from Rosemary

Dear Helga,

I came across your website by chance and find the subject of petticoating, fascinating. My purpose in writing to you is to share the experience I had with my son Tom who is six years old. Though it happened last summer, I have not been able to dismiss it from my thoughts. I was at a friends house for the day, and Tom had an accident and wet himself. This presented a problem as I had no change of clothes for him, and all that was available was my friend Sarah's daughter Jane's clothes, which she kindly offered.

Naturally I was hesitant to take up the offer, but equally I knew that there was really no choice. Tom was in a state of panic as I washed him down in the bathroom and dried him. To make matters worse for him, Jane was jumping about with excitement, presumably at the thought of Tom wearing her clothes. Sarah appeared with a pile of clothes, neatly folded, and handed them to me. I placed them on the toilet lid and Tom burst into tears, and screamed that he wasn't going to wear them. Eventually I managed to calm him down and explained that as he had wet himself, his clothes would have to be washed. I told him that there was no other clothes available for him to wear, and he would have to wear them.

With him calmed down, I picked up the knickers and put them on him. Then the vest, and as I tucked the vest into the knickers, a strange feeling of excitement came over me. Seeing Tom in girl's underwear was indeed a real pleasure. It looked so nice on him and such a perfect fit. Luckily Tom and Jane, as well as being the same age, were the same size. I continued to dress Tom in a tee shirt and shorts, followed by plain white socks. By this time, Jane had joined us and excitedly asked Tom if he was wearing her knickers. Sarah came to the rescue and took Jane away to have a talk with her.

The day turned out fine and it was nice to see Tom and Jane playing well together. I couldn't help thinking that it was nice for Tom to be wearing girls clothes. Or was it a case of me loving the fact that he was wearing girl's clothes?

Since taking Jane's clothes off of Tom, I have been unable to forget the enjoyment of dressing and seeing him in girl's clothes. I have thoughts of buying him pretty underwear and even dresses. To date I have managed to suppress my emotions but now find that I am feeling desperate about dressing Tom as a girl.

Should I be thinking this way?


Thank you for your letter Rosemary. I appreciate the background information and that you are seeking input about this very exciting opportunity. It is interesting how happenstance can bring about change, especially when it comes to raising boys and because of his accident you both were able to experience something unique.

Your excitement at seeing him dressed in girls clothes is perfectly normal, I hear this all the time, they just look darling and it seems to bring something to the surface we find enjoyable. It could well be both, he, after a short period of adjustment forgot all about wearing the girl's clothes and that you loved it, again, perfectly normal. There is no harm in thinking about dressing your son in girl's clothes and in fact, there isn't any harm in actually doing so.


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