Letter 8
From Baby Janet

Dear Susan,

The Christmas Annual is quite an achievement, and you should be proud of it. I must admit that it was only on the third or fourth visit to the issue that I noticed Connie's reply to the questionnaire provided in the November issue. I would like to thank her very sincerely for her very kind - and very honest - contribution. I'm sure it will open many women's eyes to the possibilities petticoating presents for enhancing their relationships, and their level of satisfaction, in a variety of ways. It also provides a bit of incentive in terms of the consistency of the results for both partners.

I would also like to thank Connie for providing encouragement and reassurance to other women who will take inspiration from her responses. Connie had Anne's sister to rely on for encouragement and reassurance. Many women have only the pages of 'Petticoat Discipline Monthly' to use as a reference point for guidance and reassurance. Connie is to be commended for her willingness to be helpful to them. I hope that other women will be willing to share their viewpoints via the questionnaire also.

The letter from Penelope, which is helpfully interspersed with useful comments from Lesley, provides, in a sense, another response to many of the questions in the questionnaire. I would like to thank them both for it, and congratulate them for achieving a transformation of their interpersonal relationship which serves them both extremely well.

When you read them both you find some striking similarities, and some striking differences:

* Anne's transformation began as a child, and Penelope's began as an adult.

* Anne had a previous history of petticoating, however Penelope had none.

* Both Lesley and Anne's sister used a gentle (and on Lesley's part sometimes chiding) approach to ease Penelope and Anne into their petticoats, and help them become accustomed to their new status.

* Though humiliation was not a factor that Connie used, both Lesley and Anne's mother and sister used it, at least initially.

* Significant stress was a harmful lifestyle factor for both Penelope and Anne.

* Penelope and Anne are what most people would call powerful and successful in their fields.

* Both Penelope and Anne were seeking other solutions to their stress problem: Penelope in golf as a means of removing himself from the home and his relationship, and Anne via drinking which impaired his ability to satisfy his wife.

* Both Penelope and Anne had what I would call 'decision points', although Penelope's were much more obvious. In both cases, they chose to move forward into their present petticoated state. Gradual exposure to others was certainly a factor in making those decisions easier. Yet, in both cases, such exposure was handled within the home, and with a limited number of people.

* Both Penelope and Anne are 'locked into' their roles: Penelope by a photographic record and public exposure, and Anne by physical transformation as well. This is not to say that they both don't choose and enjoy their roles very much, although Penelope seems to have a few 'regrets'.

* Both Lesley and Connie are extremely pleased with how things have turned out both for themselves and for Penelope and Anne. The results, despite any initial fears and considerations, were, and are, entirely satisfying and rewarding.

It is not uncommon for men to seek relief from stress via concentration on sports, or other events that remove them from the home: excessive drinking, or even seeking out other female companionship. Adventures of a sexual nature belong, most appropriately, within the confines of the relationship to which one has made a commitment. As Connie said, "If you decide you want to keep him".

When you see your man wandering from the relationship, and neglecting his responsibilities to you, it's time to consider other alternatives and means of keeping his attention. Petticoating will focus his attention most wonderfully - and permanently - where it belongs. You should also keep in mind that such a transformation happens most successfully using gentleness and love.

To paraphrase the actor, Russell Crowe, in the recent movie 'A Beautiful Mind' - "the equations of love provide the most satisfying results". Always remember that petticoating and babyfication are factors in that equation, and that the results, as presented here and in so many other letters within the gentle folds of 'Petticoat Discipline Monthly', are consistently: increased satisfaction, better communication, and enduring happiness for all concerned.

How many of us call ourselves 'free', yet are fearful of venturing beyond the known 'safe' harbors which our society and culture have handed us? Confronting those fears and crossing those 'lines' is where true adventure begins. It is all too easy to treat with derision and contempt that which we would not attempt ourselves.

'Petticoat Discipline Monthly' will continue to its tradition of extending guidance, support and encouragement to those of you who choose to begin the adventure of introducing your husband or significant other to the comforting delights of petticoating this coming year.
With warm regards,

Baby Janet

I do not think that I can add much to the points that Baby Janet has raised. Certainly petticoat discipline is something that guarantees faithfulness and continuing love, and is often inspired by the need to punish and maintain long term control over, a husband who has been unfaithful. And the effect it has relieving the stress of a male in a demanding job is something that I have referred to many times.

(Edit: Published in January 2002)

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