from Beccy

Dear Helga,

We have been very busy over the weekend. We attended a wedding on Saturday - sadly it was Rebecca and Steve rather than Rebecca and Melanie. Although Steve was wearing some very sexy lingerie and stockings, and I didn't let him wear socks so he had to stand and sit very careful so no one could see the stockings under his trousers. I must tell you about last weekend.

As you know I invited Angie and Tonya, as well as Jenny and Marion from Steve's bank, to dinner. I was happy to cook but I decided that as everyone knew about Melanie, she could be our maid to serve the food. I invited Marion - not only because she has become a good friend, but also because she has a camera. The picture is of Melanie ready to start her serving duties and eager to please as you can see in mid-curtsy.

I had invited Angie to bring Tony as Tonya, and she somehow convinced him that we were having a topsy-turvey party where the women were going dressed as men and men as women. Tonya wore a very fetching black and white dress and a long curly wig. Tonya didn't have to serve but took her place at the table with the rest of us girls. As you may have guessed, Tonya was a little surprised that all of us - apart from Angie, who'd had to dress in trousers to convince Tony to wear a dress - looked very glamorous. Especially Jenny, who is a little stunner and had on a tight micro-mini dress that barely covered her bottom.

After we'd eaten it was time for fun and games. The two "men" were blindfolded and taken into separate bedrooms. I took off Melanie's maid outfit and left her in just a plain white slip and underwear. Tonya kept her dress on. Whilst Marion and I spoke to Tonya, Angie and Jenny were giving instructions to Melanie. They were told that we would each come in to them in turn and they would have to pleasure us orally. At the end of each session they would have to identify which one of us had just had oral sex and the one with the lowest number of identifications would get a spanking from all of us.

It was easier for Melanie than Tonya because he had given each of us oral sex before, but it was fun anyway. Melanie and Tonya were laid on their back on the bed and each of us took it in turns to sit on their faces. The two who weren't being pleasured at the time watched the action. Both Melanie and Tonya were very good and all of us became wetter and wetter and we reached a number of climaxes.

The best bit was yet to come. After we had all been pleasured by the two of them, Angie and I went to Tonya to tell her that as she had been such a good girl and we were all satisfied, he was now going to have a turn. He smiled very widely as he expected at least one blow job, and probably four. We kept the blindfold on him as we took him into the other room and invited him to climb onto the bed.

Meanwhile, Jenny and Marion had told Melanie that we had all had a wonderful time and that he was so good at giving oral, he was going to do some more. He was resigned to it, but I think he enjoys giving oral anyway. Only as Tonya was in position did we remove Melanie's blindfold. Jenny ordered him to get on with it as Tonya was waiting. We then took Tonya's blindfold off - the shocked look on his face was something to behold. Melanie was forced to start licking Tonya to start with. Despite knowing Melanie is a man, Tonya could not prevent his manhood from getting stiff as he started to enjoy being licked by Melanie, as we all offered our encouragement.

With further encouragement, Melanie began to take Tonya's cock into her mouth as Tonya just laid back to enjoy herself. After much thrusting from Tonya and plenty of sucking from Melanie, Tonya spurted into Melanie's mouth. Once he'd finished - and there was a lot of cum - Melanie was looking for some way of getting rid of the cum from her mouth. "Oh no, my sweet sissy" I said, "you need to swallow that". So she did - to cheers and applause from the four real girls.

"Right" said Angie to Tonya, "your turn". He asked what she meant. "Well it's only fair, as Melanie has sucked you off, it's only fair that you give her a blow job as well. And Melanie has stripped off for you to perform for her" Tonya was not keen, we could tell, but the four of us were too strong for her as we stood Melanie in front of Tonya and put her mouth in position close to Melanie's cock. Eventually she had to give in and gave Melanie a blow job.

Jenny said, "Okay sissies, we are satisfied with you tonight. Just the competition to judge. Melanie got all four of us right and Tonya only managed two, so Melanie is the winner - or rather, Tonya is the loser. However, we have decided that as Melanie had an unfair advantage, we are going to give both of you six smacks each."

So they took it in turns being tied to Melanie's punishment stool. Tonya was first and she received six smacks from each of the four of us, after each smack she had to thank each of us for delivering the deserved punishment. We invited Melanie to smack Tonya as well, but she declined. Then it was all repeated with Melanie, and again Tonya declined the offer of smacking Melanie. Next time I think we'll insist that they join in.

After the punishment, each of us gave the two sissies a big hug, and told them that as they appeared to enjoy giving blow jobs, they would be repeating it very soon, and not necessarily with each other, although I do like the idea of our two sissies satisfying each other sexually. Jenny asked if the sissies may have anal sex sometime... Now there's a thought.

I would guess, Helga, that this may be too raunchy for the site, but do with it what you will.

Much love

Thank you for your letter Beccy. True that this letter goes a little further than our usual fare but I feel its good for the readers to hear about some of the fun things you can do with a feminized husband and sex is a big part of that. Sissies have many uses and not only for service but can make for great entertainment as well.


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