The Rubberist's Diary

The Nanny's Diaries Continued

Part 1. 'The necessary surgery and rubber corset therapy for our big rubber baby boy.'

'It is now the Summer of 1930, and I have been in residence at dear Mrs Smythe's house for some six months. The reason for my employment? To take the young James in hand, a task I have thoroughly enjoyed. The boy is rapidly approaching a very intense early puberty, due to being heavily dosed with very strong hormones on Mrs Smythe's orders. Also, he must be kept heavily dosed with an equally powerful diuretic, and this will ensure that he must kept in thin towel nappies and heavy hospital frilly red rubber pants and similar frilly rubber knee bloomers for his frequent wetting.

To greatly add to the boys humiliation and discomfort, these delightful rubbers have the very tightest of elastic in the waist and legs. Also, the very largest of rubber frills to keep the boy as a proper sissy rubber baby boy. Other rubber baby garments are also essential. There is a specially made high chair with securing straps for his wrists and ankles for the boy's regular spoon and bottle feeding. Also a rubber lined old fashioned pram into which the boy can be tightly strapped for daily outings. Mrs Smythe insists on plenty of rubber involvement for the boy both day and night, to remind him of his infancy. Having to suck on a large rubber dummy, and to be kept strapped into an old fashioned leather baby harness and reins keeps the boy firmly in his place as a proper rubber baby boy.

Presenting James to the visiting German lady doctor.

Mrs Smythe said that the boy was now developing into his early puberty in a most satisfying manner, frequently raising his daily dose of hormones and diuretics. A visit from a German doctor friend of Mrs Smythe, with many years of experience with boys like James, was soon planned and now considered very essential. This will greatly add to the boy's personal cleanliness, as well as greatly enhancing his sensitivity to his baby treatment. He must be suitably 'rubber babyfied' before being handed over to the dear doctor, an authentic rubber covered 'brat board' already installed in the spare room with its many heavy rubber securing straps.

After being woken very early, and full bathroom treatment, we then put the boy into the usual coarse towel nappy and frilly red rubber baby pants and also rubber knee bloomers. He would be needing plenty of extra rubber protection after the dear lady doctor had finished with him! Over all this we made him wear a very short and frilly red rubber baby dress and matching rubber bonnet. The usual large rubber dummy was strapped firmly into his mouth, a large rubber bib tied around his neck. With rubber bootees on his feet and tightly leather harnessed and in reins, we marched him to the nursery. Strapping him securely into his high chair, we eagerly awaited the dear doctors arrival. We spoon fed the boy and dosed him over and over from the rubber teat. So very vigorously we dosed him, that by the time the doctor arrived our boy was dribbling all over his rubber bib, and was thoroughly wet and shivering with naughty excitement in his nappy and rubbers. He was certainly ready for some very necessary 'treatment'.

We were delighted to see the dear doctor arrived clad in a very shiny black rubber mackintosh. She removed this to reveal a proper and severe uniform and a long red rubber apron. She was thrilled to see our James in the high chair, properly babyfied in full rubber. The dear boy shivered at the very sight of the rubber clad lady doctor looking so menacingly at him with a cruel delight. "I'll soon deal with you, my big sissy rubber baby boy!" she chuckled, with a loud slap of her rubber apron clad thighs. "I just love the smell of a thoroughly wet big rubber baby boy, my dears! Now let's get the darling boy all naked and onto my rubbered knees!"

But first Mrs Smythe knelt before the dear boy, and quickly forced her hands well up under the front of his rubber baby dress. Then she forced her hands inside the front of the frilly rubber bloomers and frilly rubber baby pants."Now then my darling big rubber baby boy, how very wet and excited you are! The dear doctor is here especially to deal with you, as such a wetter as you must now be given the proper treatment that you deserve!" We soon released him from the high chair and stripped him quite naked on the doctor's orders. He was soon sitting upon the dear woman's shiny rubber covered lap.

How the darling boy shivered with his hands hands placed firmly upon his head, and how very noisily he sucked on the rubber dummy as the dear woman closely inspected his boy's attributes in her rubber gloved hands. Forced delightfully erect, she installed a very tight steel glans ring over the top of his rampant member. How he moaned at this acute punishing sensation. But much worse was to follow. After some vigorous stretching that had the boy reach a frenzy of submission, followed by the usual hard wetting, it was now time for the touch of more cold steel. She soon had James strapped on his back on to the brat board, still quite naked. The doctor was certainly most impressed by the sight of the boy's greatly enlarged genitals.

