal of getting Tommy an apron. I did find one in a pale pink with darker pink flowers on it finally. It just screams little girl so next was to get Tommy to wear it for me. He arrived home at dinner time as expected and pretty excited about being out of the house today. After telling me about his day he went right to his room to get into his dress which surprised me a little. When Tommy returned standing there looking cute in his dress with his pink shoes on It just made me feel so happy Helga.

I asked Tommy if he was ready to get to work to which he replied the usual I guess mom. With that I opened a bag pulling out the apron then asking him to come closer so I could show him how to put it on. Tommy slowly came forward asking why he needed to wear an apron now too. I explained that it was his responsibility to keep his dress clean so the apron would help while he preformed certain duties. I asked Tommy to follow me into the laundry room where I had prepared all of our panties for washing.

Tommy asked me what were we doing so I explained that panties are very delicate and they always have to be washed by hand. Tommy asked why not just throw them in the machine so I had to explain myself once more. In explaining the process to Tommy I mentioned that I always hand wash our panties. It was just that he was not around when I did them. I started showing him how they should be washed then rinse and hung up on the rack. Then I passed a pair of mine to Tommy telling him it was his turn. After a few pointers he started to get the idea so I just left the room letting him know I would be back shortly.

Tommy muttered in a very low voice as I peaked back in on him to ensure he was doing as I asked of him. It was about an hour later Tommy returned telling me he had washed all of them and rinsed out the laundry tub. We went to look at what he had done and for the most part he did quite well. I then let him know that from now on washing our panties was his responsibility so if I didn't have clean panties I would be punishing him for it. Tommy replied yes mom asking if he could take off the apron to which I replied yes but hang it up properly.

Helga I am making progress with Tommy and I could not be happier. It has to be starting with panties without a doubt as silly as that might sound.


Thank you for your letter Kathy. Not silly at all, many enlightened mothers are using panties and other girl's clothes to help their sons to become better human beings. Not only can wearing them be a positive influence but even the handling of your panties serves to remind them of their own. Of course hand washing them can be very productive training as well and should be a part of any effective petticoating.


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