When I was fourteen I was the bully in our school. It was a small school with about seventy five kids. One day a new girl Beverly moved to our town she lived with Sandy Carter's family. I understood that her mom and dad separated and that she came to live with the Carter's until her mother could get something together.

About the third week that she was there Sandy's brother Tom got me mad and I started fighting with him and was kicking his butt when Beverly grabbed me by the hair and pulled me toward her and before I knew what was happening she had me over her knee and my pants down to my feet she started spanking me until I was crying and begging her to let me go. She dumped me on the ground before her and told me to tell Tom I was sorry. I said I was sorry and she kicked me and said now go stand in the corner of the play yard and face the corner until the bell rang. I walked to the corner and stood there for a while and the bell rang and we all ran to class.

The teacher asked me why I was all messy. I started to say I fell but my eye caught Beverly and said I was fighting with Tom. She pressed for more information. She said tell me why Tom beat me up. I said he didn't and she said who did, I said Beverly. Ms. Donald asked me to tell her all about it. I told her everything that happened and the whole class was laughing.

On the way home that day Beverly walked up to me and handed me a pair of panties and said to wear these tomorrow and I won't beat you up. I looked at her with eyes big and tears in them. The next day at recess she told me to drop my pants. I did and everyone went wild laughing. I went to pull up my pants and she said I was a very naughty little girl and that the next day she wanted me to wear another pair and Sandy said I will give him mine after school and all the other girls asked if I would be allowed to wear each girls panties. Beverly said that would be good except the panties would have to be hand washed every day.

I was so happy when Beverly left except for one thing she left me seven pair of panties and told me that if Sandy told me to do anything I was to do it or she would come back and kick my sissy butt.

Sandy and I have been married for thirty years now and everyday I have worn panties and been her sissy slave.

Cindy the sissy

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