from Vanessa

Dear Helga,

I enjoy taking my husband (who I call Lucy in his maid persona) clothes shopping in charity shops from time to time. This is particularly embarrassing for him when I insist that he tries on the skirts or dresses that I have chosen for him, the more so as he is always wearing femme undies and stockings under his male clothes on these occasions.

Recently I took him on such a trip and found two very nice floral summer dresses on the bargain rail at the local Help the Aged shop, which I thought would be ideal for him doing the housework in the coming summer months. As I held them up against him to assess them, which always causes him to squirm, the assistant replacing an item on the rail laughingly said, to my surprise, "he can try them on if you like, you can't really see like that". She certainly didn't realise that I had intended to do that anyway but I saw the chance of having even more fun than usual and thanked her effusively asking if she was sure no one would mind. "Of course not, anyway, we'd probably be accused of sexism if we didn't allow a man to try on a dress wouldn't we" she said with a laugh and a questioning look at her colleague. The other lady, who seemed to be the shop manager was quick to join in what they obviously saw as a bit of fun to brighten their dull day, "no problem" she said smiling " provided we get to help choose of course"! Well, the look on Lucy's face was a picture as I led him firmly towards the changing cubicle " Vanessa, you can't let them see me, they'll see my stockings!" he spluttered. "Get in there and get this on" I said firmly, handing him the pretty blue day dress to try first, "why are you worried about stockings when they're going to see you in a pretty dress?"

He seemed to be taking longer than usual and as the shop was empty the two ladies came over to join me waiting "he obviously isn't used to putting on a dress" laughed one of them. I smiled at her "he doesn't usually take this long" I said, "he must be having trouble with the zip" leaving her with a puzzled look as I went over to the cubicle and opened the curtain to find him, as I expected, in the dress but struggling to fasten the back zip whilst cowering with a petrified expression on his face "I can't do the zip" he whispered, "why didn't you call me to help" I snapped, turning him round to pull it up "I... I didn't want to attract attention" he stammered. I laughed knowing full well he was about to get plenty "come on" I said, taking him none too gently by the arm and leading him out into the shop "your audience awaits".

They were both quick to make teasing remarks about how cute he looked but it was the older one who first spotted his stockings "oh my god, he's wearing tights" she blurted, astonished, and was even more so when I corrected her, "no, its stockings, I much prefer him to wear them". Both ladies were now really getting into it, watching with amused contempt as Lucy was made to walk up and down and do a twirl, the full skirt of the pretty V-necked dress flaring out attractively as he did so. The senior assistant looked thoughtful "mm, a good fit but a bit big at the top don't you think?" I smiled wickedly at Lucy, "Oh that'll be OK when I stuff his bra a bit". They were both now laughing fit to bust and enquired, disbelievingly, whether he was wearing one at the moment. "Of course" I replied and readily agreed when they suggested that in that case he borrow a couple of scarves to pad it out, which they quickly produced. Seemingly in a daze, Lucy retired to the changing cubicle to make the adjustment and when he emerged, with a much more feminine shape, both assistants clapped their hands with glee and declared that the dress was now a perfect fit.

I then handed him the yellow and green floral dress in a similar style and dispatched him to change, with a warning not to take so long this time! After assisting him with the zip he was soon emerging to be greeted by more teasing and a cheeky wolf whistle from the younger lady and was put again through the "catwalk" process to assess the fit, which we all agreed was perfect. At this time two more ladies came into the shop to browse, but, to Lucy's extreme discomfiture, seemed much more interested in the impromptu fashion show than their own shopping, clearly finding the whole thing very amusing.

At length I decided he'd suffered enough (and that we were probably both excited enough) and said that we needed to decide which dress we wanted. I turned the screw even more by asking the senior assistant what she thought "I don't know, he looks really cute in both of them, I suppose you only need one for the fancy dress party?" Lucy looked at me pleadingly but I was in full swing now, I looked at her feigning surprise "Party? Oh no these are for doing the housework" as her mouth dropped open I added mischievously "I think I prefer this one, but the blue will go with his pinny far better". She was clearly having a great time "Oh that's lovely, what a wonderful idea" she said, beside herself, "I'll tell you what, as you've been so much fun, these are £5 each, but I'll do you the two for £8, bring them to the till when you're ready and I'll do the price adjustment" she winked at me, "unless Lucy would like to wear one home?"

I thanked her but replied that we had other shopping to do but insisted that Lucy thank her for her kind reduction on the price and go and get changed. "Thank you very much Madame," he stammered, his face the colour of a beetroot. I stared at him firmly, "a curtsy, I think" he looked at me appalled but seeing my expression made a neat little curtsy before scurrying back to the cubicle. The assistant was laughing fit to burst, "oh that's so precious" she managed to say, wiping tears of laughter from her eyes, "wonderful, I'd never have believed it possible, well done my dear. What a lovely idea, my husband is going to be in for a few surprises".

