from Laura

Dear Helga,

A good friend of mine sent me a link to your website after we discussed my son at dinner last night. I'm not really sure he is hinting at a life as a sissymaid however after reading some of the information on your website there are signs. It's just Dustin and myself which has been the case for most of his life now at age 21 so if he wants to be a sissymaid he only has to discuss it with me.

Here is what happened to prompt me to talk about Dustin with my girlfriend in the first place. It was a few weeks ago he started to comment on certain things I wear after helping fold the laundry. At first I didn't think much of it with Dustin a curious person until a few days later when he asked what I thought of him wearing panties. Well I started to laugh thinking he was joking with me which he wasn't. One thing led to another so I bought him a dozen assorted nylon panties, the full brief style.

When I shared the story with my girlfriend she also laughed until I got to the part of me buying them for Dustin. Anyways Dustin seems to like wearing panties so no harm done. As the days went by something was telling me Dustin had more of an interest than just panties. I thought about it before saying anything so as not to embarrass him. At breakfast today doesn't he mention wearing a pair of his pink panties of which I had bought two pair of pinks.

Dustin commented he felt strange wearing the pink ones however he liked them. I wondered if he slept in his panties so I asked him. The answer was just as I thought a yes so jokingly I suggested he wear a nightie or nightgown with them to bed. Poor Dustin didn't know what to say as his mind tried to find an answer. I decided to buy him a two piece gown and robe something like what I wear to see if he would wear it regardless of his answer. The worst thing that could happen is he might say no and I take it back to the store.

Well Dustin didn't refuse or cause a stink which gave me a signal to go buy one which I did along with a pair of nice slippers and a bra just in case. I know he hasn't agreed to do any of this other than wear panties however something was telling me he would go further and wanted to go further. As for me not knowing what would happen didn't bother me too much. I thought if Dustin wanted to dress like a woman he could and I would help him if he asked me. So Helga we shall see tonight if Dustin tries on my purchases and if so what happens next.

By looking at your website it is clear many men and many women get involved in this type of thing. Based on what I have written for you here do you get a sense Dustin has some cross dressing tendencies or do you feel there is more to it? As a mother do you agree I help him or let him do whatever it is on his own?

I would love to chat with you at some point about the possibilities and or concerns if any.

Kind regards,

Thank you for your letter Laura. It seems we have quite the coincidence here as Dustin has been writing me for the last couple of days, he told me of his desires and yes, I feel it is more than merely crossdressing, he seems to want to become your sissymaid and of course he's shy about that.

I must say at the outset it is very open-minded of you to provide the clothing and he seems to love it and is delighted that you did. Rather than me tell you what he wants, it would be better if he told you directly so when I answer his latest email, one, I will bcc you so you can see it and two, I will suggest he openly discuss the possibility of becoming your sissymaid and you can go from there.


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