from Marilyn

Dear Helga,

I have managed to get my son Matthew into tights. The weather here in the UK, has been very cold, and he was complaining. Remarkably he has got used to them in a short space of time. However I have not been happy with the fit around his crutch, and am thinking about buying him some girl's knickers to wear under them, as I feel that they will fit him better, and enhance the fit of the tights around his crutch. I am a little reluctant however, as I feel that it may effect him long term.

As your write up on the Petticoat Discipline website suggests, you seem to have had experience with boys wearing girl's clothes, so I was wondering whether you could advise me as to whether there would be any consequences for the future, if I put my son into girl's knickers. He is seven years old incidentally.

I would be pleased to have your reply.


Thank you for your letter Marilyn. I have had a great deal of experience helping mothers share the pleasure of girl's clothing with their sons and from what I have learned from these positive actions is that there are no long term negative consequences and given that Matthew is so young, its likely he will forget it ever happened anyway.

If I might suggest that the knickers be smooth fabric like nylon or satin to provide the proper fit and allow more freedom of body movement. Knickers in these fabrics can be usually had at bridal shops if you can't find them at your usual stores.


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