By Lesley (and Penelope)

PDM IN THE 21st CENTURY - 2009

January 2009 featured a continuation of the earlier masterpiece "Philandering Husband now Wife's Maid" and part 2 was another classic as Chris's wife and friends further enforced their petticoating regime on this thoroughly disciplined husband. "James Petticoat Discipline" told of an arrogant young man thoroughly petticoated at work by the women at the factory where he worked. He was really turned into "one of the girls" as a punishment and even sent home in his very feminine workwear. I have always been surprised that more letters on this subject have not appeared in PDQ, as, in situations where male employees are heavily outnumbered, the opportunity to "take them in hand" in this way is obvious. This issue also featured a debut from a German male maid, Petra, his letter accompanied by some interesting pictures. All in all a very good start to the new year.

February continued with some excellent letters. Highlights were "Casanova Husband turned into Sissy Maid" and "Bunnymaid's Discipline" which were both near-perfect accounts of bringing an errant husband to heel in petticoats. I attempted a feature inviting readers to comment upon, and vote for the favourite, among five of my very favourite pieces of artwork. Sadly I heard nothing from Helga to indicate that there had been any interest. Have a look and see what you think. Even more sadly, this issue contained a note from Sally Ann Spencer advising that her dear James had passed away - very sad indeed, though, as it later turned out, not the end of Sally Ann's petticoating career!

Throughout these months the front page featured very good artwork from Bonnie and Evets Stephens. March's front page also featured a number of new photos I had taken of Penelope in a new maid's uniform. We had recently moved house and and I decided to get rid of some of his old uniforms and try for an upgrade. I feel that I excelled myself as his new uniform, complete with 42 yards of petticoats and topped off with a new blond wig was everything I could want to see in a male maid!
hist.7-tn April included a really outstanding letter "Petticoating of my male relatives" from a wonderful young lady called Julie. A fascinating read as she and her friends skillfully enmesh some very unwilling young men! Quite brilliant and very well written. In May Evets Stephens produced a superb collage of petticoated men in the "Sissy Hotel" and a very nice letter entitled "My Humiliating Weekend in Frillies" was related by a young man who had offended a girl and was severely taken in hand by her mother and friends. The June issue brought first half year of 2009 to a nice conclusion as Evets Stephens continued her ideas with an illustration showing several men being "fitted out" in a boutique called "Frocks for Fellas" - if only such a place existed! I contributed an account of my most daring adventure yet, taking my new, upgraded, Penelope to the cinema. That was a truly memorable event I can assure you!

July contained a number of very good letters, the first of which, "Elsie's Exposure" was quite superb in which the unfortunate petticoated "Elsie" (his initials were L.C. so his clever wife could use the name in public, to his intense embarrassment) is exposed to his wife's best friend in his maid's uniform. "Sissy Jennifer's Beginnings" revisited the theme of college boy being petticoated by his girl friend and pals, the twist being in this case that he is still the petticoated maid of his then girl friend, now wife, 34 years later! Very effective! August was again packed with enforced petticoating letters, "Another Interesting Transition", "Schoolgirl Boyfriend" and "Becoming Courtney" all very much to my taste. September featured a letter from "Ruth" describing how she and her sister had petticoated their step-brother who had now become their maid, christened "Penelope"! Obviously no copyright on maid's names!

Helga's regime had now settled into a nice pattern with 10 letters each month supplemented by some artwork, usually from Evets Stephens. To me the quality of the letters continued to improve and a greater proportion catered to my taste for enforced petticoat discipline. I well remember complimenting Helga at about this time on the superb job she was doing at the helm.

Had I not done so I certainly would have after October. Quite possibly the best-ever issue up to that with all 10 letters featuring enforced petticoating to a greater or lesser degree. Two of the letters "Susan's Plans for Jamie" and "Gabriela's Sissy Husband" featured very nice photographs of the petticoated men, perhaps at last my frequent showings of Penelope were beginning to encourage other like-minded ladies to torment their submissives in this highly public and humiliating way - anyway, most enjoyable!

Talking of pictures the outstanding feature for November was a quite remarkable letter and pictures entitled "Nancy's Wedding". A young man who had been petticoated at an early age by his mother and more or less raised as a girl had met a girl, Caroline, who became his fiancée and decided that they should be married with him as a lesbian bride. She insisted that he change his name from Ian to Nancy and found a church that would marry them. Though unhappy about it Nancy had to go along and the letter and pictures describe the wedding. The pictures are remarkable, apart from his height his mother and fiancée have done a superb job in presenting him as an attractive young lady. Petticoated indeed!

