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"Andy, there's something you need to know," says Georgiana, sitting on the edge of her seat and glaring at me.

She frightens me with this cold air she's adopted.

"I've got a boyfriend."

I'm sure my skin freezes all over. We've only been married a month, and now this. Out of the blue. I scour her face for some sign of regret - even remorse - but none. I realise the horrible fact. She doesn't love me as she used to. "D-Does this mean you want a divorce?" I ask, my lips quivering.

"Certainly not. I need you for maid service - and cuckolding service."

God! It feels like a hot wave scalds my scalp from front to back.

"His name's Jed Crotchwell. You're going to get to know him because he'll be here in an hour and we need to get you ready."

I'm about to ask 'ready for what?' when Georgiana's mother Arlene comes in, with a young woman all in sleek black pants and top, with her blond hair done up on top of her head.

"Have you told him?" asks Arlene with a sneer on her face.

"I've told him my boyfriend'll be here later."

Arlene sits beside Georgiana so that they're both opposite me. "This," she says, nodding towards the blond girl, "is Ulrika. She will be your Governess, starting from now."

"Governess!" I cry out.

My Mother-In-Law purses her lips and arches her back, flicking her ponly tail back off the shoulder of her mauve blouse. "Yes, your Governess. In view of your sexlessness, you're going to be a girl from now on. A baby girl!"

I'm crushed by every word she says. So it's about my failure to satisfy Georgiana, but it's a big step from that to calling me sexless - and in front of this stranger. "That's not fair. I'm devoted to Georgiana. I'd do ANYthing for her, and she knows it. She - "

"Oh don't give me that guff," says Arlene. "She's told me how pathetic you are. Anyway you'll do as your damn well told. This household will be run by women."

My chest is heaving with fight while my head is reeling with trying to get round this horrible change. Meanwhile I can see Ulrike setting up a dress-rail and hanging a wide pink and white dress over it, with a frilly petticoat alongside. The next thing she comes right up to me, stands over me smelling sharply of perfume, and tells me to stand up.

I'm trying to process this when she plants her feet apart and her fists on her hips. I start to get up but she grabs one of my arms.

"Owww! Ayeeee! Ouccchhhh! Aaarrghhh!" She spins me on the spot, pulls my head under her arm and my arm up my back, and holds me in a fierce kind of body knot. My face is held, looking at Georgiana's and Arlene's faces as they chuckle at me.

"Is my little girl going to do as she is told? First time?" I hear from above me, and she twists me so that my arm is nearly pulled out at the shoulder.

"AArrgghhhh! Ye - Ye - Yessssss" Yesss I will, aaarrgghhhhh!"

She spins me round with her face in mine, still gripped by an arm and a fistful of hair. "Then I'm going to undress you, Mandy, ready for your boyfriend. Just make damn sure you cooperate or you'll be bruised all over for your first date."

My first date? My boyfriend? She undoes my pants and Arlene gets the petticoat ready, slipping it off the hanger. My shirt follows, torn apart with buttons flying in all directions. She has me naked in half a minute, and my Mother-In-Law lifts the petticoat above my head and drops it over me so that when my face comes through, I've got oceans of white frills all around me.

"Jed wants to see you in your girls' clothes," says Georgiana, coming towards me with the dress. I feel faint, ready to collapse, but the Governess holds me up by my arms as my knees are giving way. "He says he'll exercise his cock in your submissive sissy vagina in practice for getting it into me." She laughs. "He's charming, Jed."

As my head comes through the top of the dress and Georgiana and her mother spread it out and fuss it all round me, I see Ulrike bringing a tall blue column in at the door, with a kind of frilly chair of pink satin and lace in front of it. She wheels it into the middle of the room and goes out again as they dress me - and I shudder to think of it - for my boyfriend. They can't be serious that he's going to fuck my ass!

The dress is so wide, covering my petticoat on all sides, as Georgiana stands behind me to fasten it up. It has pink ribbons at the sides which she pulls together into a bow at the back. The shame of her dressing me like this, in front of her mother, makes my heart so heavy, but at the same time it adds pleasure to my cock. Oh hell, what if they see! What if a girls' petticoat and dress makes me horny!

Ulrike is back, setting down a bag filled with stuff, and she's got ropes too. "Mandy, sit here in the Baby Bucket," and she pulls me backwards into the deep frills of the pink chair. "Before your vagina can be fucked it has to be cleaned. Any guy wants his sissy to be fucking clean every time, right?" She threads her ropes through rings at the top of the frame, with loops on the ends. One loop grips my hands together and the other two ends loop over my feet and slide up under my knees. Hell, this is shattering! I'm spread-eagled in front of Arlene, in a baby dress, and my cock is stiff as a poker in front of her and Georgiana! The pain of my shaming is too much for me: I can't hold back my emotions, and I start to cry.

"Oh my God, the baby's crying now," mocks Arlene, pulling a chair alongside me so that she can reach forward and hold onto my cock. Her fingers are cold as she frolls them up and down, softly, adding more pleasure, more stiffness. Above me Ulrike attaches a rubber bag to the arm of the frame, with a rubber tube hanging from it. She pulls up a chair too, and the three of them sit round me as she gets ready to - oh shit! to give me an enema! And the appliance she's going to use - it's cock-shaped like a fucking dildo!

She pulls on a pair of latex gloves and uses a slub of gel to push into my ass, fingering it right inside. I cry even more, and Georgiana joins Arlene in teasing me. Ulrike tests the water on her hand into the bucket under my ass, then presents the knob of the phallus to my hole and squeezes it inside - DEEP inside - before releasing the water.

Ohhhhhh! It's filling me: swirling and squirting inside my colon: hot and gurgling and spluttering out into the bucket. She pushes and pulls with the phallus, simulating a fuck.

"Squeeze tight with the walls of your vagina, like you're gonna have to with your boyfriend," she cries, her face set with determination.

I don't know what she means but I think I'm doing what she said. Suddenly the water stops and she pulls it out.

"Don't you DARE ignore what I'm telling you to do," she says, her voice menacing in a low growl. She reaches down beside her chair, picks up a school cane and stands up beside me. "This is what happens to naughty girls who ignore their Governess," and she lays into my defenceless ass with stroke after stroke biting into my soft flesh.

She stops, the cane at the side of her leather pants, and addresses me. "Do you want me to cane you while Jed is fucking you?" I'm crying so much I can't answer, but I shake my head. "I'll ask him to withdraw his cock and stand back, give you your lesson with the cane, and he can resume with a lot more pleasure."

I am so filled with misery I start to choke, so that she sits down to finish my enema. How could she ask him to stop, I think. She won't know cos she won't be there to see what's happening.

"And in case you think I won't be there," she says, "I will."

Georgiana comes back into the room, wearing a new babydoll nightie - for her boyfriend! "And I'll be here too," she declares.

"So will I," says Arlene: "we all will."

My tears redouble, and the water splutters just as hot and bubbling as before inside my - ohhh, inside my vagina! I am so degraded! So humiliated!

"Ah, there's the door," cries Arlene, jumping up as if she'd won the lottery. "Just in time to see Andy-Mandy's cunt being washed out for him.

My tears run uncontrollably down my face. I can barely focus on the tall figure of Jed Crotchwell as he crosses the room and sits next to Georgina, putting his arms around her and giving her a kiss.

"Sweetheart," he says, his lips an inch from hers as my arms and legs wriggle and my bottom pours out with bubbling gushes of water, "you've got yourself a real cute sissy of a husband. That's dead sweet of you, fixing for me to stiffen my cock inside this fairy in a dress, so's I can get ready for filling his divine wife with load after load of a real man's cum."
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