When I was twelve my father left my mother because in his words she was a drama queen. I was very depressed and acted out a lot. My older sister was a very dominate girl. I had seen her beat boys until they cried like little girls. I was always afraid of her but tried never to get on her bad side.

One day I had a very bad day at school. Connie asked me what was the matter I told her that a guy name Jack had been picking on me for a week and I was made by him today to get on my knees and tell him I loved him like a real male would not like the big sissy I was. Everyone laughed except Sue a girl I really liked. She told me not to worry about those jerks. I could see she felt sorry for me. My sister said that Jack would feel sorry the next day. I begged her not to cause me more problems. She assured me that Jack would be having the problems.

After school the next day we walked to an ally where a lot of the kids hung out after school. Jack was there and he asked me if I still loved him in a sarcastic tone. I blushed and he laughed. About that time my sister walked up, She went to Jack and said why do you have to have a boy tell you that he loved you. She asked if he were gay or just a sissy. He told her to pipe down or he would kick her butt. Before anyone could see what was going on Jack was on the ground crying out for Connie to stop.

Connie told him to take off his clothes. He said no way so she started on him again. Before long he was taking off all of his clothes. She told me to come over to them. She said Billy Jack wanted you to tell HER you love HER. Jack said I am not a HER I am a guy. Connie reached in her pocket and took out a pair of her panties (I knew that because I had played with them a few times). She tossed them to him and he caught them. She said you know what to do with them girl. His eyes got real big and he began to beg her not to do this to him. She said look Jackie your lover is right here and he needs some sex. Then Jack tried to run but others stopped him and Connie said do it girl. He stepped into them and she looked at Sue and Sue handed him a bra. He knew what to do. Before long he stood there in front of a lot of people in bra and panties.

Connie ask him who was his boyfriend. She looked at me. He stuttered as he said Billy. Connie said you should ask your boyfriend if he wants sex. He was sobbing as he tried to ask me if I wanted sex. She said we all know now who is the sissy don't we Jackie. He said yes. Connie and Sue both said at the same time you mean Mistress Connie. He said yes Mistress Connie. Connie said my brother is not into boys so from now on if you make him mad I will be back and Sue said so will I.

When I was just out of my forth year of college I married Sue and she has become my Mistress and I love her very much. Yes I am her toy but I enjoy being what ever she wants me to be.

A warning to guys who think they are big and bad, there are some women out there who can beat the crap out of you so don't play if you are not willing to pay up her way.

Billy and sometimes Sally

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