from Debbie

Dear Helga,

My husband Glen loves to feel all gorgeous in my silky petticoats and panties - and I absolutely love to make him feel this way! He loves the way I dress, the silk and satin underwear I always wear, and the fact that I love my silky nylons and stilettos and never leave home without them! I dress as femininely as I can and love to feel and hear my slips and petticoats swishing against my stockings. Glen also loves my full figure. I am a very curvy lady, my bras are 36D, waist 25 and hips 36!

One night I confessed to him that I had stumbled across his web site viewing history! Mrs Silk, Mistress Jessica, enforced feminism, petticoat power, petticoat spanking, special magazine sites, adult sissies, even adult babies! I checked out everything! After his embarrassment I reassured him that I found it all quite a turn on!

Our drawers are filled with silk and satin petticoats and half slips, frilly panties, bras and suspender belts and dozens of packets of nylon stockings. I love to dress him just like me but I really love to be his "mummy". I like to spank him over my petticoated lap, rubbing his frilly panties then spanking, rubbing then spanking, feeling his naughtiness pressing into my petticoats, hearing the swishing of our petticoats together.

I love to whisper in his ear, "can you hear our pretty petticoats swishing and rustling darling? Are you going to be a naughty girl for mummy as she spanks you? Do you like petticoats and stockings darling? Mummy wants to suckle you after this and she is wearing a very pretty satin bra with lovely wide shoulder straps. Do you want to caress mummy's pretty bra after this spanking? Mummy loves suckling you doesn't she? Oh darling, are you going to feel all girly and feminine in your panties and petticoats while mummy spanks you? There's a good girl, mummy is so proud of you. Lovely pretty silky petticoats. My goodness, I think mummy had better get a nice warm flannel hadn't she hmm?"

I couldn't have found myself a more loving and honest man, and I believe he couldn't have found himself a more loving and understanding woman!

Thanks for listening.


Thank you for your letter Debbie and for sharing your story, indeed he seems in touch with his feminine side and that's a wonderful thing. Being able to share your fantasies with each other in such an open and honest way is a large part of any successful marriage,.


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