from PVCpinny

Dear Helga,

Today I am going to describe my husband's standard, daily uniform. While some of your readers may feel it is maybe overly strict, I can assure them that over the years this is precisely what I feel is perfect for the job of being my personal housemaid and skivvy. Besides, a little discomfort and humiliation is character building, is it not?

Although my husband would dearly like nothing more than to serve me in his full, traditional British nursing uniform with rubber apron (one of his stronger fetishes) I prefer to have him in a robust and heavy, nylon ladies', long-sleeved overall. I like the swishing and rustling sound it makes when he moves and that he always feels uncomfortable when wearing it as it gets very warm with his additional layers. But his comfort is no interest to me; his only purpose is to please me.

I make him wear it backwards so he has restricted access to the buttons or zip behind him and to make life even more difficult, I add a small padlock around his collar and cuffs. It pleases me he cannot take off his overall unaided and that only I have the power to let him out only when I decide. He has a different overall every day, the style is usually the same but the colours do vary. Both collar and cuffs are white and contrast the pastel shades of his dress.

My husband intensely dislikes wearing a tabard as he feels it is solely a ladies' garment and very effeminate. Naturally I therefore delight in making him wear a tabard over his overall, preferring a standard white cotton tabard with side, press stud fastenings and a large central pocket. It also has a further advantage that it covers most of his overall (especially the zip or buttons at the back) so he will not be able to take off his overall unaided.

His first apron is always a standard, cotton backed PVC, bibbed kitchen apron, but instead of tying it on in the usual fashion, I pull the apron ties up his back and through the halter neck of the apron. This allows me to adjust the height of the bib at the front, which I like to draw right up under his chin. Once positioned correctly I tie off the apron strings and pull the back of the tabard down, covering the apron strings. Again he will not be able to remove his pinny without my assistance.

His second apron is a simple, heavy cotton affair which will be tightly tied around his waist and adjusted over his chest to ensure the PVC apron bib is still visible. This also secures his PVC pinny nicely around his waist. I often soak this apron with water and keep it in the fridge overnight so it is very cold to put on in the morning.

I do this if it is particularly warm day or if he has a demanding schedule of chores; obviously I don't want the poor dear to overheat while I am away at work. If I am feeling particularly generous, I use my own lady champagne to scent his apron at the bib, allowing him to savour my aroma throughout the day. It serves to remind him he belongs to me at all times. I believe he appreciates my generosity and is always grateful when I do this act of kindness for him.

His main apron is a large, over the shoulder pinafore style apron in a soft, transparent PVC. The straps pass over the shoulder and criss-cross across the shoulder blades, before buttoning to the waistband. The bib is high, the skirt of the apron long (past the knees) and it almost meets at the back. The waist ties are buttoned at the back and I also add a small padlock to the modified waistband for additional security.

The PVC is tinted in various colours, may have patterns and designs or be plain. The aprons may sometimes be frilled along the hems and have pockets, but it always substantially covers my husband's uniform to protect him from any kind of splashes or stains he may encounter during the day. It is also designed to allow to show each and every layer of his uniform. He doesn't like it. I very much do. We have a large collection of "Montcler" aprons (sadly now gone bust) which are just perfect.

Finally I make him wear a pretty little white half apron, which he also detests. It is similar to a French maid's pinny and has no practical value other than it adds to my husband's humiliation and if it becomes marked in any way by the end of the day, I have reason to punish him. He is fully aware that if that white apron is anything less than pristine, he is in trouble so he is very careful in his tasks.

Naturally as my skivvy my husband has to protect his hands so I put him into very tight surgical gloves first, which go under the sleeves of his overall. Then I draw on standard elbow-length, household rubber gloves (I like baby pink but all colours are available) over the sleeve and finally, a pair of see-through, PVC sleeve protectors which run from cuff to over the elbow. He complains the layers are hot and he loses feeling in his fingers after a few hours due to the double rubber layer and tightness of the surgical gloves, but as with everything, it's quite impressive how one can overcome hurdles when one tries to.

A little tip here. If wearing rubber gloves for prolonged periods, I like to add moisturiser into his surgical gloves which will keep his hands nourished and prevent them drying out. It really makes all the difference.

Finally, I like to have my maid in suitable cap, such as a mob cap, maid's headband (when more formally dressed in his black rubber or PVC maid's uniform), head scarf or plastic bonnet. This too he vehemently dislikes which adds even more to my amusement.

Once he is fully dressed he is ready to take care of all the household chores and me.


Thank you for your letter PVCpinny. Being in a real FLR and for as long as you have brings the type of experience and expertise I love to publish. The multiple layers, each adding a degree of both discomfort and humiliation are sure to keep him in his rightful place.

Thank you again and stay safe.


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