This is a detailed report of my punishment last night:

I was first asked to officially get dressed for a punishment in my sissy uniform. I was sent to confinement in the bedroom for about 30 minutes all alone anticipating the punishment. I expected something more than I was told.

Aunt Molly came in and asked me to routinely request the punishment. I did so & then I was asked to strip and face the wall with my backside jutting out.

I was given ten strokes I counted each one followed by a thank you Aunt Molly. I was asked to turn around with my hands on my head. She put on the wig and asked my to stand in the corner facing the wall. She said the surprise would be coming soon. I was engrossed in my own thoughts. Suddenly, Aunt Molly scared me by putting her hand my shoulder. I turned back startled. But she was not alone. Aunt Stacy was with her. My penis was erect which I tried to cover but Aunt Molly immediately yelled out and I had not option but to keep my hands on my head.

I was humiliated as they laughed at my both the genders of my body. They asked me if I wanted to be a boy or a girl. I said boy. But I had the build of a skinny fair girl. So then, I replied girl. I was given 5 minutes to control my erection which I failed at miserably. So Aunt Stacy decided to punish me. Aunt Molly was going to fetch the cane but Aunt Stacy decided to give me a spanking over her knees. She asked Aunt Molly to fetch a hairbrush. I was scared.

While Aunt Molly was away, Aunt Stacy took her position and called me towards her. She massaged my penis and said that it would cool down in a few minutes. She turned me around and opened my buttocks wide. She checked for hair and said she was impressed with my hygiene. She turned me around and stroked my penis and I was highly aroused. I made a sound or two and she was smiling and laughing. When Aunt Molly returned, Aunt Stacy told her that I deserved a prize for being a clean girlish boy. Aunt Molly said she would think about it once I become a good boy again.

Aunt Molly pulled me by my penis over her knees and gave a me a sound spanking with the hairbrush. I didn't cry but my facial expressions were enough to show I was hurt. After the spanking, Aunt Stacy had me stand up and stroked my penis continuously. She then asked me to lay down on the bed on my back. She was a strong woman and immediately turned me around with my feet perpendicular to her in diaper position. She stroked me for a while but then stopped as Aunt Molly said that I had been a bad boy. She played with my testicles and asked me to turn around. She showed Aunt Molly that I was keeping good hygiene. Aunt Stacy said she would visit soon to meet the good girl. I was told to say thank you to Aunt Stacy in the usual manner but Aunt Stacy just pulled me towards her and hugged me tight. Aunt Molly put my hands around her. My penis was touching her and Aunt Molly said I was lucky as she never allowed me to get sexual when I was a bad boy. Aunt Stacy left & I was told to have a bath and go home. Aunt Molly applied some cream on my backside after my bath. I had a punishment I deserved but I felt loved as well.

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