More pictures appeared in December, "Kathryn's Disclosure" being an account of girl-friend Rita showing off "Kathryn", formerly Alex, who was being thoroughly punished with pictures to prove it! I had finally completed a protracted house move in the Autumn and had made friends with my new neighbour Jane. I had debated for some time whether to introduce her to Penelope only for her to broach the subject as she had noticed I had a maid and enquired whether I had got her from an agency. Taking the bull by the horns I explained the true situation. Her reaction was all I could have hoped for and was the start of a whole new chapter in our petticoating life. I illustrated the letter with a nice picture of Penelope leaving the house in his maid's uniform to go and introduce himself!!

January 2010 was a relatively low-key issue but February really got the year going again. What appeared to be a cutting from an old magazine called the "Everdale Register" of an article entitled "The Hypatia Club" was most interesting, especially as it featured a drawing of a petticoated young man being forced to do a handstand revealing his petticoats, suspenders stockings and knickers to a group of his aunt's friends! In February I contributed a letter describing how my new dressmaker/neighbour Jane had visited to measure Penelope for some new dresses, this was to be the start of a whole new chapter in our lives!

March's letters included too many mother/son accounts for my particular tastes. In April I contributed a couple of pictures of Penelope wearing a beautiful dance petticoat that Jane had given me for him with the comment that he would have no doubt of his petticoated status in that! A May letter entitled "Cheating Husbands and Troublesome Boys" told of a family where the ladies were definitely very much in control, as was "Jamie's" sister in "Jamie's Submission Surprise". I was very pleased to see photographs of no less than three petticoated men, "Susan", "Jamie" and "John" in the June issue, all presented very nicely. Again I hoped that my example in regularly contributing photographs of Penelope would continue to encourage other wives and girl-friends to subject their petticoated partners to the exquisite embarrassment of being exposed to the world on PDQ.

July saw the debut of a new artist/contributor, Castre, whose work continues to decorate the title page of PDQ until today. I was immediately impressed by his superb depictions of very formidable-looking ladies dominating superbly petticoated men which so closely matched my own ideas of how petticoat discipline really worked. I am pleased to say that Castre and I became friends and correspondants and have collaborated on a number of projects for PDQ over the years. This issue also featured a long letter from me describing the development of my friendship with my new neighbour, Jane, and accompanied by a photo of Penelope in a beautiful dance costume that she had created.

An interesting piece of editorial from Helga drew attention to the more sexual content of some of the letters in the issue and asked readers views on the subject. My own view was that erotic play has always been very much part of our petticoat discipline lifestyle and was to be very much encouraged! Like many ladies in a similar position sexual reward had been instrumental in enticing Penelope into petticoats in the first place and a bit of healthy eroticism, to my mind, was a very enjoyable aspect of the whole petticoat discipline scene.

August and September showcased the developing talents of Castre, which coupled with the continuing imaginative work of Evets Stephens meant that the title page of PDQ now regularly featured very entertaining artwork. A very interesting, possibly unique, letter in September entitled "Father Petticoated for his own good" told a highly unusual tale of how a daughter had taken over the petticoating of her father following the tragic early passing of her mother. Something completely different and a novel way of ensuring that the father continued to honour the memory of her mother.

Fiction from Castre and a new contributor, Lori, began to appear in the Autumn issues in addition to Castre's artwork. I must say I preferred Castre's art to his rather matriarchal fiction pieces. October's highlight letters were "Male Bride" in which a wife and her friend humiliate her crossdressing husband in a "full meringue" wedding gown, and "Harvesting my Men" in which the correspondant, Sharon, recounted how she had brought four men under her control with the skillful use of petticoat discipline. Quite a girl!

November's letters were generally not to my taste apart from a superb return from one of my favourite correspondants, Angela S. Her letter entitled "Mother in Law's Clothes" described how she dressed her husband in used clothes donated by her mother and then subjected him to the exquisite embarrassment of parading him in front of her mother on her next visit!

December was a notable milestone for me. After a lot of heart-searching I decided to share a very erotic experience with the readers of PDQ. My neighbour Jane had become an enthusiastic participant in petticoating Penelope and my letter described how we had become a threesome in which Penelope pleasured us both and, new ground for me, Jane and I pleasured each other. A whole new world was opening up!

An oddity in December was an excellent letter entitled "Sissy's Coming Out Party" which appeared with my name as the contributor. It definitely wasn't me! The very bizarre events described and the characters named were absolutely not part of my experience unfortunately - it sounded most enjoyable! I'm fairly sure that the contributor was my dear friend Sallyann Spencer but to this day the letter appears in the archives as mine!

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