from Jennifer

Dear Helga,

I am getting ready to train my husband to be my maid with him at home all the time now. The type of maid uniforms I like the most are the old Victorian styles and not so much the sissy dress type. Do you ever hear from sissymaids or women that go that route or am I only one who likes them?

Here is where I am coming from with my thought process. In my mind I see my husband dressed as a maid and not a sissymaid. I want him to take on the role of a maid like any other female maid working in the home. His role will be that of a maid and not a husband so he will no longer have sex with him other than the oral he provides. I do want to take away his manhood so chastity will be a must for him. Am I making any sense here?

When I see a Victorian maid or a hotel maid I see my husband filling that role and not a woman. For him this will be a fulltime job working for me since he no longer has a job outside the home. I don't plan on asking him to be my maid but instead demanding it from him or he can move out. There are a number of interesting letters on your website that talk about women taking charge of their husbands. I see no reason why I can't do the same without too much trouble. The only items I haven't purchased yet are the Victorian maid uniforms.

What else can I share with you to help explain my plan. Oh I have girls night a couple of times a month which my husband will be there to serve my friends food and drinks. Do you see anything wrong with that idea? Also my mom comes for dinner every Sunday and I want my husband serving dinner for us on Sundays in his maid uniform. What are your thoughts if any Helga?


Thank you for your letter Katie. How nice to hear from you and I am delighted to hear about your plans. You are not the only one, many wives prefer that their maids appear as real maids and not sissies, the choice is yours. Personally I love the Victorian look, there are some beautiful uniforms in this style.

You are making perfect sense, of course he should be in chastity. Some Mistresses prefer the maid to appear as what they are, a male maid with no wig or makeup. I really love your ultimatum, that lets him know right from the start where the relationship is going and what his new life will be. Of course he/she should serve your friends and your mother, she is your maid and should be treated as such. You could train her for 'silver service', so elegant, I'm sure your mother would love that. It is going to be wonderful!


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