She first had to make the boy totally flaccid, the very tight steel glans ring was now causing the boy some very intense spasms of arousal. A brisk application of a cold cream and she prepared her steel instruments. We looked on with delight as the dear woman went about her work, and how very hard our boy sucked on the rubber dummy! She giggled with satisfaction as she finished just as James wet very vigorously over her rubber gloved hands. The woman briskly grasped James' ankles and pulled him up to reveal his bare bottom. My word, she gave him such a spanking. "Right my lad! It's into a nappy and rubbers with you, my boy!" She chuckled. Poor James moaned and shivered before a clean nappy and rubbers were briskly pulled up over him very forcibly, by strong and determined German doctor's hands. His sudden returning arousal eagerly witnessed by us."You shall need to bare the boy for the frequent application of ointment for a full week, my dears! Then I would certainly suggest also giving the dear boy some time in full rubbers without a nappy, to save you on so much laundering of his soiled nappies. Then, regular bare bottom spankings will be very necessary, as a part of proper rubber baby boy's discipline. The woman said with a knowing grin. Our dear big rubber baby boy was now certainly ready to be redressed and harnessed for the rest of the day.

'The rubber therapy corset.'

The boy is delightfully petite and very effeminate, and has a 'stoop' having suffered from polio in infancy. Mrs Smythe was well aware of the need for the correction of this, and steps were soon taken for the boy's 'therapy'. For all our involvement with the boy's treatment and discipline, we are sure to be correctly attired as all Nanny's should be. Old fashioned and very formal Nurses uniforms worn over severe foundation undergarments. Gleaming and taut black seamed stockings, elaborate head dresses and the very necessary shiny red rubber aprons. Strapped good and tightly over our uniforms and reaching from below our chins to our ankles. Also, accompanied by the wearing of heavy elbow length rubber gloves, very necessary when dealing with such a wetting big baby boy. The rubber 'therapy' corset duly arrived from Germany, a truly antique device often used for restraining trouble makers in the boy's homes. A very heavy and steel reinforced red rubber garment, designed to force the boy's head back and spine very straight. With its many laces and heavy straps, our James was certainly in for some severe restraint.

We were quick to notice, with delight, the broad rubber crotch strap that would pass from the back to the front of the corset between James' legs. The rubber crotch strap divided into two straps passing closely each side of the boy's genitals, before strapping tightly to the front of the corset. The very next day we introduced the boy to the device with much delight. We woke the boy at dawn and released him from his night time restraints. Strapped tightly on his back between the heavy red rubber sheets, a large rubber dummy strapped into his mouth. On Mrs Smythe's orders, the boy now has his genitals securely restrained by thick and tight rubber rings. One behind his testicles holding a second firmly at the base of his recently circumcised penis. This was healing most quickly, and we knew it was now extra sensitive to the feelings of being in nappies and rubbers.

We were to continue with the regular baring of the boy's genitals at his frequent nappy changing, but now applying a stinging pepper cream to keep our James increasingly stimulated. These unforgiving rubber restraints keeping the boy so very aware at all times of his early forced puberty, and greatly add to his frequent wetting discipline. His genitals are kept thrust well forward beneath his thin and tight nappies, ensuring that the boy is kept so very aware of being kept in rubbers at all times. In addition, the boy must be further humiliated by being left for long periods in urine soiled nappy. This will keep the boy properly aware of the relentless effects of his warm urine soaked thin towel nappy, under the punishing sweaty hospital red rubbers. His longing to now to have naked genitals in rubbers and to be free of the soaked nappy, being cruelly denied by his knowing Nanny. She knows just what is best for her boy.

With the boy now naked in the bathroom, he was very ready for his early morning correction, bathing and toileting. He sucked and dribbled hard with anticipation. His introduction to the rubber therapy corset was to quickly follow. The boy was first paddled hard with the heavy rubber bathroom paddle, held squirming over Mrs Smythe's rubber aproned knees. With his bottom turning a very deep red, Mrs Smythe winked knowingly at me. James suddenly became completely rigid, sucking on the rubber dummy with increasing frenzy. The paddle rose and fell ever harder the boy became suddenly quite limp. His sucking and dribbling slowly resumed as he was pulled to his feet. We closely inspected the shiny rubber apron to look for the tell tale signs. A very fine performance, we both agreed. The usual morning routine continued with James now being sat on Mrs Smythe's rubber clad knees with his hands placed firmly upon his head. Now he would feel the rigors of Mrs Smythe's rubber gloves until a further submission was endured by him.

A very welcome visit from Mrs Smythe's favourite seamstress, and we decided on a new Sunday best uniform for our boy. Full 'sissification' was exactly just what our James now required. This was to be a surprise for him when, at last, I would be left alone with the boy for the very first time.

