from Amanda

Dear Helga,

It must be at least four months since I last wrote to you, but maybe you haven't forgotten me yet. I visit your website regularly. It is always such an inspiration to me.

Except when he goes to work, I am keeping Eddie in female clothing all the time now. He doesn't like that but I can't think of any better way of stifling his male ego. Eddie is so much more respectful to us when he is wearing something feminine and he looks better too. We don't pretend that it's punishment any more. We do it because it pleases us - and because we can.

I explained to Emily and Sarah some time ago that dressing daddy as a lady is part of the discipline that we will be enforcing on him from now on. It took them a while to get used to the idea, but not as long as I expected. Eddie had always been their authority figure but he was not always fair in the way he disciplined them. It was not unusual for one of them to come to me in tears because daddy had scolded her for something she didn't do. I know they resented that. They both call him 'aunty' now. That really annoys him.

I can't send Eddie off to work in a dress of course but he wears my panties and camisole to work under his suit. I was getting him to wear them unwashed after I had worn them first. It was my way of ensuring that part of me was always with him. I thought this was a great idea until I found out that he had been showering each day as soon as he got to the office. A girl who works there told me. That didn't sound good to me. When I confronted Eddie about this, he admitted showering and changing before starting work. He said that the distinctly female aroma coming from my underwear was causing him a lot of embarrassment.

I was furious with him for deceiving me while pretending to be so meek and obedient. Instead of cringing like he usually does when I am angry with him, he surprised me by yelling right back. Among other things, he said he was fed up with indulging my silly fantasies, and that Mum and I were taking the game much to far and that we had no right to make him suffer so much humiliation. I told him that it wasn't a game any more, that Mum and I had deliberately set out to feminise him we weren't going to stop now. I twisted the knife a little by telling him how much Mum and I enjoy humiliating him and watching him squirm. He called Mum and me a pair of selfish bullying c***s! That shocked me. Eddie has never sworn at me before. Without thinking, I slapped him hard on the face. I knew I shouldn't have done that, but I am glad I did. Eddie surprised me by apologising and running off. He appeared later looking subdued in a dress that I know he hates, but one that I like to see him wearing.

On the face of it, this was a good sign, but I can't be sure. Eddie doesn't have the courage to stand up to me but he can be devious. He has been so cooperative lately that humiliating him isn't as much fun as it was before. I think he knows this, and is taking advantage of it in the hope that we will lose interest. If that is what he thinks, I ought to surprise him by taking his humiliation up to a new and terrifying (for him) level.


Thank you for your letter Amanda. Though it does seem some progress is being made, challenges continue, this is expected, not all males fall right into place, in fact most need quite a bit of coaxing, well actually, discipline is often called for, they need to understand that you are actually in charge now and what is required from them is simple, obedience. Love to hear more soon.


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