from Merri

Dear Auntie Helga,

9.0720-tn Mistress likes to say that since I wanted to dress like a girl so much that I should know what it is like to feel like a girl. That brings me to my little form fitting red dress. The dress began as an outfit Mistress bought for me to wear when I work for her as her secretary. Eventually Mistress added a black satin apron and a choker and then it doubled on occasion as a maid uniform.

At some point Mistress decided that I would never know what it felt like to be a girl unless I went out with her in the dress. That was why she had me wear the dress for girls night out. She said that it is important for a sissy girl to experience what it is like to be objectified like a real girl. Mistress calls these dates a true test of my sissy submission. She is definitely right about that. She has also made me go out dressed in the tiny dress as punishment for unladylike behavior. Mistress usually invites Mistress Angelica to go along with us. I guess she feels safer with three of us in a group. I know I feel much safer that way.

When we are going out for the evening Mistress has me generously mist myself with a musky perfume. She told me that is to make sure that I call attention to myself. I cringe every time I have to apply my perfume because I know what kind of effect a fragrance like that can have on guys.

The two ladies always look fabulous. They typically wear a little black dress while I wear my little red dress. Their appearance guarantees we will get attention even if my appearance does not.

Of all the things Mistress has me do, clubbing is the one thing that always leaves me the most flustered. While both Women casually flirt with strangers in dimly lit clubs I try not to catch the eye of any onlookers. Even though dim lights help I have to say that it not easy to remain unobtrusive in a little red dress. I know what goes through a guy's mind when he sees a girl dressed in a tiny dress and it's not anything that a sissy girl like me wants to have anything to do with. I'm just not that kind of girl and I don't want to be.

Regardless of my feelings it is usually impossible for me to remain unnoticed. I now know that it is best for me to keep my eyes lowered and to never ever make eye contact with a guy. I feel so self conscience. I always hope that my blushing cheeks aren't misinterpreted. Some of the guys have their eyes fixed on my breasts while other guys are trying to peek up my dress. I find it all to be very unsettling to be ogled like that. I have learned what it means to be objectified and for a sissy girl in a crowded club that is not a good feeling. I never realized how vulnerable even a sissy girl can feel flaunting her legs in a short little dress with heels.

Fortunately Mistress Angelica always insists that I have a drink or two. I usually don't drink much because it makes me a bit tipsy but when I'm out like with the girls it is definitely a good thing for me to do. I don't think I could survive such an outing otherwise. My submissive nature is on full display under these circumstances. I can't seem to find the will to resist the orders of my Mistress so I willingly submit to going out to the dim light of a club. I guess that means that I'm a true sissy girl at heart.

I feel so helpless when my Mistress is approached by other guys. What can I possibly say or do when I'm dressed up the way that I am? What a helpless feeling. Other than envy and jealously what goes through the mind of a sissy girl when her Mistress is being hit on? All I can think of is OMG, please don't hit on me!

Both Mistresses are usually amused watching how I work to stay unnoticed. I know the intentions of those sweet talking guys and it is not at all to my liking. I suppose it is what I deserve dressed up the way I am. Since I'm seriously turned off by guys it is embarrassing and humiliating for me to be put in such situations.

Occasionally other Women will join us at a table. I find myself much more comfortable in their presence even if I'm just a sissy girl. I think I can relate better to Women because of my experiences with them.

I think the less said about these adventures the better so I'll leave it at that. Dim lights can be very forgiving. So while I don't think that my true identity has ever been detected on such an outing there have been some extremely embarrassing moments. A lady should never kiss and tell. Like I said, I'm not that kind of girl.

Most humbly,
Sissymaid Merri

Thank you for your letter Merri. It seems only reasonable that you should go out and experience some of the feelings we do when out clubbing, the fear helps you to remember that you are not a real woman nor a real man, but a sissy, vulnerable and ashamed. How special that Mistress Angelica goes with your delightful Mistress to make it a magical evening, I'm sure your shyness is amusing to them, as you try and hide from real men and their lusty stares.

I do love the dress though so thank you for including the pretty picture. Another charming story and please pass along my appreciation to your glorious Mistress for allowing you to share.

Auntie Helga

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