My Petticoating
from Martin

Dear Auntie Helga,

My petticoating began as I was starting a new school and I found it so boring. Everyone was so far behind me that I started to coast. I neglected homework and I used to muck about with a gang on the estate where we lived. The biggest shock of my life was being shaken awake one Saturday morning by my mother and told to get dressed - in girls clothes! I could not believe it! Then I started imagining the worst! Other people pointing and laughing, being called rude names, my dress being pulled up and looking at my panties. Oh how humiliating. I tried to stall but it was no use. I got very upset, I cried but soon I found myself putting on some girls huge panties that reached up halfway up my chest it seemed while she watched with some amusement.

Mum was laughing as I put them on and because they were strange to wear, I found myself getting hard beneath. I struggled with the dress and mum helped me to put it on. I felt confused and didn't know how to react. She told me to eat breakfast and the strange thing was I didn't know how to walk in such a dress. It was difficult to see where I was walking, especially going up and down stairs. I spent the rest of the day dressed feeling very strange indeed and was glad to get out of them at night. I was relieved but I was left curious about how different it was.

I decided to behave myself for a while, but boring school didn't last long and I bunked off school for a whole week, walking around the town and railway station and hanging about in the park. Naturally mum found out and I found myself being dressed in newer girls clothes once more. This time they had been bought especially to fit me. The original clothes had been borrowed from a girl down the street as I recall. They were not school clothes like the summer dress but still a dress and also a skirt, a petticoat slip and several tops and blouses. The panties were different colours and felt so very different from boys pants. Pale yellow, pink, violet, pale green mint, some big up to the chest, and several pairs of new style bikini briefs with a jazzy pattern on them, all with lace round the edges. The panties that day I had to wear were small but stretched to fit and clung like a second skin. They were in fact quite thrilling to wear and I couldn't help but get aroused again, the outline of my penis all too apparent.

This time the horror got much worse, because mum revealed we were going into town. I tried hiding, and stalling and crying but it was no use. I had to be pushed out of the door. We took the bus into into town and naturally I was very nervous. We met one of mum's friends and I positively shrunk into the gutter as she introduced her petticoated son to her friend. Between shops I panicked because the wind kept blowing my dress up and attracting stares from interested passers by. In a store, I caught someone trying to look up my dress at my panties while climbing or descending stairs, standing over by a railing on an upper level in a mall or sitting in the department store restaurant with my legs open. It was like learning to behave like a girl in a day. It got worse when returning home on the bus, I was spotted by boys from my school and they recognised me. I died from embarrassment. Never had I been so glad to get home again.

Later that night I decided to keep the panties on to go to bed with instead of pyjamas. I posed in several positions like a girl would, in front of the bedroom mirror to see what they looked like before getting into bed. As I played with the panties material beneath the covers, I was disturbed. Mum entered the bedroom and picked up the clothes for washing. Seeing the panties were missing, she pulled back the bedcovers roughly to see that I had wrapped them around my penis almost in a knot. As her hands slipped over the panties I felt the pleasure suddenly getting more intense. I couldn't help but rock my hips. Her fingers deftly pulled and twisted and the panties tugged free. She stared at my spasms. I was so embarrassed to be caught and went very red.

It was that evening I realised I liked being petticoated even though the horrors of being seen was almost too much. As you might expect, it wasn't the end of being petticoated. I found myself being forced into girl's clothes at opportunities where I'd done something wrong or said something I shouldn't, but liking it for being dressed. At one point it started to get cold in the evenings and my dressing switched to a blouse and skirt at weekends and a gymslip for during the week. I began to like it so much I started to wear panties under my school uniform. One day I was tucking in a shirt into my trousers when my form master asked me to report to his study.

Once there, he told me to remove my trousers. Only then did it dawn on me what was the problem. Begrudgingly I removed my trousers to reveal my pink panties with lace on the edges and a design on the front. He telephoned my mother and they had a conversation. He returned confirming my petticoating story but I shall be spanked for not wearing regulation school briefs. It wouldn't be the last time he spanked me across my panties. At some point we went to an outfitters and he purchased some proper regulation briefs for me to wear and I had to change into them somewhere in public when there was nobody around while he kept a lookout.

When I returned home, my mother laughed at me for getting caught out. And then got me to confess that I actually liked wearing girl's clothes. I broke down and confessed all. She suggested I dress whenever I felt like calming down. And it seemed to get more and more regular, I found myself calming down most weekends!

The next thing was to find my mothers panties from the linen basket and try and wear them. I enjoyed using them and found it a special pleasure while she was out shopping to find them and to worship them like a religious icon. The ceremony where I bow down and press my face into the soft material, then to put them over my head and enjoy the the scent of my mother whilst on my knees whilst pleasuring myself, then at the moment of ultimate pleasure, taste her panties from her most intimate places and imagining much more. Then replacing them, well used, back in the linen basket. But then that was discovered...

The thing was, I really did calm down and felt better for it. I began to catch up at school, did very well, and well enough to go to university! Although I did have some close shaves with wearing panties and women's jeans as a student, with meeting girlfriends and going to laundry rooms to collect washing and dropping panties, and on sports days when I forgot to wear men's briefs.

The strange thing was, that on one such sports day, I accidentally wore a plain pair of women's brief bikini with no lace, and it was the only time any other men complimented me in my underwear! That was a very strange time indeed. Even when I was at university I had this strange itch to return home and have a 'calming' day to be pantied up. And so after a few girlfriends, I eventually found and got married to a lady with a particular extrovert and strong personality who is perfectly happy to see her compliant husband in panties!


Thank you for your letter Martin. Perhaps its time she becomes aware of your panty worship ceremony, my feeling is that she would happily participate and enjoy the experience very much. It could be fun for you both!

Auntie Helga

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