Part 2 'Alone with Nanny.'

And so I was to be left alone with the dear boy on Mrs Smythe's departure on the Saturday evening. He would be put to bed very early and strapped on his back between his red rubber sheets and tightly strapped and laced into the rubber therapy corset. This was under the usual thin and very tightly pinned cloth nappy and red rubber knee bloomers. I made quite certain to dose him really heavily with plenty of diuretic and hormones until he moaned and dribbled. And now with a large rubber dummy strapped securely into his mouth to suck on, I could tell instantly that the boy was having the first of many a good night time 'rubber wetting'. The next day I would delight in taking the boy to church and Sunday school. I had already decided to have the boy spend the day properly corseted under his delightful new Sunday best attire. I just couldn't wait to be properly dressing the boy in the most sissy attire imaginable!

Very early the next morning, I quickly got properly attired as every Nanny should be, with a big rubber baby boy to take care of. Suitably tightly corseted and in gleaming taut black stockings, I donned my authentic severe Victorian nanny's uniform. With its full and ankle length skirts, head dress and ankle length gleaming heavy red rubber apron, I was certainly ready to take the dear boy in hand and across my knees when necessary. I then snapped on heavy elbow length rubber gloves. I had soon pulled the boy from his sweaty rubber and urine scented night prison and had him naked in the bathroom. James was extremely aroused and confused as I first cold scrubbed him all over. I paid particular attention to his genitals, not sparing the hard scrubbing brush. A good pepper creaming of genitals and buttocks got the boy ready to feel my shiny red rubber apron against his nakedness.

Then, beginning to feel the increasing sting of the ointment and while still dripping wet, I jerked him over my rubber clad knees to be spanked with the heavy rubber bathroom paddle. He very quickly was in total submission, and with extremely reddened buttocks. I pulled him to his feet for a very intimate inspection. I had certainly given the boy a thorough wake up call! I marched him painfully by his left ear back to the spare room where his Sunday best was laid out in readiness, also the rubber therapy corset. As I marched him along, my rubber apron swished and smacked against the back of his bare legs. His genitals were forced very well forward by the rubber rings, and his tightly circumcised penis pointed acutely skywards. I noticed a steady discharge of the boy's urine and semen from his penis head. He would certainly need to be very tightly nappied and rubbered as soon as possible!

Once in the spare room, I stood James in the centre of the room on a large red rubber sheet. This would be most necessary with such a heavy wetting big rubber baby boy, before I could nappy and rubber him good and tightly. I strapped his wrists together, before passing a length of rope over a low beam above his head. I hoisted him up high so that he was forced onto his tip toes. I then gave him a very good and heavy dose of the hormones and diuretic from the rubber teated baby bottle. I then strapped the huge rubber dummy into his mouth and chuckled loudly as he sucked and dribbled noisily. He was also dripping a steady stream of strong smelling urine onto the rubber sheet, in spite of displaying such a painfully forced erection. I scolded him severely for his wetting as I slapped my rubber apron clad thighs loudly with my rubber gloved hands. A few hard smacks of James' dear naked buttocks, and the boy was certainly ready for his new Sunday best.

But first, a good body shaving and then a severe rubber corseting for the boy. I had noticed James' growing body hair due to the hormones, and this must be removed. Especially from his legs and genital area where I quickly got to work with an old fashioned razor. I started with his legs and finished at is crotch, the boy plainly enjoying the sensation. I gave the tight rubber genital restraints a quick tighten and the boy was ready. I soon had the heavy red rubber corset onto the shivering boy, making sure that every lace and strap was as tight as possible. His head was forced very well back before I pulled the wide rubber crotch strap between his legs from the back to the front between his legs, forcing his dear sore buttocks very wide apart. I greatly enjoyed the final passing of the rubber straps either side of his genitals, as he plainly did with another fine rubber baby boy sudden hard wetting. With nappy and rubbers worn over the new suspender waist, there would certainly be no naughty soiling of his lovely new Sunday best.

We had decided on a delightfully sissy Victorian styled Highland Suit. This was complete with suspender waist, gleaming pink silk stockings and shiny pink satin knee bloomers with frills and lace reaching to his ankles. Kept firmly in place by enormous pink satin bows. A similar gleaming satin blouse with many layers of frills and lace at collar and cuffs, a very short a stiff petticoat and even shorter kilt skirt would ensure plenty of his bloomers would show at all times. The satin bloomers and satin blouse were lined with very glossy red hospital rubber, very suitable for a big rubber baby boy like James. The boy would find this rubber lining, at first, cold against him. But would soon find it increasingly hot and uncomfortable as he sweated. His thoroughly wet nappy would also add greatly to the boy's proper rubber baby boy discipline. In a proper leather baby harness and reins, he would soon enter a dream state of enforced rubber infantalism.

