from Sissy Deidre

Dear Auntie Helga,

I hope you are having a wonderful day. As a sissy, I have been a frequent visitor and reader of PDQ for some time now, and I have found the letters, fictional stories, and advice columns to be a great resource for inspiration and entertainment. It was a recent advice column, written by Mistress Alison, which motivated me to offer a few suggestions from my own experiences. In the May 2019 PDQ, Mistress Alison answered a question from a reader regarding the importance of a female period. Mistress Alison suggested to the reader various methods of recreating a period. However, in my own experiences having to experience a makeshift period in the past, I contacted Alison with a bit of advice to possibly offer fellow sissies. Namely, that a toy I have found on a sex toy website that is essentially a larger syringe used to 'inject' lube deep in the submissive's receptive hole. This simple tool can also insert a homemade faux period mixture deep within a sissy's bottom, ensuring that the sissy keep tampons and maxipads ready in their panties to protect them from the ensuring drippage of (in my case) a yogurt and strawberry jam mixture.

To say that Mistress Alison is a thorough and perceptive Dominant would be a bit of an understatement, as I am sure you are well aware. While she was immediately grateful for my tip, she also picked up that I hadn't been giving myself monthly periods lately, especially as I stopped serving the Mistress who had required I experience them. I remembered them being less than pleasant experiences which seemed important at the time (especially in terms of being obedient and submissive) but without the motivation, I had easily and lazily let that aspect of my life fall to the wayside. As you may expect, Mistress Alison was not going to allow me to make excuses to get out of essential sissy behavior. Through a few correspondences, it became clearer (to me, at least), that I was suffering from a sort of sissy ennui. Mistress Alison's solution was to restart my periods post haste.

For four days, I returned to recreating my menstrual cycle, returning to the habits I had established for me some time ago. Not only did this mean a maxipad in my panties, but also included consuming lots of water and coffee through the day to ensure a bloated/heavy feeling, wearing tighter panties and working my nipples over at home to give sense of discomfort and irritation, as well as plunging fake menstrual fluid up my sissy pussy and experiencing the slow leakage as it, without effort, leaked out to be caught by my pad. The four days of my first, returning, period were a stark reminder of experiences that I cannot say I missed. I was found myself much more cranky than usual (and frustrated that I couldn't just blurt out why). I was short tempered at work and even had a colleague joke that I was in a mood and that it "must be that time of the month." While he found the comment funny, I chuckled with him, secretly seething with rage and highly humiliated, thinking, if he only really knew...

At work, I also spent a considerable portion of the day worried that my pad may be leaking, or that I was walking funny with a sticky thick pad in between my panties that surely anyone could notice. Even changing pads in the bathroom led to a small moment of embarrassment as I would have a sticky mess, and used pad, to dispose of and clean (and hide) in the men's room trash receptacle. Luckily, the timing of my period meant I could spend the last two days at home over the weekend, and I essentially did just that, canceling most my plans and staying in bed or in my nightgown and bathrobe most the day, still quite lethargic and cranky. As my period ended on Sunday, I was thankful to be 'back to normal' and not have to experience the frustrating days again for nearly a month.

However, the experiment did remind me of quite a few things about being a submissive sissy at that. Namely, the returning to experiencing period, as much discomfort as it caused, had been a good reminder to me of the subtle and various aspects of femininity that I had often neglected, while heightening elements of embarrassment (especially the notion of being discovered, not just as a sissy, but one on her period). I also found it interesting that as a sissy on her period, I felt incredibly feminine (as much as say when dressed head to toe sissy), but feminine in a different, un-glamorous, non sexualized manner at all. While I was mopey and irritable during my period, I was ecstatic when it was over, feeling fresh and clean and rejuvenated about my place as sissy, and proud that I undertook Mistress Alison's challenge.

Her guidance and support, as well as ability to cut through BS and self doubt has been a great assistance in helping me, in many ways, get back on the path towards productive sissyhood. As I noted to her, and I am sure you may appreciate, "as it is important to better myself, and I can see where I have fallen into a sissy malaise, if a few days of experiencing a period can remind me of that, it isn't the most fruitless endeavor." Mistress Alison has recommended that I continue my period, monthly, moving forward, and while I am not looking forward to my next cycle per say, I better understand their importance, especially for a sissy like me who could easily fall 'off the wagon.'

In summary, thank you Auntie Helga for providing PDQ as a place for sissies like myself to find inspiration, and for considerate Dominants to share their expertise and suggestions with submissives who need it most. I am very grateful for you, and Mistress Alison, for realigning my sissy mindset lately, and I hope that I can demonstrate becoming a better sissy as a proper reflection for all that your site has offered. While currently a single sissy with no one to serve, this preparation (I am learning) is essential for being ready for when that day may come.

Sincerely yours,
Sissy Deidre

How nice to hear from you and thank you for writing about such a fascinating subject. Of course for us it is biological, we have no choice in the matter for most of our lives and truth be told, most of us don't care for it all that much, its painful and messy.

I can however understand how sissies that wish to emulate everything about us would do what they can to do this as well and I thank you for your suggestions. I know many are experimenting as you are to become as feminine as possible and I'm sure they would find your letter informative.

Auntie Helga

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