I was sitting on our front porch with my Shirley's pink panties on. I guess I will have to tell you why I am doing this. I had gone to the back yard and to the clothesline and stole every pair of Shirley's panties that were there. You have to understand that Shirley is the prettiest girl in our school and I had a crush on her. Many times I had got a peek up her skirt and saw her underwear. I had an erection and made a wet spot in front of my underwear. So I had a desire to see her panties. Every one of the guys had said that she had the sexiest panties and some even dated her and they claimed that they had seen her panties up close and they were so sweet.

I have to tell you why I am going to be on the porch with her panties and every few minutes Mother came and made me change them right here on the porch. All of the guys would come by and tease me by singing " I saw France and I saw Bill's underpants and he is a sissy with girls panties on HER." I would get so mad I wanted to punch them in the nose. Mother would come out and tell the guys if they did that again she would call their mother's and they might be wearing their sister or others panties and be wishing they would be sitting with Bill. Shirley's mother came over and told my Mother that someone would have to pay for Shirley's new personal clothes. Mother agreed and she told me to go get my money I was saving up for a new ball glove. Mother made me tell Shirley how sorry I was and that it would not happen again.

Well, it all came to an end and I was back in my own clothes. Not too long after I was so humiliated for stealing her panties Shirley and I became good friends and we had graduated high school and we were talking about where we would be going to college. I did not want to go off somewhere I would not see her. It was not too long when we got our letters of acceptance. A school not too far from our home town. I was majoring in Business Administration. Shirley majored in Nursing.

We had lived in separate housing but that became very expensive Shirley said we should get a place together with two bedrooms and that would help both of us. Not long after we found a place that was less money than I had been paying so we got our things in the house that we found. One of the bedrooms had a bathroom right off of the bedroom so we flipped for it and she won. I did not really care. Things went great for a while and then she got mad because I did not clean up after myself. I was truly shocked when she said if you don't clean up I will have to give some of my panties and a dress then you will be the maid. I laughed and she said she was serious. I started cleaning and even doing her's and my laundry. On one Saturday she said that I would have to wash out her panties by hand because they were expensive. I started washing them as she had told me to do. Things got more of me doing all of the housekeeping.

We had a party on a Friday night and I got plastered and I woke up the next day and found myself tied to the bed headboard and I was dressed in a diaper and a tee-shirt that had a sign on it that read. Mommies little sissy baby girl". I struggled to get untied but could not get loose. I had a giant pacifier taped in my mouth and I was trying to get someone to come let me loose because I had to pee really bad after the night of drinking. I kept rattling the bed and soon Denice came in and she was staring at me and asking me what does baby girl want.

She said that I had sworn that you would be Shirley's Sub. I also had pledged to be her wife forever. She pointed at my finger there was a ring. The ring was a woman's engagement ring. I trying to talk through the pacifier but she only said she would let me loose. She untied me and I went to the bathroom and when I saw that there was some sort of brass clamp on my penis and balls. Denice laughed and said that it was a thing so no one can have sex with Shirley's baby girl. I tried to on do the gag in my mouth, but I could not get it off. Denice told me that the night before I told everyone about the time you stole all of Shirley and how I was made to sit on the porch with them on. All of the guys had a ball listening to that story.

A few days after that Shirley made sure I understood that she was hers forever. Not long after and we got married. She wore a white dress and I wore a diaper and a very short little girl's dress. As we were doing our vows I wet my diaper which made everyone laugh. The only time I am dressed in my man clothes is when we go home for a break. I am Shirley's Submissive and I have to do all the housework and cleaning her. I am going to have my nipples pierced and have a Tattoo that will say " I belong to Mistress Shirley".

I have to go now I will post some later.

Baby Slut

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