I made some final adjustments to the boy, tightening every lace and strap most tightly. Then it was time for the suspender waist. Surely the most effective device for any boy to have to endure, as a part of proper sissy treatment. A wide and tightly laced rubber bodice fitted around his waist.This fitted with four wide rubber shoulder straps, two to hold the waist up tightly and two to attach to the high waist of the soon to follow gleaming and rubber lined sissy bloomers. And no less than ten wide rubber suspenders for the soon to follow stockings. With the gleaming pink and rubber lined stockings pulled well up his legs, I busied myself with the many rubber suspenders. With the lovely gleaming stockings now held very taut almost to his crotch, his shivering arousal reached new heights.

I knelt before the darling boy, running my rubber clad hands up and down over his delightfully stocking clad legs. This intense sissification of the boy suddenly became too much for him, and this suddenly brought the boy to a shivering and moaning submission. It was now certainly time for him to be tightly nappied and put into his lovely new heavily frilled red hospital rubber baby pants. I took up the coarse and quite thin towel nappy and pinned it securely onto him. The large bulge at the front greatly increasing as I then held up the lovely new frilly baby rubbers, and shook them in front of him menacingly. He knew that special rubbery rustle only too well, and just what was to quickly follow. However, he was certainly not prepared for the bite of the extra tight and thick elastic in the waist and legs. I soon had the rubbers pulled tightly and well up over him, giving him a wicked hard pinch through rubbers and nappy. He gasped and sucked and dribbled noisily just as a proper big rubber baby boy should. These very heavy gleaming red hospital rubbers were a delight. A true rubber prison for the boy's rampant genitals. The huge rubber frills reached well down the boys thighs, and his body language and noisy dummy sucking told me he was also now having a very thorough wetting. And for extra rubber discipline, his dear Nanny would keep him in wet nappies until late in the evening.

It was now time for the boy's Sunday best. First into the lovely heavy and gleaming knee bloomers, held up high under the boy's armpits with the waist's wide rubber shoulder straps. Huge frills and much lace below the knees were a delight, reaching almost to James' ankles. Enormous pink satin bows were tied very tightly below his knees, ensuring the lovely rubber lined garment was held taut over him, once I had given the rubber shoulder straps a final tighten. This held the garment high up under his arm pits, and very tightly over his lower body. Then the similar pink satin blouse was buttoned onto him, up at the back in true sissy fashion. Again adorned with so very much frills and lace at collar and cuffs, the boy was now becoming totally overwhelmed by such a totally sissy attire.

Again, my dear James was plainly wetting again as I stepped him into the very stiff and short petticoat. I made him wear this high under his armpits, as I did the following short kilt skirt so that he would show off plenty of his frill and lace trimmed and rubber lined satin bloomers. With button boots on his feet, I then tied a large frilly red rubber bib around his neck, and put a frill and lace trimmed pink satin baby's bonnet on his head. A large satin bow tied tightly under his chin. The following delightful and specially made leather baby harness and reins were the final touch, and I stood back a while to see, with delight, the boy's complete humiliation. What a complete transformation of a pubescent male. I released his wrists, and led him out of the room under a tight rein. He walked most awkwardly, all of a rubbery rustle under such weight of his sissy attire. He was plainly good and wet under his tight and uncomfortably coarse towel nappy and rubbers, the tell tale strong smell of urine and rubber plainly noticeable to his strict Nanny. She knew that she had the boy in a complete state of sissy infancy, just as all boys should be.

Part 3. 'High chair time.'

I practically had to carry the dear boy down to the nursery, and knew that before venturing out that he needed a good spell strapped into his proper old fashioned high chair. A good session of spoon feeding and further heavy doses from the rubber teat of one of the baby bottles. My James was soon tightly secured into his high chair, with tight leather straps around his wrists and ankles. I spoon fed him and dosed him from his baby bottle, quickly replacing his huge rubber dummy in his mouth. I knew that, by now, he was having to endure the discipline of a properly wet nappy under the unforgiving rubbers. Should I change him before we departed to Church? But no, the dear sissified boy must feel the full effects of a good prolonged session in wet nappy and rubbers. Should the boy be made to walk to morning church, or should I secure him into his special, old fashioned rubber lined pram?

More Nanny's Diaries to follow.

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