from Angela

Dear Helga,

I took Tom shopping yesterday in and out of stores until he had everything I thought a maid should wear. He did have a few words to say here and there however I reminded him of our agreement before we left. I could have embarrassed him in the lingerie sections and again when I bought his maid uniform but I didn't. Tom saw me taking this idea seriously by following what was recommended to me.

He did ask me who you are Helga however I decided to keep that private. At home I gave Tom the privacy to unpack the bags and get himself dressed before taking the next steps. He did feel embarrassed when he walked out to show with me laughing. Tom wanted to gain an understanding of why a maid uniform with me not wanting to discuss any of it while shopping. In all fairness to him getting dressed in the purchases on his own it was time to share the next steps. We talked about the point of him now taking on a maid type of role attending to all of the domestic duties at home. Each time Tom asked why I directed him back to the recommendations from the woman who is helping me.

I felt that by accepting his thing with bras he would now accept my interest in him as my maid. Tom wanted to back out and take off the maid uniform however I firmly told him that we were going to give this a try and an honest one at that before any more talking about it. With that Tom and I started the laundry. Helga I am pleased with Tom for going shopping with me and wearing his new uniform. We both have so much to learn how this work for us with me keeping Tom on track. I am not normally a dominant women so this is all new to me as it also surprises Tom. Other than a sissy type of dress I want Tom to accept his new role as my maid with a positive attitude.

Should he complain or refuse to follow my instructions it will force me to look to other alternatives. Helga please do let me know your feelings on how I am doing and any recommendations you have that will help either myself of Tom.

Thank you,

Thank you for your letter Angela. What wonderful news, you have your maid and now the training begins. Of course she should be taught all laundry tasks including hand washing all the delicates, she also could be taught to iron the panties, we know you don't do that, but she doesn't.

Don't forget your closet and all those shoes that could use some attention, really anything you wish her to do is possible. She could use a pretty new name to go with her outfits. Absolutely any disobedience should be dealt with severely with punishment. You are doing great so far, stay strong and strict and you'll do fine.


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