Hi, I wanted to get some advice, you see my son Marvin has been stealing the panties from the little girl next door. I did not know about this until I was called by the girl's mother and I went to meet with her who I came to know her as Ann. She told me that she had videos of him taking them from the clothesline and out of our laundry basket if we left it out while waiting for the things to dry so I could bring all of them in. She asks me to come in a see the videos. I saw him take the things and sneak off to the camp that he and my husband had built before my husband left us.

I was disgusted by what I had seen and I went directly to the camp. I looked about and found several pairs of not only Sara's things have been taken but some others. I walked back to the house and on the way, I was trying to think of what to do, surely he needs some sort of punishment, but what? I knew my mother had got my brother straight. I saw him in a pair of my panties and so I called Mom and she told me that a friend of hers told me to go to the website that she would send to me. I thanked her and began to seek your website. When I found it I was so shocked by some of the letters that you had every month. I looked at back issues and found some things I could do and they would make him stop his actions.

I was going to ask you but did not want to bother you with my problem. I waited for Marvin to come home from playing ball with his friends. He came in all dirty, I sent him to bath and I set my plan into action. When he came out of the bathroom I told him to come with me. I could tell that Marvin was wondering what was going on. When he came into the living room He saw Ann and her daughter Cora. I could tell he was shocked, for one he was only wearing a towel. I told him to come to me and he did I told him that he was going to get spanked and that Cora would be the one doing the spanking.

I saw tears welling up in his eyes. He began to beg me not to do this to him. I pulled him over to Cora, it was she that said that he should have something on besides a towel just then she moved her hand under her skirt and removed her panties and stood before Marvin and told him to step into the wonderful world of a girl. He was now crying he put in one foot and then another and Cora pulled the panties up and over his butt and pulled them up in front. I am sorry I had not told you that Cora was 19 years old.

She lay Marvin over her lap and told him this will hurt you and you will have a lot more of training. The spanking went on for about twenty swats. At that point, I told him that Cora was to be giving you your punishments. She told him to go get a tee-shirt, he went and came back with a white tee-shirt. Cora told him to put it on. She took out a laundry marker which was one you could not wash out the color she used which was pink and it read 'panty thief'. She told him to go to the camp and bring back every pair of her panties and I must tell you the other girls that lost their panties will be talking to you soon.

He asked to be allowed to wear some pants, of course, she agreed he could not go out in just panties and tee-shirt she reached into her shopping bag and took out a little short skirt that she had when she was seven. He walked to her and she put it on him and she swatted his butt and told him to hurry back. He came back very fast with all of the panties, there must have been fifty pairs. She said that he was to write down who you had stolen panties from and I will call the girls and have them meet us here on Tuesday evening.

Cora kept her word and on Tuesday they all showed to get even with him. They all laughed as he came into the room with a TuTu on, Cora told him to turn around so all can see the cute panties that I bought for you in the little girl's department. Marvin was told that each and every pair of panties would be hand washed and hung out to dry on the lines I have put up in your room and you will take each pair that belongs to each girl and she will take them and give you a punishment for your stealing their things. Cora told him that she had gone to his camp and found these, she pulled out seven Bras each of which was lacy the girls that owned them will get a second punishment.

Marvin spent the whole summer doing the things for the girls. To my knowledge, he has never taken anything from a female at all since. He went off to college to get a Masters in Counseling. He married a nice girl and they live next door to me. His wife knows about his indiscretions. She likes to tease him about it and I think he is a good Maid for his wife. Thanks for reading

Sharon, Marvin's Mom

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