from Penny

Dear Helga,

I looked at quite a few dresses for sissymaids and picked up on the locking rings the first time. It was the first additional item added to my check list. After a long conversation with Joe the locking rings will come in handy. Joe thought it was a good idea to talk me out of him as my sissymaid. Can you believe after all we have been through so far that he thought I would end it all for him? Only one word came to mind Helga which was NOT.

I will give Joe credit for thinking it through well enough to argue the points well. In the end I let him know he was going to be and currently is my sissymaid husband. There was nothing he could say or do that would convince me otherwise. I went on to let him know if for any reason he questioned me on the topic ever again the chastity device on his penis would have the lock cylinder filled with crazy glue so it could never come off again. That settled Joe down rather quickly I must say.

Joe was sent back to work after wasting so much time negotiating with me. If Joe ever pulls that again I will punish him physically. Helga that made me angry however I learned something from it. When I let me girlfriend know she thought sooner or later Joe would try to get out of the arrangement. She felt most guys would try something until they had no more options. Well Joe has only one option left and that is to obey me at all times.

Now I have to run Helga so let's catch up again next time.


Thank you for your letter Penny. Good to know, the lock can be very helpful with early training your sissy and I fully support their use. Oh they always try to bargain and beg, you can either ignore that prattle or just stuff your panties in her mouth.

They can be sneaky and think of all sorts of arguments why they shouldn't have to do this, try as they might they are no match for a strong confident woman like yourself, I am very enthusiastic with your adherence to your principals.

Punishment should be a part of an effective training program, to remind them who is actually in charge or simply for your amusement, don't spare the rod, ensure her obedience.


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