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Walter's mother couldn't cope: looking after eight children on her own was too much, so it was a God send when her older sisters came to her rescue and took some of them off her hands. Or that was what they said they would do. When it came to the crunch, they visited Edna's place in the city, practically holding their noses, and looked through the kids. For Edith and Olivia Quilting, their choice was always going to be simple: they would take 18-year-old Walter, the eldest, and that was it. Their sister was disappointed of course, thinking they might have relieved her of more expense, but at least there was one hungry mouth less to feed.

What Edna didn't know was that both her sisters had experienced a bitter case of jilting by a young man who bore an unfortunate resemblance to Walter. He would do nicely, for a long time to come, for them to enjoy a very rewarding pay-back towards the sort of male whom women could tease, mock and humiliate as much as they wanted. Aunt Edith and Aunt Olivia had made a killing. "Are you used to sleeping with your brothers, Walter?" inquired Aunt Edith, who was slim, pretty and in her mid-fifties.

"Yes, Aunt Edith. All four of us." Walter's mom had brought him up to be a polite boy, especially towards ladies, and his Aunts were definitely that.

"Hmm. You'll sleep on your own in Green Gables, for the time being."

"What are your favourite kinds of clothes?" asked Aunt Olivia, who was a bit younger than Aunt Edith but seemed more bossy somehow. Both Aunts accompanied him into his new bedroom to examine the contents of the small suitcase he had brought to his new home. Inside it he had three pairs of pants, two polo shirts, some tee-shirts, briefs and socks, with a decent pair of shoes. Aunt Olivia made him sit on the bed beside her sister while she sat on the chair opposite as if she was about to lecture him on what he could and couldn't do in Green Gables.

"Wearing those kinds of clothes does not go with your home. They are unacceptable," she said. Walter felt he was in trouble already. He packed the things his Mom suggested but he must have fouled up. "This is a household of females," went on his Aunt, "and females wear dresses and skirts. Panties but not pants. Pantyhose and not socks. Stand up and come over here."

Walter shot to his feet and Aunt Edith did the same, so that when he stood in front of the closet that Aunt Olivia was about to open for him, her sister was at his elbow. The heavy dark wooden door swung open and a shock of fright swept over Walter's scalp. He was faced with a row of girls' dresses, with not a shirt or a pair of pants to be seen. Aunt Olivia reached into the silky layers and brought out a clothes hanger laden with a complete outfit: a dress, on top of a petticoat, and more besides. She showed him the label at the front of the hanger: "FELICITY" it said, and she passed it to her sister before delving inside for another.

This time the dress was ridiculously ruffled and feminine, with white petticoat frills showing all round the hem. It had a label too: "CATHERINE". His Aunt wore a face like Miss Renshaw used to at school when she was having a bad day and everyone had better keep their heads down. "When you wear this set or clothes," she told him, "you will be Catherine, which means you will behave in every way as Catherine does. Understood?"

Walter felt Aunt Edith's hand tighten round his other shoulder as if to impress on him how he is in their house now, so what they say is what he will do. He took a deep breath, almost hearing his heartbeats, and nodded. "Y-Yes, Aunt."

"You will start this evening as Felicity. You won't be needing your case of clothes: we can lock that away safely for you." A few minutes later, Walter was walking down the stairs in girls' pantyhose and pink shoes with raised heels. He wore a dress in floral pale blue and white cotton with puffed sleeves to his wrists and a high yoke so that the dress almost hung outwards from his shoulders, spreading over deep petticoats that seemed to float around his knees. The silkiness around his body had his poor little bit aching with naughty feelings inside a pair of pink silky panties, and in his hair he wore a big bow of white satin ribbon. He had to sit on the settee next to Aunt Edith while Aunt Olivia sat opposite with her cup of tea. He felt so silly. This was embarrassing and he knew his face was crimson as he hung it on the white collar of his dress. "What is your name?" demanded Aunt Olivia.

"F-Felicity, Aunt Olivia," came Walter's very quiet response. After half an hour he was marched upstairs again and undressed. This time he became Victoria, and returned to the sitting room between his Aunts wearing a high-waisted white dress which flared out horizontally on a bed of white chiffon petticoats like a ballerina's tutu. A big bow fastened at the back of his dress, and he had two little puffed sleeves at the tops of his arms. "VICTORIA" came with a tiara of white flowers across his hair, white elbow length gloves, white pantyhose and ballerina slippers. Aunt Edith showed him how to hold his silver wand with its glittering star on the end. They added his white ruffle-back panties when he was downstairs again, so that they could observe the effects on his male sex as panties were added to his sensitive pantyhose. They were not disappointed: Walter was deeply affected by wearing the girls' clothes that awaited him in his new life.

"This afternoon," said Aunt Olivia on the following day, a Saturday, "you will be Shirley, aged one-and-a-half."

Walter couldn't imagine what she meant as he stood naked between his Aunts at the closet. But when "SHIRLEY" came into view he got the picture. His outfit was in pink satin with white panels and a big white collar edged all round with two inches of lace. Aunt Olivia laid it across the bed and then turned her attentions to Walter and her sister. "Shirley is a baby girlykins, dear, and that means the contents of this bag will be worn underneath her silky outside."

She pulled open the string-hold top of a plastic bag and brought out onto the bed its horrifying contents: girls' sani-pads, disposable diapers and a large pair of latex baby panties. "The bag is refilled afresh each time, Shirley, so you wear everything at once, that means one – two – three – four diapers and of course your pink rubber panties. Up here on the bed for your Aunties to dress you."

His Aunts rolled him this way and that across their skirts as he was diapered again and again, put into his panties, and then dressed in his Shirley romper. It buttoned down his back and across under his legs, with a lot more pearled buttons up the front of his romper panty. His little bit ached and ached with the shame of it all. How awful it would be if anyone were to see him like this. He was marched downstairs by his Aunts, wearing little pink satin slippers that fastened with satin ribbons, and was taken this time into an annexe off the sitting room.

Walter got a fright. It was set up with rows of dresses waiting for him to wear, with bonnets too, a rail of panties hanging on special panty hangers, and at one end of the room a swing suspended from the ceiling. "Up," demanded Aunt Olivia, and Walter had to take his place. A bar fastened across his belly closing him in and he was told to hold onto the ropes. But before his swinging could begin, Aunt Edith had something for him.

"Today we are having a visit from some of your cousins, my dear," she said, and she opened out a big pink and white bonnet to slip round his head. "Sophia and Chandra and Isabel are all in their teens and can't wait to play with the new baby girl who lives at Green Gables."

Walter's tears gathered in his eyes while his little bit grew very stiff into the sani-pad in his diaper.

"Your cousins will want to play Mommies and Babies with you, honeykins," went on Aunt Edith, sliding the ribbons of his bonnet into a bow under his chin, "and they will want to dress you in all these lovely outfits."

She looked round and Walter's bonnet couldn't help following, as Aunt Olivia explained: "There's "CLEMENTINE" and "FANNY" and "KIRSTY" and "ELLIE-MAY", all of them with diapers and latex baby pants, my dear. And I think the girls will want to put you into their own sanitary pads each time you need a change. Ha – ha – ha!"

Both his aunts laughed and laughed as they pushed Walter this way and that in his swing, and it wasn't long before the thought of three girls changing and dressing him over and over had Walter's little bit at full stretch inside his soft, silky diapers.
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