I had become so moist that we did not go further shopping, but rather drove straight home where Lucy, as I expected after such an ordeal, was rampant and satisfied me most thoroughly! He was forced to agree that, though terribly embarrassing, he had found the whole thing had been strangely exciting, and it certainly had been for me. In a number of visits to charity shops this was the first time that the staff had got involved in Lucy's humiliation and it certainly added to my enjoyment.

I also mentioned in my previous letter that we had fun taking him out "dressed" to draw money from an ATM machine. Quite by chance we recently enhanced this somewhat. Lucy was on maid duty one evening, busily ironing as I watched TV, when I asked him if he had remembered to get some money for me on his way home as I was going out to lunch with some girlfriends the following day. He shamefacedly admitted he had forgotten, and then had the nerve to suggest I "pop out to the bank myself"! I was very annoyed with him "no" I replied" I asked you to go and as you've been so cheeky you'll go now - dressed exactly as you are"! He looked horrified, "of course I'll go V, but I can't go like this" he stammered looking down at his lovely French Maid costume with its mass of petticoats and full, frilly pinny. I put on my sternest dominatrix expression, "You can - and you will" I snapped, "come on, off we go"!

He started to protest but the idea, which had come to me out of the blue, suddenly was very appealing. I turned off the TV and ushered him into the hall. It seemed like he was almost in a trance "I can't V, I really can't" he wailed. This was a chance to really push the boundaries and I wasn't going to be denied. My uncompromising attitude soon overcame his reluctance and I told him to get his nice pink winter jacket on as there was a chilly breeze blowing outside. "He looked at me appealingly "let me at least take my hat and pinny off" he beseeched. "Hat yes, but the pinny stays on" I said and led him out on to the drive and into the car before he could argue further.

He quickly removed his lacy maid's hat as we made the short drive into the nearby village and pulled up by the bank where a young couple were using the machine. I handed him my handbag with his bank card, "out you go then, don't hang about" "Oh please, V, can't we at least wait until they've finished" Time for a firm hand again, "Out, now, If you'd done what I asked you wouldn't be here now, this will remind you to be more thoughtful in the future" He still looked reluctant "if you don't go now I'm going to start blowing the horn and attracting a lot of attention, would you like that?" Realising I was serious he needed no further prompting and was soon mincing prettily across the pavement, trying his best to look girly! He pulled the jacket tightly to try to hide his pinny, but it was still very visible, as were his petticoats which he struggling desperately to control as the stiff breeze caught them, exposing his stocking tops and suspenders most brazenly! He was despite his best efforts, very obviously dressed as a French Maid! Fortunately for him the couple finished their business and moved away without, apparently noticing him.

As he stood at the machine with his hands occupied on the keyboard another gust of wind blew his skirts and petticoats, giving a spectacular view of his stocking tops, just as a couple of teenage girls rounded the corner by the machine. They stood surprised for a moment, then burst out laughing as they took in the scene. Looking curious they moved closer, at which point, I realised, it would have dawned on them that they were looking at a man dressed as a maid - brilliant. I wound down the window to hear better what was going on. At the very moment they "made" him he got the money and started to hurry back to the car, accompanied by the sound of wolf whistles and comments like "your petticoats are showing" and "lovely the pinny".

Just as he neared the car one of the girls called out "you've forgotten your receipt" holding the small piece of paper aloft. He looked at me appealingly, "I don't know, your memory's getting awful - go back and get it, and don't forget to thank the girl - properly" I said with a meaningful look. To my further amusement I noticed that one of the girls had produced her mobile phone and was filming him! I watched in great amusement as he trotted back, horrified as he realised he was being caught on camera, and, to the hilarity of the two girls, curtsied prettily as he thanked them - I thought they would collapse laughing, they certainly had a story to tell their friends that night! I, meanwhile, was once again enjoying the attentions of a very aroused maid in our bedroom!

Some of your readers may think that I was being unnecessarily cruel to my poor husband, but I assure you that this was not the case. Both of these occasions happened quite unexpectedly and my actions were spontaneous, which somehow made them all the more exciting, for both of us, as it turned out. We are both very much consenting adults and though Lucy would never willingly consent to these things if given a choice, his compliance and obvious arousal indicate to me that, perhaps on a subconscious level, he too is getting what he wants by these adventures. This sort of lifestyle requires a significant degree of trust, and Lucy accepts that though he is put in very embarrassing and sometimes humiliating positions, I would never do anything that put him in harm's way. He also realises that his submission results in a very sexually satisfied life for both of us and thus, I think, deep down is prepared to subject himself to my will on the basis that the rewards are extremely worthwhile!

Best wishes,

Thank you for your letter Vanessa. What great outings, of course he is humiliated, but that's the point of the fun and I have found that many men that indulge in sissy games find this embarrassment a sexual turn on. I hope my readers will appreciate that these experiences are all harmless fun and though I don't condone this type of activity where children might be present, Vanessa is well aware of this without my admonition and uses responsible judgment whenever they venture outside.


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